India versus India: A comparison of the two India

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This was my anthem for the Times of India’s ‘India Poised’ campaign in early 2007. I tried to improve their anthem. It is unpublished like all my other works. You can read their original anthem here. I like makings ads (amateur) and writing taglines etc. and above all I love idioms.

This is a comparison of the two India — rich and poor, optimistic and pessimistic, urban and rural, modern and traditional and the like. It uses a lot of idioms!


India vis-à-vis India

There are two Indias in this country, needless to say.
There is no holding one India. The other India is holding it.

One India judges itself by what it can do. The other India judges it by what it has done.
One India says, there is no time like the present. The other India says, only time will tell.

One India says, look on the bright side. The other India says, look before you leap.
One India is not shy of building castles in the air. The other India will not count the chickens before they’re hatched.
One India is dying to grin like the cat that got the cream. The other India is like a cat on hot bricks.

One India is stinking rich. The other India can barely keep the wolf from the door.
One India says, we hold all the aces. The other India says, that does not hold water.

One India says, we’re a ‘power’ to reckon with. The other India asks, ‘where is the electricity?!’
One India wants to reach for the moon. The other India will not cry for the moon.
One India will take the bull by the horns. The other India thinks we are like a bull in a china shop.

One India banks on its billion. The other India laments the population.
One India says, we have come to the end of the tunnel and there’s light. The other India says, it’s still light years away.

One India thinks, it’s unbeatable. The other India still turns the other cheek.
One India says, we have come of age. The other India says, come to your senses.

One India will never say die. The other India has 1000 dying from TB everyday.
One India has youth who want to change the world. The other India has old who want to change the youth.

One India says, we are again the ‘golden bird’. The other India says, all that glitters is not gold.
One India says it’s time to go for the kill. The other India has farmers killing themselves.

One India thinks success is writ large on its face. The other India thinks the writing is on the wall.
One India says, we have a towering presence. The other India says, we’re knee-high to a grasshopper.

One India says, we are a cut above the rest. Cut your coat according to your cloth, comes the advice from the other India.
One India says, it’s as easy as ABC. The other India says, we’re yet to grasp the three Rs.
One India says, we’ve an equal society. The other India says, don’t play ‘make-believe’.

One India is exuberant. The other India wants to curl up and die.
One India wants. The other India is hoping against hope.
One India leads from the front. The other India drags its feet.

But nobody’s perfect and more and more people from the other India are beginning to see the glass as ‘half-full’ rather than as half-empty. A ‘new’ India is emerging from the synthesis of the two Indias who are beginning to see eye to eye.

An India which believes, ‘the game is never lost till won.’ An India which will ‘not let success to go to its head or failure to its heart.’ An India which knows the world is its oyster and sky’s the limit.

For more than half a century, we pulled ourselves by our bootstraps. We made mistakes and called it experience. We fell to rise and the harder we fell, the higher we rose. We got raw deals but we didn’t cry foul. We called it blessings in disguise. We marched ahead came hell or high water.

And now in the 60th year of our freedom, to cut a long story short, the boot is on the other foot.

The die is cast.

Opportunity is knocking. And one India – a tiny inner voice – is apprehensive of noise.

The other India is waiting in the wings and saying, it’s time to fly.

the time is ripe

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  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    Really loved it… India like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde….

  2. Good one dude. I like it 🙂