A short poem on Ambedkar

Written by vik

Topics: People, Poems/Rhymes, Socio-Political

Ambedakr poem This was written in 2004 and was probably my first poem. These are only the excerpts from the full poem on Ambedkar. This is also a commentary on the caste system.

In the ancient ages lived a man named Manu, a Hindu
who devised a system in the valley Sindhu
a system of fragmentation non-pareil in human history
and it was divinely ordained , more or less a mystery!

Brahmins, Kshtriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras
Ascribable to head, arm, thighs and feet
He compared and juxtaposed the  body part
And succeeded in alienating every heart.

The ancient, medieval and the modern
Unleashed havoc on the downtrodden
Caste  became impregnable and all-pervasive
The equal life was almost always elusive.

Sun and caste and the flames did fan
April 14,1891 was born a man
Mahar blood through him ran
Low-caste, low-blood, despicable clan!

The messiah of masses is no more
One person suffers out of every four
The last vestiges of caste be shown the door
For only smaller boats keep to the shore. 🙂

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  1. Reema says:

    All good ones especially the food one 😀

  2. Good one!!!!!! A poem on Ambedkar… very thoughful of you!

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    i like this poem.

  5. shubham bansode says:

    awesome poem

  6. swati says:

    Nice poem..
    Amedkar ki yad dila di yar..
    Gud thoughts, apreciate