So, why did SM win 8 Oscars?!

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SM-8 oscars

SM-8 oscars

Because “the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of!” 😀

Slumdog Millionaire deserved a few Oscars only, in my humble opinion. But what the heck, I am delighted! 8 Oscars boy! Bhagwan jab deta hai chhapar phaad ke deta hai!

The power of human emotions can really overwhelm. It is a telltale sign that the ‘heart’ still calls the shots in a troubled and deteriorating world.

most debated and commented on post!

most debated post!

I bet the Government of India is thinking about India’s highest civilian award now- Bhart Ratna! It will soon rain official accolades on those who have made us proud (by shouldering the “burden of representation” among other things).

“There is enough religion to make us hate but not enough to make us love!” I hope Rahman, Resul and Gulzar saab’s Oscar(s) will do the needful here and send a message to religious zealots.

BTW, it is about time we Indians recognized foreign films. I hope hereafter we will not carp about our Bollywood and masala moives not being recognized by the West. We need to ask ourserlves, when did we award a Western film?!


Edited to add: I erred in writing a particular line here. Please see Ashish’s comment (#20) and my replies to it.

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  1. Ronak says:

    I saw this movie a few days back, and just loved it… AR Rehman has made us proud with 2 oscars….

    So now he is an ‘Oscar-winner’ music director… wow..

  2. oorja says:

    its about time the world starts seeing the indian film industry as not just the masala makers. we do have some great talent here, mostly not put to full use. or maybe not used corectly and colletively.

  3. i’m really over the moon over this. more so because gulzar saab also get the oscar along with rehaman sir. it has to be greatest moment for gulzar fans like me. and i agree with u vikas rehman sir has given much better music but not overwhelmingly recognized. but have you heard the words from that song jai ho. i mean listen to them. gulzar saab is a true magician. i’m going to do a post on this on my blog shortly.

  4. Shefaly says:

    Blaise Pascal* in defence of Slumdog Millionaire! I think now I have seen it all. 🙂

    *Le coeur a sais raisons, que la raison ne connait point.

  5. Vee says:

    I agree.. we should start a category and invite foreign films and award them.

    Jai Ho!!!

  6. Arpit says:

    whoa it won 8 oscars 😛
    celebration time………and now you see it might have probably shut those big mouths including that of elder Bachhan who had so much of problem with it
    and a film called pinki something won too ….need to search for it 😛

  7. harsh says:

    three cheers for slumdog….. :mrgreen:

  8. Arpit says:

    oh yes! that was the movie 😛

  9. thanks vikas for the lovely comments on my blog. i will surely look up at your friend’s blog. i will be doing a blog entry on smile pinki shortly since i am associated with a charitable cleft organization in kolkata. i have seen these childrfen being ostracized in society before operation and then after the operation how readily they are accepted into the fold. it is magic how a 45 minute surgery can tranform a child’s life.

  10. Ashish says:

    I hope hereafter we will not carp about our Bollywood and masala moives not being recognized by the West.

    Since when SM became Bollywood or Indian movie? It’s same thing which happened with Kalpana Chawala and Bobby Jindal. Indians are jumping up and down at thing which remotely relates to India (okay SM does more than remotely but still not BW or Indian movie) because it is getting recognition in the West. Colonial mentality dies hard.

  11. vikas somehow your name got deleted from my followers list. if you have done it yourself then its ok, not an issue. but if it got deleted due to some problem in my blog can you please re add yourself. thank you.

  12. Ron says:

    Reason why SM win 8 Oscars :- because a director from west has shown what the real india is without hesitating , without caring…
    This could have been done by an Indian Director ..but they only want to make films with sharukhs & aamirs…( which can surely get them filmfare but not oscar….

    About A.R.Rehman …even if he gives his third best…he will be best of the best

  13. Dude, personally I loved the movie, and I can’t give it anymore mind share. Its just a movie. BTW, talking of foreign movies, more than hollywood, watch European cinema, you’ll be surprised at the quality. I personally have a collection of more than 500 movies 🙂 Ha ha ha so for me SMD, was just another movies.

