I have gained weight!

Written by vik

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I have gained weight! I was 57 kgs until almost August 2008 now I am 67 kgs thanks to some overeating in last few months! My waist is no more 29-30 inches; it is 32 inches now!

Anyways, I know it is temporary. I will again be back in shape. Last few months were not very bright for my running/exercise/low calories food. Few friends have paid me compliments for my slightly chubby looks like the yesteryear ( I was 74 kgs during my M.A.!). obese-cat

I began overeating probably due to tension; then Shivaji Mukherjee (my friend and senior from Yale university) came and I relaxed a bit – ate even samosas/pakoras and the like! Some foot problem developed and running was not possible for some time. And above all, may be I was giving vent to years of frustration resulting due to abstinence from greasy food!

I am not making a mountain of a mole hill. So I will end this post here.

P.S.: I will soon buy a weighing machine. I will maintain a weight of 62 kgs and not flaunt the earlier chiselled/gaunt look @ 57 kgs!

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  1. LOLzzzzzz…… I love this cat!

  2. mohit says:

    My height is around 5’10” . What should be my ideal weight ?

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