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ebooks2 This is a detailed account of ‘www.’ –”the knowledge sharing site”- including how to download books from the website with elaborate instructions and snapshots. Gigapedia is the largest repository of ebooks on the internet and better than any torrent site and a boon for students and research scholars not born with a silver spoon in the mouth! This is a quick how-to [~1200 words] on the download site which offers the most quality ebooks and other resources for free download.

Update: Gigapedia is now Click here for details.

‘www. gigapedia .com’ has about 300000 items on various subjects for free download

Gigapedia free ebooks download The internet has a lot to offer in the age of digital piracy and the net is full of websites and bit torrent sites from where you can download free ebooks [see some links at the end of post]. But none of these can hold a candle to ‘’ which is the most exhaustive site on the internet hosting download links to some 3000000 books, magazines, comics, videos etc. It is a blessing if you are willing to compromise a bit and

Variety of books for download

As you can see the snapshot of incomplete list of categories on the left, you can download books on various topics be it Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Tin Tin Comics, Health, Sex, Novels, Fiction, Non-fiction, Instructional material, Graphic Novels, Audio books, English Grammar, Vocabulary books and whatnot! You can also subscribe to the RSS feeds to stay updated for latest downloads on your favourite topics [making a request for uploading some book is not entertained though as per rules]. :)

So helpful

Many in my campus [JNU] are aware of it and use it for research and studies but most of those who know actually suppress information and not share it! Information dissemination is the major aim of this post because there is little on Gigapedia on the internet. Please read the step by step process below on downloading books from the said site and then take the road to El Dorado. ;)

How to download books from Gigapedia: A  step- by-step tutorial and set of instructions

Read the blow-by-blow description and don’t jump the gun or else you may not be able to put it to an optimum use and your book downloading endeav

Gigapedia looks an innocent, unfriendly website at first glance but don’t judge the book by the cover

Gigapedia free book download how to

See the snapshot above, that’s the Gigapedia homepage. At first glance, the website looks like a dull and boring book review site which has nothing to do with free downloading! For a moment the pirate in you will think you are barking up the wrong tree. But hold your horses dear reader because that’s just the facade! The heaven lies within and need to explore.

Key to El Dorado: Register an account to reap the benefits and download books on Gigapedia

Free book downloading from GigapediaYou need to be logged in to be able to see all the greenery on Gigapedia. Click on the  ‘register’ link on the top right of the homepage and create an account. It takes less than a minute to do that. A Google account is mandatory and if you are living without one, you will soon be the odd (wo)man out! Save your login id and password after registration, needless to say!

Login and Search Books for download

The next obvious step after registration is to search the website for the goldmine! You can also browse by categories or user tags.  So once you are logged in to Gigapedia, the then desert will throw up its verdant. On the right top search box, you type your keyword and choose the option ‘gigapedia’ search [the default is Google search and will take you to the Google book search results!] and press the search button. For example, I typed ‘Russia America Relations.’

Free book downloads

It will throw up all the results. The above search on 10 August 2009 returned 86 results! All these books cost the earth and in some cases are not even available in many libraries in Delhi that I have visited!

New Picture (14)

The next step is clicking on the link for a book. I clicked on the first book link and this is what you get. This page has the description, comments, tags, preview and the links for download. Read the comments and look for bad comments, if any. You can also add a comment to it later if you liked the quality of the downloaded book or write a bad review if the downloaded item was not satisfactory. It is always nice to help other users when you are getting so much help from them. Please frequently use the option ‘send a report to staff.’

You have to click on the ‘links’ to get the download links

Free book download on internet

Click on the ‘links’ and the page will throw up links to the sites like Ifileit, Rapidshare, Megaupload etc. Click on any of these and you can proceed for the download. I suggest you always use the Ifileit link because Rapidshare will make you wait in queue if you are a free user like me! The links page also has the info on size of file and whether or not it’s a PDF file [please note that you will not always get  pdf file]. Some files are zipped and  password protected. Note the password, if any, on the links page.