  14. Nita says:

    Looks like you have enabled comment threading too, it’s not so obvious on this blog as on mine I think.
    As for Slumdog, whether it deserves the best picture award or not, I guess we are all happy!

  15. Ambika says:

    So much have been said.. so simply – Jai Ho..!!! 😀

  16. Well now I have target in Mind.

  17. Vikas Gupta says:

    😀 Chirag use nested comment feature. You could have left this comment at the same place where your previous comment was and it would have looked more organized and threaded. You also enable this feature.

  18. Karan says:

    BTW, it is about time we Indians recognized foreign films. I hope hereafter we will not carp about our Bollywood and masala moives not being recognized by the West. We need to ask ourserlves, when did we award a Western film?!

    Ahh.. Come on! We harp on Indian movies not winning the Oscars because there is a Foreign category award in the Oscars. Not so in any awards of the Indian film industry. Besides, recognition of foreign films does take place every year in the Goa film festival.

  19. Vikas Gupta says:

    Kinda agree with you but our desire for recognition is disproportionately overwhelming! Not only Goa but a few others too (can’t recall names presently) do reward foreign films. You may want to read my elaborate replies to Ashish comments above. And it is high time we also created a foreign film category in Filmfare and every other award. One freudian slip in writing has landed me so many comments; I later even added a P.S. to it. Thanks.

  20. Yes, irrespective of the fact that I didnt find SM exceptioanl , I was rooting for it, esp Rehman/Gulzar and Resul…I knw Rehman too has a better body of work, yet it felt good to see him recognised in the western world.

  21. Ambika says:

    Presently, I am waiting for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” to release this Friday.. 🙂

    And right now.. I am off cheering for India..!! The match’s started!!!! 😀

  22. Vikas Gupta says:

    This is now my most debated post Poonam and most commented one! I’ll be very careful with writing in future and elaborate my points as far as possible in the original post only.

    We should of course be glad for all the recognition. I wonder why many people are not happy! Yesterday, I left a comment arguing for SM and one guy left such vitriolic comments accusing me of forcing my POV! I left a 1500 word reply to that caustic comment! I am cautious in writing or commenting now.

  23. Vikas Gupta says:

    Yeah the match has started and two wickets have fallen! Gambhir and Sehwag can join me here and read my blog now! 😀

  24. A. N. Nanda says:

    Hi Vikas,

    I’d only happiness to share on hearing that such a thing happened, which should have happened long back. Better late than never, never could “they” the naysayers, the India-haters have stopped any further…

    What a pity for the author, poor Vikas Swarup who just missed the limelight even after giving birth to such a masterpiece “Q and A”. Even the photograph I saw on the front page of TOI Patna edition had him got clicked from behind. I had to really go to net to confirm the guess that SM is the same book “Q and A” I read some four years back.

    By the by, I had seen a movie “Traffic Signal” which also had similar theme, but not so well-made. Its dialogues are remarkable. It is hillarious.



  25. Tim says:

    saw the film only yesterday thought it was excellent 😉

  26. I am curious as to what Indian awards international filmmakers would vie for! The filmfare awards? I don’t even know how they award the awards. What is the procedure for deciding who wins? There is absolutely no standards in Indian awards and hence people still look to the Academy and BAFTA.

  27. kamal says:

    The movie was good story telling, but I am amused at how people are so glad to see the west amused by our poverty and ridiculous state of living (if you can find anything good portrayed in that movie, please let me know; I totally fail to find one).

    The answer to your question in title of this page “So why did SM win 8 Oscars?” is “because our poverty and our ‘slumdogs’ are quite some entertainment for the west!”

    I very much concur with this post on the issue [ ]
    and you, the author here, should care to give it a second thought!

    OTOH, I am an artist and from the artistic point of view, it was excellent story telling and portrayal as I mentioned above!

  28. Yoj says:

    Hey…. your blog is interesting. I like the way u’ve put up things. great going.

  29. Arun Shankar says:

    Why have you left out Resool Pookutty, who also won the Oskar for the same movie?

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