JNU Ragging Case: Observations and stories not published in the mainstream media

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JNU logo These are some stories, questions and events related to the recent JNU Ragging case which have remained unanswered and which are not covered by the mainstream media. I am a PhD student with JNU who lives in the same hostel as the four of the main accused [since expelled for two years] who were caught “red handed” according to JNU Anti Ragging Committee and the JNU administration.

I have observed this case independently and also as a member of the hostel level committee on the issue. I have talked to the four accused from the Sabarmati Hostel, talked to the complainant on phone, attended the Sabarmati Hostel General Body Meeting [GBM] on the Ragging issue and was also examined by the chief Proctor office, JNU to state my findings and knowledge of the case.

I am publishing this documentation [pamphlets, posters, GBM minutes etc.] in common good and will update it as and when new developments come to light. Read the story to know what even the media  does not know or publish and decided whether or not the JNU administration did the right thing by handing down such severe punishment. Please note that I hate ragging and I am only arguing for the truth here. Please read all of it for the complete picture. I have documented many aspects of JNU life; please see all my blogs and posts on JNU.

Update:  Balbir Chand expelled from JNU for spreading sex video

In February 2011, Balbir Chand the MCA student who had complained of ragging was expelled by the JNU administration for spreading the sex video. Police was also looking for him. Here are some excerpts from the newspapers and you can also check the links (TOI, Indian Express) for details.

The other accused is Balbir Chand, the 2009 ragging case whistleblower — nine students were rusticated in that incident.

Kumar and Chand, a second-year MCA student, were expelled after the probe into the porn clip matter.

H G S Dhaliwal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), said: “We have registered a case against the two students after seeking legal opinion. There are 12 witnesses in the case. We have obtained the CD from the authorities.”

Ragging issue in JNU campus and the punishment

The anti-ragging committee of JNU administration on the afternoon of 12 August 2009 caught some MCA students “red-handed” ragging some juniors in a room on the ground floor of the Sabarmati Hostel which is also my hostel. You can read the report on the website of the Hindu, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Pioneer or the Express. JNU is believed to be free of the vice and I and all JNU students and faculty members will vouch for that [except probably for the MCA course as my Science friends tell me]. Therefore the matter is “surprising and shocking.” JNU handed down severe punishment to the accused. You can read the story in the Hindustan Times or The Times of India. Please note that the media has published that only 19 have been punished! The fact is that apart from the 19 people, two alumni have also been punished [they cannot use their degree for five years and have been declared out of bounds].

4 accused from Sabarmati plead innocence

The four accused who were caught “red handed” were given the opportunity in the Sabarmati Hostel Meeting [Called GBM, kind of Gram Sabha of the hostel]. They clearly stated that the three juniors [two girls and one boy] were not called by them to the room; they had come to discuss some centre/study related issue (“seminar” etc.; “study related discussion is common in the School of Computer and Systems Sciences” in JNU). According to them, when the anti-ragging committee came to their room, one accused was chatting on the computer while others were just sitting. The juniors were also in the room [their heads were “bowed” also according to the newspaper reports].

There was no ragging going on. The committee just jumped to conclusion. One of the accused also says that one of the two girls who was there had mentioned something about his brother knowing the guy to whom the room belonged. The students also said that the committee rounded up anybody from the MCA centre standing nearby or in the corridor in that room. Some non-MCA students from Sabarmati hostel [including a very senior resident] were present when the committee had conducted the raid and openly admitted  that the committee was not behaving impartially and did commit some excesses during the raid. It is crystal clear that the complainant did not mean these people from Sabarmati as the ones who had ragged him. Two of the four accused were on mess rebate for a major period preceding the ragging! How can one claim that they were involved in the ragging happening since some ten days then?!

The complainant’s side of the story

Update: The complainant later wrote to the VC against any ragging. See details below [the HT news].

