Ghajini is ridiculous, Slumdog is sublime!

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Some days ago I had almsot vowed not to watch any film for quite some aamirtime, but only almost. Two days ago,  I saw Ghajini and wished I had really vowed so! It is not a patch on Memento and except the new actress Asin it is a complete disappointment (read torture).

On 31st evening, I watched the highly acclaimed Slumdog Millionaire and was truly enthralled. It is a must watch film (yet to be released in India) and should get at least one Oscar. I am going to watch more of Danny Boyle’s films (Trainspotting is next). It is already at #68 in IMDB top 250! The diplomat’s book may not have done very well but the movie  based on it is awesome! A must watch! India in a nutshell is what this film is and everyone is going gaga over it!

Embrace Slumdog! Ghajini will be a hit (if it is not already), just the same (thanks to the ‘inscrutable Indians’)!


Updated [15 January 2008]

  • Click here to read Shobhaa De’s review of the film. I saw a copy which was downloaded by a friend (bittorrent). Where did Shobhaa see the film? Someone asked that in a comment to her review (she is not replying to comments! Busy, huh!).
  • Click here for some relevant questions asked by Feringhee.
  • Click here for a review of the book and the movie by Wreck Tangle.

Venu,New Jersey,says
:Look who is talking…..he can go kissing actress, who is half his age or his daughter’s age and now he talks about India being dirty. I have never heard of this guy doing any charity work. He never pays taxes and was about to get ruined if Kaun Banega Crorepati din’t come for his survival. Coming about showing India as being poor, hello please look around you home in Mumbai, its the biggest slum in the world. Danny Boyle showed the truth and nothing else. Now if your are a real patriot go do some thing for our country. He is just upset he is not the one instead of Anil Kapoor in the film. Sorry my dear you might be a god of film industry but your the worst patriot in my opinion.

XYZ,XXYYZZ,says:I think Amitabh needs to be careful in his comment. I hope he is not jealous that he never ever got nominated for a GG or Socar. Also, he needs to get out of his house and walk near slums in Mumbai or other big towns. Such comments by a popular film personality in the public domain are harmful for India. Celebrities need to know what to say and what not to say in public. Because this could be causing problems to the policies, people and cinema as such

Harvinder Singh,rome, italy,says:i think amitabh is not being fare. the indian cinema or i would rather say Bollywood has nothing done more then masala films and most of the films have no relation to the reality. they are simply pumped up emotions and nothing else. escapist, romantic and fantasy. i think it was a treat to see a movie like the slumdog millionarie its just a shame that no indian director had had the courage to do such a film.

Updated 25 January 2009: Read my comments on Nita’s review of the film!

Updated: 24 February 2009: So, why did SM win 8 Oscars?!

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  1. Prashanth says:

    I have watched ghajini is 4 different languages, hindi version sucked .. songs could have been better .. as far as slumdog millionaire .. it was awesome .. the real india is presented perfectly .. loved watching it !!! 😛

  2. Vikas Gupta says:

    Reply to Prasanth:

    Hello Mr. Prashanth,

    Thank you for writing.

    I have seen only the Hindi version and the original Memento. Yes, songs could have been better; I have read about 15 reviews of the film and many reviewers took Prasoon to task! Slumdog rocks!


  3. priyanka says:

    I don’t know why Amitabh ji is worrying so much about India being represented poor in the movie Slumdog, this is not at all the real concern of the film. And as Amitabh ji has said, every country has poor people living out there and I believe that it could be a story of any country developed or developing. I think the movie has actually tried to show that every individual has a capacity to do something extraordinary if given opportunity. As far as the issue of patriotism is concerned Amitabh ji must know that the whole country is celebrating the triumph of the movie in Global awards even in the story of the film, the win of Jamal becomes reason of celebration for the whole country and I think that’s the real feeling of patriotism where you forget about caste and class of your fellow countrymen and celebrate his win as yours.

    And Vikas what question did you ask to Shobha De?? Do you really think it was worth answering??

  4. Vikas Gupta says:

    Well said Priyanka!

    Amitabh’s concern is out of place! Just imagine how much he would have asked as fee to even act in that film! Hollywood/West has shown its own dirty underbelly in countless films; it was about time it exposed us too!

    As for the Shobhaa De query, you may visit her blog and ask this to her 🙂

    Thanks. Keep visiting (and commenting).


  5. preuxchevalier says:

    the detractors, my friend have other problems with it too. As for me, I actually in-the-moment loved it. But as the “hype” grew, I was terribly disillusioned. My arguements aren’t jingoistic but rather socially conscious.
    Check out this snippet of conversation on my blog..for a fresher perspective

  6. Anorak says:

    Vikas, I find myself agreeing with you on both counts. Yes indeed. Ghajini is ridiculous, Slumdog is sublime. Do drop by to read my take on Slumdog at: I have reviewd Ghajini on my blog, too if you do care to read about that ridiculous mess of a movie!

  7. Vikas Gupta says:


    Will soon visit your blog. Thanks.