माँ – Poem on Mother

This poem is on Ma or Mother. It talks of how a mother is a child’s first teacher, go-to resource, friend, philosopher, guide. Mother is the expert for a child. She is a child’s Google or Wikipedia or her library. She raises kids making big sacrifices but never feels bad about it; she is always […]

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Share the load- हाथ बंटाओ |A Poem

This is a 700-word Hindi Poem exhorting men to share the load in domestic works. It uses humour to highlight how a man’s life  from cradle to grave is privileged and it is women in the house who do all the tasks. Think of this also a poem on women’s empowerment, condition of women (and […]

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Use Your AND, Ignore the OR – a Poem for Women (and Men)

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This is rhymes on the theme of women’s liberation. Concept of poem is from Gillette Venus campaign ‘use your &’; see the video here to understand and appreciate it more. Women are seen more in terms of OR, one-dimensional labels. She can always be a good wife OR a good sportswoman and so on.  She […]

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Poem- Save Earth, Save Nature

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Environment, Kids' Corner, Poems/Rhymes

A short English poem written for my nephew. It will be useful for anybody looking for slogans, rhymes, poems on nature, environment, saving mother earth, saving nature, saving earth, pollution, global warming, saving trees and other related topics. Copyrighted to: Vikas   We enjoy the sunshine The rainfall, the rivers The sun in summer The […]

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Hindi Poem on Bapu—Mahatma Gandhi

This is a Hindi poem on Mahatma Gandhi (Bapu, Mohandas karamchand Gandhi). This was written in July 2013 on request by a kid’s mother for the elocution contest of her child. This will be useful for anyone looking for Poem on Gandhiji, Gandhiji slogans or even a Hindi poem on Independence, freedom struggle, India, truth […]

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चिड़िया: Hindi Poem on Birds

Here is a Hindi poem on birds as requested by Shivam Mittal. This is quickly written 9-stanza hindi poem and paints birds as lively creatures who teach us a lot in life. Hindi transliteration of first few lines: Chidiya chahchahati hai, chidiya gaati jaati hai, daana chugati jaati hai, muft sangeet sunati hai   चिड़िया […]

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सर्दी-खांसी: A humorous Hindi poem on Cold and Cough

This is a short Hindi poem on cold and cough/common cold. I am suffering from cold and cough from almost three days now and ended up writing these Hindi lines (poem) on the issue. This Hindi poem will be liked by kids and could also be seen as a Hindi poem/slogans on health, nature (weather), […]

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पानी बचाएँ बने महान: Hindi Poem on the need for Saving Water and Conservation

This is a Hindi poem/slogans on the need for saving water and the need for environmental conservation. You may also click here for a comics on Saving Water. Click here for all the Hindi posts and poems on this blog. Copyright: Vikas, PhD student,  JNU. You are free to share it for non-commercial purposes provided […]

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दिल्ली की गर्मी: A Short Hindi Poem on Delhi Summer

This is a short Hindi poem on Delhi’s painful Summer season that was written before the monsoons arrived. Delhi is famous for both the summer and winter! MORE ON DELHI: You may click here for  my long poem on Delhi (English), click here for a comics on Delhi summer and here for a comics on […]

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Comics: Delhi Summer Torture!

It’s ‘freaky hot’ here in Delhi! This comics depicts the current situation in Delhi; the summer tortures and suggests the need to control global warming to save the environment! 😀

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Hindi poem on state election results 2017

This is a poem inspired by the state assembly election results today in the five states. The poem touches upon demonetisation, rise of PM Modi, fall of Kejriwal and Congress, plight of Irom Sharmila and other issues arising from electoral politics. राज्यों में चुनाव के परिणाम आये बहुतों को हंसाये, कुछ को रुलाये | कमल […]

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Mahashivratri Hindi Poem- Original Poem On Shiva

This poem on Shiva is new and has never been published earlier. This wonderful piece has been written in Hindi by (and copyrighted to) Laura Kunnas, although Hindi isn’t her mother tongue. शिव जी की रात अब आयी है हमने घर पूरी सजायी है त्यौहार मनाने सब आये हैं झूम-झूम डमरू बजाने आये हैं | […]

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My Ideal Yatra: The Perfect Vacation to Helsinki

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The perfect vacation or the ideal yatra is easier said than done. There are so many factors that can ruin your vacation. Planning and executing each one of those factors and painstakingly ensuring that all angles of the yatra are taken care of is a humongous exercise. Remember what went wrong with your last trip? […]

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किसान – Two Hindi Poems on Farmers, Agriculture, Suicides.

Find below two Hindi language poems on Farmers in India (kisan kavitayein). This Hindi poem on farmers or agriculture in India (or you may call it a poem on Indian society, nature) was written when a farmer Gajendra committed suicide at Jantar Mantar last year. The poem highlights the plight of agriculture and the deplorable […]

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