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JSTOR free access to JSTOR

The need for access to JSTOR in developing nations

Access to JSTOR [the US based online ‘Journal Storage’ that archives academic journals]  is a major issue for research scholars and students particularly from the developing countries like India. The rule is that you need to be a member of a participating institution or library to be able to access it [individual subscriptions to JSTOR archives are not allowed]. However there is a way to access JSTOR archives in developing nations with an internet connection right on your laptop or desktop. Many in JNU campus, Delhi and elsewhere including your truly access JSTOR from their desktop and those who do not know about it work on the JNU library computers  to access it! Read more to know how to access JSTOR without paying a penny or visiting an affiliated institution or library! 🙂

GDN gives free access to JSTOR to “eligible researchers”

GDNET home page free access to JSTOR

Global Development Network [GDNET]is  “a leading International Organization of developing and transition country researchers, policy and research institutes promoting the generation, sharing, and application to policy of multidisciplinary knowledge for the  purpose of development. Founded in 1999, GDN is now headquartered in New Delhi, with offices in Cairo and Washington.” In all probability, the access to JSTOR is only for members from developing nations [“eligible researchers”].

Join GDN, create an account for free JSTOR access in a developing nation

Click on the “new user, join now” link on the right and fill all the personal and research details of your work. Be sincere and fill the details accurately and truthfully because the organisation considers each application rather seriously and you do not get automatic access immediately. You should get your login id and password on email within 48 hours if you  have been sincere in filling the form. You will get an email [“your GDN researcher profile has been accepted”] when your profile is accepted.

GDN free access to JSTOR Then login to and you will see this box on the left of the page. As you see one of your services is free access to JSTOR. Click on the JSTOR link, fill the same GDN login and password and you will realize that the GDN is an open sesame to free and hassle free access to JSTOR! You can also create an account on JSTOR if you want to save citations or simply download the PDF articles.

You can also surf Project MUSE which provides “100 per cent full-text access to a comprehensive selection of Social Science and Humanities journals.”

You can do a lot with the GDN. You can showcase your research, contribute to the knowledge base, network with other researchers or submit research proposals and papers for the awards and medals competition and win thousands of US dollars!

This is what the GDN site writes on JSTOR access

GDN has granted access to J-Stor Journal Collection to GDN’s Registered Eligible Researchers on the Knowledge Base through their Researchers profiles. Researchers are granted access to Business I and II and Arts and Science II and VI Collections.

The current Collection brings together a compilation of titles in Economics, Finance, Education, Social Sciences, Political Science, Archaeology, Marketing, Managements and more.

So you want free access to research and other books too?!

Click here to read my article on which hosts links to eBooks download. Social Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Comics and whatnot! You can download so much from Gigapedia; it is raining eBooks there! Read the post or you may find Gigapedia very unfriendly on first visit!

So that’s a boon for researchers in developing nations! Poverty has its benefits too! Pardon the dark humour! 😉

[Originally written on 10 August, this post was slightly edited on 13 August 2009]

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  1. Murari says:

    Thanks Vikas for very important info.

  2. Reema says:

    you are writing such nice informative posts!

  3. Vikas Gupta says:

    Thank you Murariji and Reema.

  4. Borrowind says:

    You can also use JURN ( to freely access full-text arts humanities articles.

  5. sanjay kumar says:

    For a change it’s good n gracious, previous one was a bit more titilating.

  6. Dunya says:

    hey i’m back. and i just noticed the “my other wedsites” sidebar.. boy! you have A LOT! Wasn’t 1 blog enough?

  7. Dunya says:

    i know right? i really liked a couple of your ideas

  8. Alice says:

    so much information overload…what about the lesser mortals like me who take time to digest such facts?!?! 😀

    anyways, where have u been these days? long time, aye?

  9. Dunya says:


  10. Bill Bartmann- says:

    Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

  11. PXi says:


    “IMPORTANT: Effective 17 September, 2009, eligibility criteria for JSTOR access has been amended to extend to only qualified researchers as per the JSTOR African Access Initiative and Developing Nations Tier 1 Countries”

  12. Rodrigo says:

    Thanks for the information man! it’s very useful.

  13. Your’ re welcome Rodrigo! I hope you read the access is only for people of developing countries.

  14. Poonam says:

    i am a phd student at Delhi University. Need 2 access jstor

  15. Pawan says:

    Great work Vikas.

  16. irshad says:

    i need to join as a researcher

  17. tina says:

    amaizing! i’m going to bookmark this at all possible sites…glad i’m here…i wonder where was i all this while 🙁

  18. tina says:

    Vikas, i just tried creating a new acct at GDN…what do you mean when you say eligible scholars…i mean…i’m not registered as a research scholar yet…lot of official problems out there at rajasthan university…anyways…does that i mean i’m not eligible?

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      You are eligible; it doesn’t have to do anything with your university. It means it is only for people from developing nations.

      • José Manuel says:

        Hi Vikas, I’m from Peru. I get my profile in GDN but i can´t get eligible access to JSTOR… I’m not a undergraduate doctor… If its possible to get free access if i´m only an universitary student of a developing nation???

  19. SherLock says:

    Vikas, you’re the man, thank you, namaste

  20. Snehal says:

    Thank u Vikas, I’m glad i found ur blog, its been of great help to me!! 🙂

  21. dorothy says:

    the thing that you said is for researchers and not for students . so how can undergraduate students access jstor for free

  22. Rafael says:

    Very nice tip man, thks!

    One problem though. I don’t know if there was some policy change.. I just tried what you said yesterday, and GDN DID accept me as eligible.