I had gone to the complainant’s room in Tapti hostel to meet him. He was not there but his roommate Mr. Sao was there who talked to me and my friend who had accompanied me . He said there were no major signs of harassment but the guy had once recently told him that he was being ragged and that “he can’t bear it anymore!” Mr. Sao is an MBBS and knew lots about ragging! He had humorously mentioned that many in the hostel had thought that he had ragged his roommate when he was seen with the police on the fateful day!

I had called the complainant on his phone no. and a lady answered the call and talked to me for some five minutes before disconnecting the call. Her main grudge was that everybody was after the complainant who had shown courage and was helping the society. She vehemently defended the complainant and said we, his family, know that he was being ragged and that it was great tension to us.

When I had suggested her that some innocents may have been caught up in this she said she does not know about all this and I may contact the anti-Ragging committee of JNU for all details. Few minutes later, I got a missed call from the complainant’s phone no. I called back and this time the complainant himself was on the phone. His voice was not clear on the phone and he said that whatever he has to say on this is with the committee and I may go to them for the details.

The truth on the Ragging case according to the Sabarmati Hostel GBM Minutes to the VC

JNU MCA Ragging case Sabarmati GBM Notice

Sabarmati Hostel on 15 August 2009 conducted a General Body Meeting chaired by the Hostel president Mr. Vijay Pal, a PhD student from the School of Life Sciences on the said issue. There was anger among Sabarmati residents over the way the JNU administration had handled the case that had led to the Sabarmati hostel’s name and reputation being besmirched.

The accused had presented their side of the story and narrated that JNU administration and anti-Ragging committee had behaved unfairly and unethically. Many residents spoke on the issue including those who had witnessed the ‘raid’.

The minutes of the meeting follow [it was signed by 78 boys and girls of the hostel]. It was sent to the Vice Chancellor and copies of it were sent to the Dean, JNUSU and others.

Letter to the JNU VC by Sabarmati Community


The Vice Chancellor
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi

Sub:- Outcome of GBM held in Sabarmati Hostel after reported incidence of ragging.

We would like to put the minutes of our Hostel GBM under your kind consideration which was held on 15.08.2009. After the raid of anti-ragging squad the peaceful atmosphere of the hostel was disturbed and various types of rumors were arose which forced us to call a GBM do discuss various issues regarding ragging.

The residents of Sabarmati Hostel feels that four accused who were caught red handed while involving in ragging as claimed by anti-ragging squad, are innocent and there was some misunderstanding. We are enclosing minutes of that GBM under your kind consideration. Kindly consider views of the GBM in all pending inquiry in this matter.

Thanking You,

Sincerely Yours,
Hostel Committee
Sabarmati Hostel

1.    Minutes of the GBM endorsed by present residents of Sabarmati Hostel
2.    Mess Rebate acknowledgement slip of two of accused

(i)    Dean of Students, JNU
(ii)    Chief Proctor, JNU
(iii)    Anti Ragging Squad, JNU
(iv)    All Sr. Wardens, JNU
(v)    JNUSU


Minutes of the GBM of Sabarmati Hostel, JNU held on 15.08.2009. [some names have been acronymized]

1.   An unfortunate and shocking incidence happened in Sabarmati Hostel on 12.08.2009 in which few MCA students (Resident of Sabarmati Hostel) were caught “red handed” while ragging their junior students as claimed by anti-ragging squad. A four member committee was formed in Sabarmati Hostel comprising of Vikas Gupta ,Shashi Bhushan Ojha , Laxminarayan Meena , Jyotikant Boi  in consultation with the hostel committee. This four member committee was given task to do some ground level work and help in maintaining rumour free atmosphere in the hostel. On the basis of preliminary inquiry of this committee GBM was called by the hostel president.

2.    The three member committee was given mandate in the GBM. All the present residents expressed their solidarity against any kind of ragging if happened in the campus. They decided they will help administration to curb the menace of ragging.

