A Poem on Food

Written by vik

Topics: Humour, Poems/Rhymes

This poem on food was written for a competition. The plan was to make it 2500 words but then I did not participate. It was written in 2004.

What is food? What is food?
Is it bad or enormously good.
Is it what we eat @ our mood
No, that is missing the trees for the wood!

It  is much more than ordinary imagination
A culinary creation, end to hunger and other manifestation
Ordinary glance reveals it is made for consumption
But that is manifest not the latent function

There are various facets of food we will deliberate
The thing, origin, consequences and moods it create
The emaciated devour the obese love to hate!
Children clamoring chocolates who just can’t wait!

Simply put food is something we do eat
Rice and wheat, dal, roti or meat,
After ensuring that it is clean and neat
And boiling and cooking with the aid of  heat

What a wonder! Civilization is eating since inception
No one ever missed such consumption
That is what all have done without fail
Eat thrice or more a day, come high water or hell

They have eaten, are eating and will do so
Humans and animals- terrestrial, amphibians or those with wings
Food is indispensable-the ordinary, extraordinary or kings
Clothes, wealth and possessions; food is above all things.

Food is the fuel for  human growth and progress
Who could not afford are left behind in the race
Millions have died who couldn’t keep  pace
Struggle for existence, survival of the fittest- the case!

Millions are eating at this point of time
Lollypop in baby’s mouth reading nursery rhymes!
Indian , Spanish, American , continental cuisine
Different tastes and flavours; senile, child or teen!

The staple food is what we eat most
Summer, rain , autumn ,spring or frost
Rice, wheat, meat , wine, fish or toast
Ordinarily it is available at a low cost

Some eat to live. Some live to eat!
The former are okay. The latter are shit.
Millions of people don’t have nothing to eat
Some have butter and meat; some just grains of wheat!

Those who eat to live- hunger  is  a sauce
Those who live to eat-  food is their  boss
Then there are poor-can’t keep the wolf away from door
They don’t  have bare minimum, let alone asking more!

Food must come to  us,  at least thrice  a day
Breakfast, lunch and dinner- January, December or May
Tea, coffee and snacks-ice cream, biscuits in a tray
You name it and it is there- just be willing to pay!

Ask your wife/mother their culinary endeavours
Or  you must be knowing if you cooked  ever
You are a fool if  you  never cooked and thought you were clever
Oh! My mouth is watering may result a river!!!

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