Website on JNUMC Summer Trekking to Bhaba Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Click on the image to visit JNUMC summer trek blogI was not part of this Jawaharlal Nehru University Mountaineering Club trekking but I did made a blog on it (as is my wont) after taking the photos from the friends. Check out the breathtaking Himalayan adventure pics if you love travelling/mountaineering/adventure.

Leader Bibek was once caught in snow up to his waist and there were moments when they feared their life. They enjoyed it to bits. I wish I was part of it. Something had clashed with it or else I certainly would have joined the team. I am waiting for the autumn trek by JNUMC.

Click here to visit the website (pictorial documentation blog on the Himalayan adventure) that I made in less than two hours.

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