Photos: tell it like it is!Spelling Error and Public Pissing on Delhi Roads

Here are a few interesting photos! The photos after the first photo are not for the squeamish!

This one was clicked on September 21, 2008. A traffic advisory by ‘TRAFFICE’ POLICE! This notice was published at many places along the road from old JNU campus to Vasant Vihar in South Delhi! You may still find it along that route! I clicked it from inside the bus. By the way, for me the word that instinctively rhymes with Traffice Police is Fleece Police! The photo was sent to the Signs of the Times feature of the Times of India but the delivery had failed! I am sending it again.


Now, hold your breath, so to speak! The crème de la crème follows! India’s water power! The state of affairs at the boundary wall of the Delhi Transport Corporation regional office near Munirka (South Delhi)! New plasters, fresh concrete and whatnot has been tried here but nothing ever worked on this stretch of 150 metres! What is more the South West district headquarter of Delhi Police is located 30 metres from here! Men using public walls to urinate is not off the wall in India!

The Wikipedia entry says, ” Urea is toxic and can be irritating to skin and eyes!” In a lighter vein, it can be devastating to infrastructure too! These photos were clicked yesterday. I hope this does not compromise the beauty of my blog!




The ‘comment’ link is under the title if you are aroused! 😉 You can also read this interesting Yahoo answers entry.

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  1. ZIAUL HAQUE says:

    And this is our beloved capital!!!! There is a general apathy on the part of the citizenry and the civic bodies… We lack in civic senses and the civic bodies lack in willpower to provide public amenities…So, you know, this is a vicious circle. This is high time that we stop touting Delhi as a world class city and start doing things which really go into making a city world class……… civilized citizens, sound infrastructure, efficient and honest police, good transport system(that does not fleece)etc.

    But you know, this is like asking for the moon. There are evidences of villages transforming from dusty hamlets into skyscrapers. But that has nothing to do with Delhi…… is flourishing and disintegrating at the same time.

  2. Vikas Gupta says:

    @ ZIA

    Very true!

    I have emailed the link to this page to the Delhi police commissioner too! Let’s hope he does something. Amen!

  3. sneha says:

    gr8 to see the pics which truly depict thr poor and pathetic state of our country.
    Hope we can do something in the coming years to improve it…

  4. Vikas Gupta says:

    Reply to Sneha,

    Yeah! I hope we are not hoping against hope!

    Keep visiting my blog. Thanks!

  5. Nimmy says:

    hhmmm,this is sad,I see it everyday and once my leg went in between the concrete slabs.Luckily,i got it out on myslef,it it would ahve been a whole drama..I have read news on people falling in pits ,while waking on footpaths..It is disgusting that some people urinate on walls.But then again,they have no choice to relive themse;ves,as we ahve veyr less public toilets-whihc are well maintanied..I guess government don’t expect people to have calls of nature while on streets 🙄

    Good work Vikas

  6. Vikas Gupta says:


    Yes there are not enough public toilets in India!

    The case here is a bit different though. The public toilet was a stone’s throw away from this site but one has to cross the road to get to it and besides it is not free (one Rupee is the charge for no.1 and 2 Rupees for no.2). This toilet has been brought down presently due to new road constructions.

    Glad you travelled to Delhi from Doha!

  7. Ambika says:

    So many pictures?? The buses travel that slow, even in Delhi?? I thought that was the case just in Calcutta!!!! 😐

  8. Compromising the beauty of the blog…Not really.

    Urea seems to be bad for infrastructure too!