A greedy you also wants to download articles from journals and want free access to JSTOR?!

Wink OMG, your appetite for free resources is immense! Okay, wish granted if you are from a developing country! Click here to read my post on how to get free access to JSTOR that will be heavenly for your research and studies! :D

Conclusion and Disclaimer

The website loads easily and is fast though not very good looking [does that mater anyway?!]. It is better than any torrent site and you will find videos and documentaries too among other things. It is a manna from heaven for those hunting for free resources, books, comics, novels and the like on the internet! Please note that you will not find there everything because you must buy some things! If you share a broadband connection with a friend or family members, do not ruin their internet speed by downloading incessantly! ;)

Please note that Gigapedia is a ‘link indexing site’ and a “knowledge sharing site.”

Some Links on free ebooks, BitTorrent, digital piracy concern

  1. Piracy: The Intellectual Property Wars from Gutenberg to Gates. Get this free e-book by Adrian Jones (University of Chicago Press). The author traces the history and evolution of piracy and among other things argues that piracy has been complementing creativity. Hat tip by Ed Wilson.
  2. 20 best websites to download free Ebooks
  3. The best 6 sites to get free eBooks
  4. NYT Article 9 May 2009: Print books are targets of pirates on the web
  5. The Big book of Bit Torrent: The torrent guide for everyone [PDF Manual]

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  1. smitha kumaran says:

    Hey… this is wonderful..Informative…never heard of gigapedia before..

    but i prefer a hard copy any day… reading on the computer is tiring

  2. Aryan's Mom says:

    Hey this is wonderful. It is going to be really helpful. Thanks Vikas
    Aryan’s mom

  3. Reema says:

    I know about this site and have been using it a lot. But very nice informative post.

  4. neena says:

    check it out this link freerapidsharedotcom. blogspot. com

  5. Vikas Gupta says:

    Thank you Aryan’s Mom, Reema and Neena! :)

  6. Ashish says:

    Hey, saw you blog after long (have been reading posts in GReader) and you had had a makeover! New layout is clean, pleasing and nice. But what are you doing to format of your posts? Instead of personal reflections of Vikas Gupta they appear more like documentary articles….bring bag the man!

  7. Ashish says:

    *back the man*, but you knew that.

  8. ILYAS AFSOH says:

    good morning

    ilyas afsoh
    from indonesia

  9. Muhammad says:


    I really like this site!!

    Thanks for the information!!

  10. Fajar Hari Prabowo says:

    nice info. it would save my money to buy printed book

  11. Larry says:

    Anyone interested in a fun, wild read then check this out?

  12. M.D. says:

    Thank you so much for this information!

  13. g says:

    your advertising isn’t helping the site….just draws undue attention. anyone who really wants to can find the site anyways.

  14. alireza says:


  15. Naushd Alam says:

    Really it,s fantastic work.I read it thoroughly n got a lot of help be the said site.keep it up man.

  16. siti rosidah says:

    i want to joint this site

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  18. ashok says:

    u r blog is nice.
    Do u have any idea that any sites giving free access to chemistry journals of chemistry and to download old volumes like tetrahedron,Russian chemical reviews and synthesis etc,.

  19. tsoura says:

    new english file

  20. Dude, this site looks awesome! Definitely another resource when I can’t find what I want elsewhere – how did you stumble across it?

    Not quite ready to give up on torrents yet though! I still can’t believe that there’s one site to rule them all :) Will let you know my experiences on it after a while…

  21. Hey this was also have a very informative website..loaded with info :)

  22. stoked out says:

    I owe you man, thanks for the tip! This ebook resource will go a long way in my education. Cheers from the 3rd/developing world! Hehe.

  23. Prince says:

    Does it violate copyrights if we download books at gigapedia? Kindly give your suggestions

  24. Prince,

    I am quoting some replies on another site:

    1. Technically, Gigapedia is just a sort of an index of ebook downloads provided by other sites (or, users of other sites). So, the site cannot be held liable for “storing” copyrighted materials.

