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I had run about 12 kms in one go (also 22 rounds of JNU stadium) when in September 2008 and was all set for the Delhi Half Marathon in early November 2008. Alas, I developed some problem with the feet (underpronation) which prevented me from running and I kinda stopped running more or less after that (thanks also to laziness).

Vikas JNU Running, underpronation

This underpronation pic from internet! Can't recall the source.

Under pronation, also referred to as supination, occurs when the foot rolls outwards at the ankle. Some under pronation is normal during movement or when exercising. However, when this type of movement becomes excessive, it may generate severe pain as well as damage to the tissue in the feet.

I have begun running now only (today is April 02, 2009 and it is comfortable now). The following lines document the problem I was experiencing (it was an email I sent to the running enthusiast Mr. Rahul Verghese in Gurgaon; I met him a few days after he responded and he did a quick gait analysis for me and gave me suggestions too but was of no avail, sigh!). My Adidas shoe is still almost new and I don’t look forward to changing it this year unless I get some major problem again.

This blog post is being published on April 2, 2009 with a back date!

I am experiencing a lot of pain in the right of the right knee for quite some time and I have after careful research on the internet, diagnosed that my problem is ‘underpronation’ (I always knew it but never took it seriously).

I carefully saw my Woodland sandal and found that it is worn out on the outside and ditto for my shoe! I am also a case of knock-knee. I think I am somewhere between normal arch and high arch (probably normal arch only). Of late I had pain in the shin, then the knees and now the right of the right knee and I am unable to run beyond two kilometers without having pain.

I have run a maximum of 12 kms about 20 days ago; I am preparing for the ADHM on 9 November (for which I am registered) but have not been able to run for last ten days. My aim is to complete the race in less than 2 hours which I believe I will do only if I don’t get any pain or injury.

My present shoe is Adidas which is just two months old. I bought it without analyzing it scientifically. I have attached photos of my feet and shoes. Please also see them.

I guess I need to change my shoes; please diagnose my problem correctly and tell me what type of shoe I should buy now. Internet research tells me that I need “curved lasts, light trainers”; I am confused (on how to find them etc); please tell me which shoe to buy. Please also tell me the shop if possible; I don’t think any shop in Delhi does gait analysis or knows about foot types etc. Also, my budget is 1500 Rupees only! I bought my last shoe from Adidas factory Outlet at Mahipalpur in 1470 Rupees after a discount of 30 per cent. I can meet you if you will visit South Delhi sometime soon (I live in JNU). You may also tell me if I can correct my present shoe only by putting some insole in some strategic place near the heel etc.

This pain is the only factor that prevents my running. I am very health conscious and am full of stamina and energy while running; only the pain does me in. From baked potatoes to Pasta, I am eating it all.

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  1. gunmeen says:

    hi vikas,
    welcome back to blogosphere!!!! why dont you visit an orthopaedic surgeon. he/she will put you onto a godd physiotherapist. that should help you. and yes looks like you might have to change your shoes as well!!!!

  2. rads says:

    alright, I had and have in a slightly better degree the same problem.

    Here’s what helped:

    1. Stretch – before running. Really. Stretch those calf muscles.
    2. Try and lose a few kilos. It helps.
    3. Change shoes every 6 months.
    4. Use orthotics or most definitely shoe inserts, they definitely help.
    5. Run in short spurts till you make your legs strong enough to carry you through.
    6. Do machine weights that strengthen your knee and leg muscles.

    I had heel spurs and they stopped bothering after I lost a few pounds and exercised. In September, I went through arthroscopy for a cartilage tear. Took me physical therapy and patience so I can walk and dance normally again. Well, almost normally. I still can’t squat completely, but I’ll get there.

    Hope that helped. 🙂

  3. Dhruv says:


    Just stumbled upon this blog – Let me see if I can answer some of your questions

    I am not sure what king of GAIT analysis you had , if it was recorded and played back in slow motion – did you see your feet landing on the outside and truning inward later.

    The problems you have mentioned will stay for quite some time as you are starting to run again – however you can reduce your injuries by chosing the right shoe and training properly.

    I am a underpronator my self and I had to go through three pair of shoes before I finally decided on my current one.

    I use a Saucony Triumph 6 and its a neutral shoe with cushinoing . See if you can find this in Delhi .

    I would also recomment you to joing this forum

    Lot of good info . Its primarily UK focussed but can give you a lot of information.

    TK CR



  4. Joe says:

    I’m an underpronator. And, now it has got to giving me knee pains. I’m planning to visit an ortho. I think thats the best way to deal with it.

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      An ortho with some experience of running (or a doctor who is a running enthusiast) may be more helpful. I did not seek any medical help. I am running less now (not due to underpronation) and not feeling the pain (I guess I am more used to my shoes now). All the best.

  5. mohit says:

    I will run 2014 delhi half marathon and see you there ..:)