A farewell party invitation!

Written by vik

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This was written during my M.A. I found it in my archives yesterday and thought it would be nice to stick it in the cyberspace.

It was a farewell invitation for the senior batch of M.A. Political Science in my university, JNU.

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This day had to come
Because all good things must pass!

So, we the second semester class of CPS
Invite the fourth semester class:
To let their hair down
To hang loose
To forget the rest of the world —
Forget Plato, forget Mill
Forget Rousseau, who is Tocqueville?
Forget Valerian, forget Hasan
Forget Shefali, who is Mahajan?!
What’s an A+, what’s a presentation?!
Forget the tension, the tribulation.

And after such brainwash
Come en masse
To the gathering this evening
To enjoy, indulge, dance and sing
To add to life that extra zing!
Come, unwind today…
O scholars of political science!
Elsewhere too lie goldmines.
Studies and exams are all fine
But tonight let’s enjoy, dance and dine.

So, at the farewell tonight
Let us party, make moments light
Let us enjoy, let us unite.

(And may you achieve what you want in life:
a bright career, success, your man or your wife!)

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  2. Crermeado says:

    hm… luv it 🙂

  3. jsri says:

    thanx a lot.. it was of gr8 help at the last moment

  4. Aryan's Mom says:

    Cool poem…the best thing I like about your poem is that: it is simple but gives multitudes of thoughts in a reader…..


    very well written…

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  7. anu says:

    thanx its marvellous it was of great help yaar!!1

  8. MUKUL JOSHI says:

    THANKS a TONNE!!!!!!!!

    i modified and used for MECHANICAL ENGINEERING farewell invitation(to seniors) at NIT JALANDHAR!!!!!

  9. sowmya says:

    Hey…its so kewl…i used it for MBA farewell at PMV

  10. we always love to be given party invitations and when we organize our own party, we also love to send party invivtations `

  11. i printed some party invitations on my high resolution inkjet printer just to invite some friends ‘:;

  12. farhan asim says:

    really a unique way of invitation…

  13. kumar avinab says:

    thank u very much…… this helps me very much…………….

  14. rakhi singh says:

    i need shayari or lines on farewel invitation in hindi

  15. ebooks says:

    Just the information I was looking for my research project. Excellent. Thanks!

  16. anjana says:

    d poem was super super cool.i was dyin searchin 4 good poems .dis is D best 1

  17. anjana says:

    d poem was super super cool.i was dyin searchin 4 good poems .dis is D best one

  18. Precisely how long did it take you to write “A
    farewell party invitation! | Emotionally Speaking”?
    It carries loads of great knowledge. Thx ,Nicolas

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