    Many users of the site are professionals, educators and professors who see in Gigapedia an opportunity to access very expensive reference materials. Gigapedia stats show that the site is popular in many developing countries in Asia, where colleges and universities don’t have access to Science Direct, JSTOR, and other expensive online libraries of scholarly literatures.

    Sharing and downloading such materials to/from file sharing sites are illegal acts, but these help to augment the problem on the disparity of access to scholarly literature between developed and developing countries.

    This can be seen as a form of civil disobedience for a just cause.

    2. Technically, Gigapedia is just a sort of an index of ebook downloads provided by other sites (or, users of other sites). So, the site cannot be held liable for “storing” copyrighted materials.

    That depends on the copyright law of the country such a website would be located in. Some countries’ copyright law forbids “deeplinking” to illegal materials. But Gigapedia has its server in a well-known pirate-friendly country of Sweden and is legal there.

    Sharing and downloading such materials to/from file sharing sites are illegal acts

    That might be true in the US. Some of the EU countries (most or all of them?) allow downloading of such files as long as they’re not shared. Mere downloading off Rapidshare and the like is considered fair use there most of the time and is legal.



  25. mahanz says:

    thank you for your step by step tutorial.

  26. Thank you mahanz for stopping by and leaving the comment. Welcome to the blog. :)

  27. mina says:

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    you realllyyyy helppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  28. Khem says:

    Thanks for providing alot of matters through the gigapedia…

  29. bart says:

    Vikas, I get a problem that sometimes the links tab doesn’t display links for me – then after i wait for sometime, I try again and sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. After I’ve downloaded some books for 30 min, it seems to have this problem.

    I’ve tried firefox, IE, and Chrome browsers and still get this flaky behavior. Do you have any idea why this is the case?

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      This never happened to me or anyone I know. Do you close the link page/server link page while download is in progress!? You should not close the download link page. I can guess this as the only reason. If this is not the cause then I really can’t help here.

      Maybe clear you cache etc. once. Use CC cleaner to clear everything.

      • bart says:

        I tried clearing cache (though didn’t try CC cleaner). I thought that maybe there is a limit in gigapedia depending on how much you download – it may shut off links for a while.

  30. tina says:

    No! this can’t be true…this can’t be happening to me…guash! you’ve given me the treasure land. i’d been looking for quite a few books and journals…all over the internet and libraries…and wherenot.
    I’m so thankful to you…

  31. iman says:

    I have wrote a similar article about using this great website in persian .
    I hope it will be helpful for iranians .
    This is the link :
    good luck .

  32. iman says:

    I have wrote a similar article about using this great website in persian .
    I hope it will be helpful for iranians .
    This is the link :
    good luck .

  33. nessma says:

    thank u i found it very helpful in my dissertation

  34. BALRAJ SINGH says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I need your help . Please see the book STATISTICAL MECHANICS, SECOND EDITION, BY R K Pathria . you can easily locate this book. Now go to the ‘LINKS’. See here the second last link of “2009-06-07 19:52 archive password: ” It is a big file of 39.22 MB. when I downloaded this file , I see that it contains hunderds of pdf and other types of filles, each containing only a single page of the book .Many of them are not readable. I want this book .and I donot want to download its djvu version at other links.Please suggest me that how I can convert this file into a single book ?? OR Can you please upload this file (book) again after making it a single beautiful book . Please do this favor for me and all . I will be greatly thankful to you for this .
    Balrj Singh

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      Sorry I don’t think I can help here. And I have not uploaded any books there. This blog post is just for information.

      May be you can leave a comment on that on the books download page for that book.

  35. vivek says:

    vikas..whatever link i click to download it says “this item has no links”…….i could not download any book

  36. Averroes says:

    Dear Vikas,

    It feels really great when you’re at the top of Google search. And you have helped many people find books they want. Cheers, and congrats. But I was just wondering, aren’t you causing the site more harm than good? Someone already said that before, but you ignored.

