Excerpt from a farewell poem to a friend

Written by vik

Topics: Poems/Rhymes

This was my farewell poem to a friend. [I’m not in touch with him presently]. You may also see this farewell party invitation on this blog.

His father is the principal of a college
has a strong heart defeating cigarette and age
and you may confuse Rubul for a saint or sage
if you delve into his pacific ways

Weathered jeans and hang loose on body – a shirt
that is an ideal dress – class , interview or flirt
and wear it for months – shelter to grease and dirt
and care two hoots for those whose cleanliness sentiments are hurt!

Accept my good wishes for a happy life
and as soon as possible find your wife
together you stay but never closer you hold
you are so cool, she may catch cold!

Cold or cough must love your lady
In her service you be ever ready
Then have kids- one , two or four
Or say a dozen if you want more.

And  before you proceed to the other world
I know you will ensure that you have done this –
Wiped the tear off millions of faces
And hugged and loved those whom no one will kiss. 😀

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