Geckos will invade soon! God help me!

Written by vik

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Summer is lurking in Delhi! That is bad news for me and Delhites. ‘All good things must pass’ and Winter is almost bidding adieu!

Summer is painful for me in more ways than one. I live closer to the sun (second floor in the hostel), my skin is somewhat sensitive to weather extremes, and most importantly I really fear household geckos :oops:!


vikas fears geckos!

I have tried peacock-feathers and eggshells but in vain; mothballs are next. I have researched on the net, even exchanged mails with wildlife students but still unable to convince myself against such irrational behaviour. I don’t use desert cooler in summer because geckos often make a home in it and that makes my summer even more painful!

My room is full of things and there is a huge scope for geckos to find cosy homes in my room! There has not been a single summer in last many years when I did not scream and run helter-skelter almost every other day looking for a ‘brave neighbour’ who will save my life from these geckos by driving them away!

I also have been the butt of jokes for this. My one-time roommate Mayur (now in Tokyo) once left a shell-less slug in my hand on the pretext of  a handshake and I had let out my loudest scream while he had screamed with laughter! 😮

I have a soft corner for animals, so I dislike this aspect of my personality. I can never harm the geckos for sure. I only try to shoo them away (often ‘creatively’ by shutting myself in the room).

Someday I will change; I want this future to arrive sooner than later. I wish the geckos knew my langauge or the vice versa!


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  1. ha ha!!!good one. i also freak out when i see them. but unlike you i’m quite violent. all my weapons come ot including newspapers, brooms, sticks et al. and i keep hitting at the windows or the walls where ever they are at that moment.
    i had read this somewhere on the net and really died when i read it: “Ask them politely to leave; lizards are known for their reasonableness”. since you like animals maybe you could try it. tell me if they listen to u -;)

  2. gwad, ur just a google freak like me!!!!!

  3. i read the story. it was way too beautiful, words are too less to describe the emotions it envokes.

    and i know the results on google. god you would have come across my jeevan saathi profile. jesus i dont believe this. awwww i wanna hide my face somewhere now. the entire world has come to know what a despo i am baah!!!!

  4. nooooo, i’m not in delhi, i’m in cal. where did the delhi thing come from

  5. Kashmira says:

    They are the ugliest creatures god ever made! Hideous, hideous, ughh! Am so glad I don’t have to see them here..

  6. Never was fan of a reptile. I detest them stating from Dinos( How can dino’s be cute). Ahh.. anyway’s once my college ordered a chicken bryani, and when we opened the package and started taking it, we saw a rotated lizard. Needless we all lost the appetite and ….

  7. Ambika says:

    You know, one night I was walking upto the bathroom.. and Geeek..!! I stepped on a lizard’s tail… & it shed its tail.. (Eeeee!!) and the discarded tail kept spinning & spinning for about 3 mins untill it finally stopped..! The scene was horrendous! All the time I was screaming and being shouted upon to throw ‘it’ away..!
    Lastly, it was papa who came to my rescue.. Phew! I soaped my foot for the next 10 mins…!!!! 😐

    Wish I hadn’t recalled it..! 😡

  8. I am terrified of geckos too ! You blog post brought back memories of summer in India with geckos on the wall snapping up bugs with their flickering tongues. There is no sight I find quite as gross. Please do post what you find out about making your environment gecko-free.

  9. Vikas Gupta says:

    Heart, we are like-minded of course! 😀

    Despite our disliking for geckos, they are desirable in many ways and part of the food chain. They are harmless they say and so does science.

    I have not preserved all that I had collected from the net. But here are some hyperlinks on geckos. (one answer here says Lizards are polite!)

    And an NCBS wildlife student once wrote me this email:

    “Well if you are afraid of GEckos then summer is the worst period. To avoid them first remove alll the empty cardboard boxes or empty things that will give them place to breed. Put a mesh on the windows thats all. They are HARMLESS. Cheers !”

    And this is what A. N. Nanda ( said in a comment here which went to spam thanks to some error and was deleted:

    “Like a pot of hot water cannot set a house on fire, a gecko or two can do no harm to you. That said, let me be creative here. You can discourage them by breaking their food chain. If they feed on insects please stop insects from coming inside the room at the first place.”

    You are lucky like Kashmira (USA) above who says: They are the ugliest creatures god ever made! Hideous, hideous, ughh! Am so glad I don’t have to see them here..

  10. Reema says:

    Ahhh! don’t tell me. I m so frustrated with them trying to evolve by being doing more walking on floor rather than walls. 11 pm and all are out and about. Grrrr..
    I didnt know peacock feather was a remedy. Never tried egg shell though. Someone on twitter told me chucking hot water on them works. I had some results with HIT spray too.

  11. fakescss says:

    Nice one!
    Why dont you check out more on JNU.

  12. zuck says:

    Hey, about geckos… you dont have to deal with them the whole time. Well I do.
    Im on south america, and let me tell you, they are so annoying
    Dont know if its just my geckos, this ones are white by the way… but the thing is, they are pretty stupid… at least mines, they walk arround at night and get into the kitchen, looking for moths or ant, but its kinda weird, becouse whe you spot them, they just stay still and stare at you…
    So now im afraid I can step over a good damm white lizzard the size of a mouse…
    Think im gonna get my self a cat… we have way too many geckos here around, and always is summer.