    First, you are causing overload of their servers by people who simply leech. (How much does a scanner cost in India? How much time does it take to scan and upload a book if one’s really willing to share? But there are only a few who share compared to the number of people who choose only to leech).

    Two, you are exposing the site and its admins to litigation. Yeah, everyone knows the technical stuff, but also remember the cases that are bothering Isohunt (and the Pirates’ Bay). And it was litigation costs that shut down eDonkey. I’m sure you don’t want that.

    Three, and this is the most important point. The people running the site are not professionals backed by big corporates. They are private individuals who shoulder the tremendous responsibity of sharing links for all, apart from the terrible job of moderating, explaining and updating… And as I read in their forum, they are NOT willing to advertise their site in a big way, or in posts like this. Nor are they willing people to share suggestions about their site.(Unless people are dumb to the extent I refuse to believe they really are, they get to know how to find the links once they register.) Till now, the site admins believe in the old word of mouth spreading of information among friends. I believe, you can show them a little bit of gratitude by respecting their decision to remain as they want to be.

    And before you ask, I am a friend of the site, nothing more.

    (BTW, in the campus that you’re in, there’s a circular from the Registrar’s office that intends to stop the screening of independent films… Some updates on that?)

    The internet, dear friend, is also inhabited by some very bad people,who are opposed to the free sharing of knowledge. Are you absolutely sure you’re not helping them?

    Hope you understand.



    • Vikas Gupta says:

      Averroes, thank you for your second thoughtful comment. I have mulled more than once to delete this page but could not. The only solace is that it no more tops in Google now (in Google India it has shifted to 2nd page (11th entry) and in Google Global it is 16 entry). For some reasons I am wary of removing this post now but may do it in future. It is debatable whether corporates are influenced by such reviews (IMO they know it all whether or not they read about it) and they will do what they have to! I am somewhat dumb in publishing this review and how-to I realize but I am not willing to change the status quo as of now.

      PS: The said regulation in this campus will not be implemented is the update. I do not recall the exact details but most draconian provisions have been done away with.

  37. sumit says:

    why gigapedia site is not opening

  38. NoBrainer says:

    You are just someone want to be famous in the expense of other demise. Do you think you are the only person who know about this web site? And your steps of download? You think people are that dumb that need your advices for that kind of obvious steps?
    Spread by word of mouth rather than advertise yourself and the web site to get attention. You are not being helpful other than being selfish in the long run.

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      To be frank, I was quite dumb and it had taken me some time to know how to download from there. I had written this just to suggest a few of my friends about a year ago; I had no idea it will get so much attention.

      And I am not seeking any self promotion here. I am unlikely to delete it as of now.

      And do you think corporates who will move against Gigapedia or others are so dumb that they need a review like this to make a move?! Think again!

      PS: Reply to comments, if any, will be delayed. I am busy and away.

  39. javed says:

    dear vikas

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me the book

    carbon 13 nmr of flavonoid by agarwal

    aaaaaaalllllllllloooooooooottttttttttttt of duaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  40. KBT says:

    Thank you for your step by step tutorial…Please help for Torrents…

  41. Balaji says:

    Sir, thanks a lot. Your blog was very very informative. I am a third year from a prestigious engineering college. But still till now I didnt know how to download books from gigapedia. Everybody talks about gigapedia in our college, but when I ask a specific person to help me, he shies away. One reason is due to selfishness and the other is due to shallow knowledge. Your language is really great. I request you to write some more enlightening articles to bring vision to blind people like me with the light of knowledge. knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, long live knowledge………..

  42. taghi says:

    daer Sir/Madam
    I Don,t know how to get free books from gigapedia would you please help me thank you very much .
    yours sincerely

  43. BALRAJ SINGH says:

    Dear Vikas ,
    I want to know , Is there some way ,we can remain login to gigapedia all the time, at least on our own personal computer . It is very irritating to login each time we require to download some book from gigapedia .
    THANKS ,

  44. Mahmood says:

    it’s not working now. why? please inform me if it will start again?