    However, I’m only allowed to enter on the Project Muse thing, but not to Jstor. I’ve tried every possible way, but JSTOR is not even listed on GDN as one of my services. Why is that?

    Thks again!

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      Rafael, Maybe be because of that eligibility thing. You could try by indicating your address as in India if they are not checking the IP address and get a new account!

      • Rafael says:

        Thanx for the help Vikas =) I tried what you said, and I did get accepted again on GDI, now with an Indian address. However, I still don’t have access to Jstor. Are you sure that that kind of access is still possible?

        Btw, is there any other way of getting myself free access to Jstor? Actually, I do have the right to access it with a username given by my actual university here in Brasilia, Brazil. But I have to register myself in the university’s Data Processing Department, and just now when I need it the most, the University’s employees are on strike =/

        • Rafael says:

          I’ll probably just wait for the strike. Though it’s already three weeks long and will probably last some weeks more, as the crisis with the govnmt seems to only grow worse. Anyway, thks for the attention man =)

  23. khelsoril wanbe says:

    I’m khelsoril Wanbe. I’m doing PhD at manipur university, imphal, india. I have been searching for good books on t.s. eliot, but i have so far managed to find only few. I would really feel very fortunate if I get free access to Jstor.

  24. khelsoril wanbe says:

    I’m khelsoril Wanbe. I’m doing PhD at manipur university, imphal, india. I have been searching for good books on t.s. eliot, but i have so far managed to find only few. I would really feel very fortunate if I get free access to Jstor.

  25. khelsoril wanbe says:

    The biggest problem that a researcher in this part of the country (northeast India), i think, is that of the great difficulty in procuring good and latest books on a subject.

  26. Kurgan says:

    hi. nice n informative post. i tried this and GDN rejected my application. That’s understandable coz I ain’t a researcher just a UG student. Specifically, I need access to Past and Present, which is listed only on Jstor.

    plus, is there any other organisation (excepting MUSE, which doesn’t have editions prior to 2007) which archives Past and Present electronically and can be accessed for free ?? Trouble is my university has doesn’t provide access to JSTOR. So any alternative would be welcome.


  27. Narayan says:

    Thank you for thie post, Vikas. I am an accounting student (though not a research scholar)and applied for membership with GDN. However,since my profile did not match their requirement, my membership was rejected. I am in need of a specific document from the JSTOR database. I would greatly appreciate if you could retrieve this and email it me. The link is – Thank you in advance and my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  28. Samiksha says:

    I need the free subscription to jstor so that I can go through the research articles available in this journal. Please guide me to do so.

  29. Thaya says:

    Oh..i can’t register at kind of changed of format at this website..
    I need urgent Help!!!

  30. natthi says:

    Thanks for the way to GDN. It took nearly a month to get access. Unfortunately JSTOR link in my service is unavailable now.

  31. Derek says:

    I registered like an hour ago, but I still didn’t receive my username and password 🙁

  32. need an example of a case study in education working with weaker students.

  33. jamous says:

    i am on old fan of JNU. Indeed, I did my MA at JNU back in 2000. I’m happy to be in touch with guys from JNU after more than 10 years. I ‘m really missing the ceaseless life at JNU. thanks 4 u blog. I’ll try it in the few coming days

  34. Big thanks to JSTOR and GDN for such great opportunity. Could the access be eased for students, especially those of us from the developing nations. I am following your leads already to get free access via GDN. Hope I will succeed.
    Thanks a lot

  35. abdulhadi says:

    peace upon you my brother
    thank you very much for your very useful blog
    I have one question : how do you explain the absence of THE EVANGiLE OF iR STUDiES, I mean POLiTiCS AMONG NATiONS on LiBRARY.NU ?
    I am so sorry about my english.
    thank you so so so so much ViKAS GUPTA.

  36. Deepu says:

    hai vikas

    i am a research scholor, i too hav an account at gdnet with my proper address in india but they are not providing me access to jstor. if u hav access to jstor through gdnet can u plz provide me ur id and password it would be of great help for me in my research. if u can plz send it to my mail

  37. b.v.prasad says:

    Hi This is B.V.Prasad, i am a research scholor in Journalism
    iam trying to collect good books in journalism, communication, Research, methodology

  38. Tom says:

    Could someone just post a login and password to one of these accounts?

  39. Sourav says:

    That was of great help. Thanks! 🙂

  40. nj says:

    Thanks a lot bro. You are doing an immense service to thousands whose talent gets wasted for lack of access to books, journals, and other such resources.

    And some disserevice as well to those intellectual elitists who still want to maintain status quo with respect to the access,sharing, and dissemination of knowledge.

    Highest regards

  41. Uzma Yousuf says:

    Thanx Vikas,i need to join as a researcher

  42. Fayaz Fazilli says:

    Thanx for this website,i wish to join as a researcher

  43. B.V.Prasad says:

    Dear Vikas Gupta ji
    You are giving very good information…now i understood how to access jstor, i will join in JURN.ORG

  44. B.V.Prasad says:

    DEar Friends,
    Pl support me either with Content or with reference material on -NEWS PAPER READERS ATTITUDES-topic for Ph.D in Journalism
    my requirement:
    books, theses, magazines covered on this topic

  45. shubhrangana pundir says:

    very accessible

  46. AMIT says:


    THANKS A LOT…………..


  47. Rawnak mahmud says:

    Hello I am R. Mahmud, a research scholer. I am searcing books, article and journal on economic impact of brick kiln. plz help me.

  48. webmaster says:

    Jstor can jump off a cliff and perish in hell for all time for being knowledge NAZIs, F Jstor, F them emphatically.

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    appears to be running off the webpage pretty bad.
    If you want you can email me at: and I will shoot you over a screenshot of the problem.

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