Ahem! Ahem! Valentine’s Day!

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lovelorn-vikasToday is 14 February!

This lovelorn soul will do a lot of writing today. See you later.

Meanwhile, I have something that will truly delight you. You can read a story that won the Sulekha Valentine Contest. It is by my friend Heartcrossings who, among other things, is  “semigeek, maxed out singlemom, desi, booklover and blogger” based in the US.

This story has moved everyone who read it and I recommend it to all and sundry. Please read ABOUT TWO LOVES AND I and leave your sweet comments on her blog if you like it. Her blog is very beautiful and you will be greeted with surprise if you have the speakers on! The Sheila Tales on her blog is also highly recommended.

You may also read my poem for a husband.

P.S.: ‘True love is like a ghost which everybody talks about but very few have seen!’

Edited to add: P.P.S.: Poonam participated in today’s Anti-Moral Policing Protests in Delhi. Click here to read about it on her blog.

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  1. oorja says:

    really a ghost which everyone is chasing.

  2. Vikas Gupta says:


    :D! And thanks for visiting Heartcrossings!

  3. Arpit says:

    will read it asap
    right now i am preparing for tomorrow the d-day 😛

  4. Poonam says:

    Hey, thanks for linking to it. 🙂 It would have been good to see more guys like you too there.

    I will surely read Heartcrossing’s post. 🙂

  5. Arpit says:

    oh its never a compulsion……rather i didnt get time. but i will read it and post my comments too 😛

  6. Vikas Gupta says:



  7. roponryescacy says:

    Heyyy! GREAT POST!!

    Thanks 🙂