  45. turmoli neogi says:

    Is there any problem in gigapedia? Searching the books (even the books that i downloaded previously) it is showing RESOURCE NOT FOUND! Pls help. I find this site very helpful.

  46. Alok says:

    WHat a moron to publish such information. You are helping bringing down such useful but illegal sites.

  47. Shiva says:

    it’s not working now. why? please inform me if it will start again?

  48. anshul says:

    when can i register in gigapedia ,whenever i try to register it shows registration is disabled

  49. anshul says:

    when can register in gigapedia coz it shows registration is disabled

  50. ALHASSANI says:

    I want to downlaod a free books

  51. KAUSHIK says:

    I am using Gigapedia for a long time may be for 1 and half year. Never faced any problem until it is moved to where I am finding a lots of stuff are not actually available which were available in the old Gigapedia. Previously Gigapedia and both were opening simultaneously but now I think Gigapedia site is permanently down. The only remaining option is which is not upto the mark. Actually in my case I am not going to be able to log in gigapedia. My question is are you also facing the same problem?

  52. dawit says:

    Hey, is a wonderful site. I’ve been using it for a certain period of time. I found it a very helpful, generously accessible source of information almost in every field of specialization but very recently I could not have access to it. What is wrong with it?

  53. Mh moazzen says:

    The site is quite popular here

  54. mike says:

    I cant access to gigapedia now are there any problem with

  55. m says:

    I have an account with this email, when I use free gate my account has been blocked. i live in iran and sometimes we use anti filter to open some sites . would you unblocke my acoount?
    i created another acoount named but as soon as i created it , i can not enter again, would you help me i do not break any rules in site .
    mahdi tavajoh

  56. dea says:

    is a pirate site? an illegal site?

  57. Right now it sounds like Movable Type is the top blogging platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

  58. ali says:

    Hi there
    this is ali fom iran…I can’t log in….is he site changed to another one?

  59. ali says:

    Hi there
    this is ali fom iran…I can’t log in….is he site changed to another one?

  60. AVIJIT JANA says:

    Very useful website; =

  61. sahi kazi says:

    unfortunitly Icouldnt download what I wanted

  62. Roshan says:

    I wud like to download a book of Network and System Written by D.Roy Choudhuri, 2nd Edition, but i cud not find the way to download it.

  63. Purushotham says:

    thanks for everything :)

  64. Filipe says:


    I can’t register in the site
    Incorrept captcha mesage appears in my screen….
    I have tried many times and i could not register.

    Can you help me?


  65. sama says:

    hi/please help me, how can i have my books//////???????i’ll be happy.tnx

  66. vahdat says:

    Thanks for the appreciation of the blog

  67. vahdat says:

    I really like this site!!

    Thanks for the information

  68. mehdiiiiiiii says:

    very very very thanks

  69. aki says:

    hi ,thanks for this useful informations.but please help me how register in this site as u know there is no option for’s vital for me to use the web site please help me .thank u

  70. sm says:

    Hello , How to do the registration in gigapedia now , bcoz its has presently no options fro login and all. so what to do??

  71. venki says:

    i am not able to download any books.There was no, to enter into.

    why this kolavari d,

  72. Krish says:

    Vikas, I am using Geigapedia for last one year – it is great site for the book lovers and the knowledge. Infact, it is amaze for me – how it is possible for a site to give the latest books – that too free – I still do not understand. A joy to download and read. Last week I downloaded the book which was published in 2011 Nov! But from yesterday on wards Library nu has changed – there is no login page. Iam afraid they closed free download. Hope it is not so. If it is so, the charm of Internet has gone as far as myself concerned. Please suggest me some other sites which also provide the same service as Library nu.

