Comics: Save Water Save Power

Written by vik

Topics: Campus, Comics, Environment, Kids' Corner

I had made the following comics on saving water and power in early May 2009 using Bitstrips when my campus (JNU) was facing severe water crisis and emailed it to friends and also pasted it as wall posters in my hostel.  It has some  everyday tips on saving water that most of us ignore!

Save water save power comics

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  1. Aryan's Mom says:

    This is hilarious

    Aryan’s Mom

  2. oorja says:

    so.. what was the response..? did u guys save water after all this or not..?

    nice attempt.. good that u are concerned.. funny and meaningful.. hope it was useful too..

  3. Reema says:

    nice and funny

  4. Zach Si says:

    I happen to chance upon your blog and all I want to say is I like it very much!
    Interesting comic. It sure catches my attention as it’s colorful and cute!

  5. Zach Si says:

    I got a question. How do you insert the feature where there are links at the top of each of your posts showing the next and previous posts?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. rampantheart says:

    I swear that I won’t waste water from today on! 😛 Now, why don’t you create some comic strips on Global warming?

  7. Ronak says:

    Nice one…
    In fact, comics is a great fun way of sending accross an otherwise serious message… this is something which even google had done successfully during launch of chrome…

    Hope to see more of such comics on your blog..

  8. Nice, funny and thought provoking 🙂

  9. Liju Philip says:

    conservation of water should be taken up at schools. the kids should be made to understand the importance of conservation. also builders and real estate fellows must be forced to collect rainwater and harvest it. even if it means the government has to pass some tough legislations.

  10. A. N. Nanda says:

    Here’s a business idea, Vikas. Why don’t you have an entire comic book devoted to saving water, another saving trees, third saving child, fourth…. They’ll sell like hot cakes, nay like cool drinks.

    Thankx, I liked your post.


  11. Shivya says:

    Haha, nice! You should circulate it in all of Delhi now :p

    I like your blog btw. Rolling you so I can come back and read more!

  12. Vikas says:

    Lizu, William, Mr. Nanda and Shivya,

    Thank you for the appreciation.

    Lizu and Mr. Nanda, agree with both of you! Mr. Nanda, I use Bitstrips to make these comics; can’t make it like professional ones! But it’s a good idea!

    Please read the latest comics on Delhi summer!


  13. ziaul haque says:

    badhiya hai(it is fine)

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  15. Bufftuplita says:

    Hey, Keep up the good work!

  16. nida says:

    hahaha very funny!!!!

  17. vinay says:

    this is an awsome website

  18. vinay says:

    this is an awsome website. i like it but more song on freedom hasto be inserted

  19. Shaina says:


    I really liked the comic! The fourth panel is hilarious!
    May I have permission to reproduce it for a ‘save water’ poster at my university?

  20. rajesh vijan says:

    good poem

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