Musings: on the Female Nose!

Written by vik

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Many years ago, I fell in love at the proverbial first sight. In the first sight, believe me or not, I did not see the woman! So, what did I see? I saw her nose!

meryl-streep-what-a-noseShe was standing beside me (thanks to the haphazard queue) and my glance from the corner of my glasses landed on her nose and then the glance became a gaze. It was a heavenly nose: Greek nose, long, straight line from top to bottom (a la Meryl Streep) with specs resting on it.

Figuratively speaking, she ‘dug her nose into my heart’ and when out of the trance I discovered that the face that complemented the nose was enough to launch a poet in anyone, to say the least. I wrote these lines few years later (excerpted from my poem on her):

Nose is often the beauty of the face
And that with her is indeed the case.
If you see her nose, your heart will race
You’ll lose your sleep, you’ll lose your pace!

Her face indeed is the most beautiful
Innocent like a baby going to school!
Short hair, long nose and her glass
She is this world’s perfect lass!

God I think has been rather unkind
To all other women and mankind!
For except her one may never find—
The confluence of beauty, brain and mind!

Methinks eyes have been given disproportionate attention and credit while determining the parameters of female beauty. Eyes are okay but the pride of place should be occupied by the nose.

I look at every female nose with some interest and compare it with the most beautiful nose I have known (which belongs to ‘S’– my unrequited, one-sided love discussed above). While I have special affinity for the straight Greek nose, other kinds of noses too interest me.

Sometimes, the nose when looked laterally is more beautiful and appealing than when seen face-to-face. I also believe that simple glasses are the perfect topping for the female nose though the nose ring and goggles also look wonderful.  I also find high power glasses quite complementary to female beauty.

The female nose or the female face also has its beauty augmented manifold when a tissue is applied to it. A female wiping her face/nose with a pure white tissue is a delightful sight to me. What a pity, girls in my hostel hardly use tissues! I am hard-pressed to find a female in JNU using tissues.

They sing paean to Aishwarya’s eyes. I say replace those eyes with any other set of eyes and it will not make a big difference to Padmashri Aishwarya. But what if you replace her nose with any other?!

I seriously think nose deserves the lion’s share of credit for the physical beauty but eyes have been undeservedly getting the credit since the beginning of time! Strange are the ways of the world! Or maybe I am the odd man out!

BTW, baby’s running nose is another heart-stopping sight.

Someday I will write an elaborate essay arguing in favour of the nose because it is a lot of skin off my nose whenever the eyes are admired instead of the nose.

Edited to add: Click here to read a poem on the MALE NOSE (“Greek God like nose”) by Alice.


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  1. Dev says:

    Hilarious. Enjoyed reading your ode to female nose. Yes, I agree that nose is very important part of female beauty, but still eyes are most important I think. Let me put it this way…if a girl has good nose and average eyes, she will be at the most passable…but if great eyes and even average nose, she will surely catch your eye. Simply put, nose alone cannot make or break her, but eyes can. 🙂

  2. oorja says:

    amusing… the woman’s nose is very precious to her. as that is the most used part of her body… poking it into other people’s lives… 🙂

    nice and different…

  3. Vikas Gupta says:


    I believe otherwise Dev; If a girl has good nose and average eyes she’ll be extraordinary but not if she has good eyes and average nose! 😀


    I think males poke their nose into other people’s lives more than females! 😀

  4. Oxy says:

    Me observes human anatomy quite diligently but can’t see myself writing on any one part in so much detail. Bravo!! Way to go.. Ah, too nosy here!!! :):) Lemme scoot.

  5. Alice says:

    queer and amusing i must say! 😀

  6. Vikas Gupta says:


    Thank you Alice. 😀 One day the female nose will get it’s rightful place. Amen!

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      Wow! I am glad Sebastyne, you are a woman after my own heart. You have a beautiful nose for sure!

      And you notice noses in men! I am surprised and happy! 😀

  7. Kashmira says:

    My my, the nose finally gets the appreciation it deserves. My entire family (of 250+ at the last count!) has the straight, long Grecian nose you describe 🙂 So I guess, you can call me beautiful!

    And what are your thoughts on loudly blowing the nose in a tissue? Does your heart skip a couple beats then?

  8. Ambika says:

    😆 so much for the nose.. “she ‘dug her nose into my heart’ ..” 😆 Thankfully she wasn’t digging something else into her nose.. 😆 LoL sorry.. that was dirty.. 😉

    Well that reminds me of Shilpa Shetty.. I hated her before.. I don’t quite like her even now.. 😛

  9. I loved your nose poem. I had to laugh when I read this post because I am known for my nose

    When I was younger I didn’t like it but now I think it’s what makes me unique.

    I hear I look exotic quite a bit, I look very eastern european jewish. I used to do some modeling and my different look was something that photographers really liked.

    I like my nose and noses are something I notice and admire on others, especially prominent Roman types. Something we have in common! : )

  10. Sebastyne says:

    That’s funny. I’ve always paid special attention to men’s noses. (And my own, I thought it was way too big for a girl, although I’ve learned to love it as I got older.) On men, I love a big nose. Almost the bigger the better. I cannot take a small-nosed man seriously. 😛

  11. Arnav says:

    interesting ,, very interesting 🙂

  12. Swati says:


    U won’t believe u r the second person after my mother to give so much credit to nose. I have grown up listening the importance of nose from my mother. She also thinks that the beauty of a female lies in her nose. Well, i won’t go into the details of how she justified all these.
    Personally speaking, i don’t assign beauty to such physical attributes as they are beyond an individual’s control. It’s a beautiful heart that is most adorable to me :)))))

  13. Sidra says:

    LOL i’m a punjabi (pakistani) girl with a sharp straight nose and glasses. i was googling female rhinoplasty because i hate my nose and you are praising the very feature i dislike! lol..

  14. Appu says:

    I still think Women’s eyes are most attractive than nose!!!!! 😛

  15. briseis09 says:

    Great poem about noses. I, too, HAD a fetish for noses in 7th Grade. I even received a Graduation Certificate that stated that, I would own a nose collection by the time I was 21.

    I use to go out of my way to touch and feel everyone’s noses. Even strangers. Hahah!

    I, do, however, have to disagree with you. I like my noses small, round and cute. I’m not attracted to the big Greek noses at all.

    But … I did like this post very much. It made me smile funnily. Hahah!

    Loves & Huggles,

  16. RBZ says:

    Here’s an interesting song you might like… yes, a song!

  17. Aryan's Mom says:

    don’t you think that eyes are more attractive than nose????

  18. geetha says:

    Nose is the central feature of a face. The credit for my nose goes to my mother who shaped it when I was growing up. In babies the facial muscles are flexible, so right now I have a Jewish nose, called good by many people.

  19. kuni says:

    Hey its very interesting. really I like their beauty those who have nice nose. Bikas U hv also nice nose. But I dont know how is my nose. Hey Bikas can u write something abt my nose, hope u must seen my nose ok

  20. kuni says:

    Thanks yaar 4 ur beautiful compliments to my nose.