  73. amit says: is closed i supposed is there any alternative

  74. lina says: is not working in these days

  75. Sumit says:

    Gigapedia alias is closed forever….

    well…. there is no other site presently as good as Gigapedia was….. :-(

    but you guys can try… and
    these also has some good amount of material…

  76. fiza says:

    I am unable to find gigapedia/ Can you please guide me, how can I have access to that site.

  77. mimi says:

    please can any one help me download from this website

  78. Guest111 says:

    Unfortunately, is now closed. In my opinion it was the third most important site on the web after google and wikipedia. Please join the effort to convince people of the importance of having the site working again. For a nice article on why it should continue its operation and how it can be (legally) done read this: Free illegal knowledge and how (not) to deal with it

  79. jokohutagaol says:

    somebody help me please……how can I register to gigapedia because there is no link I found.I’m very grateful if anybody care about me.please send to my email.

  80. Aditya says:

    Its very unfortunate that the website has been shut down permanently. I am a medical student and buying medical books is quite difficult here in India. They are so costly…
    Can anyone suggest another alternative for Where can we find medical books for downloading?
    Please help me…
    Thanks in advance.

  81. fiza says:


    I came to know about This sites seems to have free books, I am wondering if someone has any opinion about this site?


  82. Dantata says: has been of great help to me, it is easy to download. Please do something to bring it back, gigapedia is little confusing to download files.

  83. asmaa says:

    it is greats

  84. ijms says:

    its a shame its shut down!

  85. Ziya says:

    Thanks alooooooooooot for your help.
    I’ve just signed up to GDN and waiting for their permission to access it.

  86. James Smith says:

    another alternatives to gigapedia/library is

  87. Hi there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the outstanding work!

  88. Undeniably imagine that that you said. Your
    favorite justification appeared to be at the internet
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    I say to you, I definitely get annoyed at the same time as people think about concerns that they
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    strong and tender concerning the brown leather-based and the scuffing, but the detail solidified my resolution. Working with the plyable higher part, flip the
    the leather-based inside out so the decorative part is going through inward.

  90. Vikas Gupta says:

    Thanks Smitha, try it! I also don’t like reading on comp! See the JSTOR thing for scholarly articles!

  91. Vikas Gupta says:


    Thanks for the appreciation of the blog.

    Yes of late the personal posts have dwindled! Will try to bring back the man.

    Your latest post the Indian joiny family photos is wonderful! :D

  92. Vikas Gupta says:


    I did not understand you. What do you mean by advertising?! I do not advertise my blogs except among my friends in the hostel [whom I really bug suggesting them to visit my blog].

    This is a free blog hosted on WordPress. Sometimes WordPress shows Google AdSense contextual ads on the blog to maintain this free and awesome service. I do not make a penny from any of my blogs. If you are referring to those ad sense ads, it is done by WordPress.

    Please explain where you saw any advertising.

  93. Vikas Gupta says:

    Ok g, I understood you rather late. Thanks for the comment.

    This is a suggestion for the site and not any advertisement for them [I am not officially or unofficially associated with them]. I had told my friends about the site and they just did not know how to download or find books there. So I wrote a short tutorial. I know it shows in the first two pages in Google when Gigapedia is searched!

  94. Vikas Gupta says:

    g, I also understand now that you are suggesting that the more discreet it remains the better!

  95. Vikas Gupta says:

    Thanks Ashok and welcome to the blog.

    Sorry, I have no idea of Chemistry-specific sites and journals. You can also explore Orkut etc. on this. For example, this community on Orkut has book lists for downloading of IES electrical material.

  96. Bhagwad,

    The site is quite popular here; someone had told me of it. Don’t give up on torrents. Use both. I found so much on this site! :)

    You will love it. Even Gigapedia people [I’ve a hunch] have commented here because it shows on first page in Google when Gigapedia is searched and they are not very comfortable about it!

    BTW, the acronym of your name is BJP LOL! It just occurred to me!

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