3.    After this incidence of raid, news flashed in the media which not only shocked the entire JNU community but also gave a severe jolt to the prestige of JNU. The GBM took the view of four MCA students who are accused of ragging. These were the facts/views arises after discussion with accused MCA students:-

(i)  All residents were disagreeing about the media rumours and complain of junior MCA student that ragging was going on since past ten days in Sabarmati Hostel (before 12/08/09). If it was true, residents must have been known about ragging and informed Wardens of the hostel.

(ii) MCA 1st semester student claimed that ragging was going on since past ten days. The two accused Mr M and Mr. were not in the campus during the claimed period. Mr.  was on mess rebate from 03/08/09-06/08/09 and joined hostel mess on 9th Aug. 09 after two days of his coaching. Mr. D was on rebate from 30/07/09-10/08/09 and joined hostel mess on 11th Aug. 09. Mess Manager of Sabarmati Hostel has record of all these in diet register. This clearly shows that these two residents were not involved in ragging which was going on for past ten days (As claimed by 1st semester MCA student).

(iii)    Now coming to the incidence of raid of anti-ragging squad. The four accused who were caught by the squad told the house (GBM) that they were not involved in any kind of ragging at the time of raid. They were just sitting in the room #43 of Sabarmati Hostel with their juniors and discussing some study topics.

(iv)    Even three junior students of MCA 1st semester (who were sitting in the same room #43) refused in front of anti-ragging squad that they have been ragged. They clearly mentioned that they came to meet their seniors for course/seminar discussion. Few residents of Sabarmati Hostel (excluding accused) are witness of all those conversation at the time of raid.

(v) It is especially noteworthy to mention the fact that one, Miss S. S. (1st Semester, MCA) who was present at room no #43 at the time of raid is sister of friend of one of the accused (M). She met Mr. M in brother’s friend capacity (she mentioned this in front of anti-ragging squad). So no question of ragging arises with friend’s sister.

(vi) One accused Mr. R who was just standing in the corridor at the time of raid is also claimed to be involved in the ragging. It is not only shocking but also hurting that Mr. R has been accused because he is an MCA student and a resident of Sabarmati Hostel.

4.    On the basis of above views it doesn’t seems that those four students were involved in ragging either in past or on 12/08/09.

5.   The house especially mentioned about personal behaviour of all four accused in past few years. They all bear a good moral character and never involved in any kind of bad activity. They never disrespect any resident of the hostel and always treat all the residents respectfully. So house doesn’t believe that these students might be involved in ragging rather feels they have been caught just because of misunderstanding.

6.    House feels that these four accused students must be given opportunity to put their words before administration rather convicting them by media and whole JNU community. House demands same from the administration.

7.    As proctor level is inquiry is pending, the hostel eviction order may be reconsidered as these students belong to very ground level economic background. House demand for the same from the administration.

8.    House demand fair inquiry in this matter and carrier of these bright students shouldn’t be allowed to be ruined.

9.    At last President and hostel committee expressed their greetings for Independent Day and gave vote of thanks to all the present residents for showing their solidarity against menace of ragging.

Signed by 78 residents [boys and girls]. The photos of the 78 signatures follow:

JNU Raggin case GBM JNU Raggin case GBM JNU Raggin case GBM JNU Raggin case GBM

Very harsh Punishment by JNU administration

The JNU administration gave very harsh punishment to the accused. The above documents make it clear that the four Ragging accused from the Sabarmati Hostel have not been given a fair hearing by the JNU administration. The JNU administration in the past has been very liberal in revoking rustication orders or allowing remission or reducing the amount of punishment or giving mild punishments to students [the gherao of Registrar Avais Ahmad during the minimum wages struggle, expulsion of JNUSU president Sandeep singh over sale of prospectus issue etc.]. But in this case, it has just guillotined the students [including the four arguably innocent students] and ruined their life and career.

The whole world may think that the collective conscience of the society has been salved but those who know the details of this case [which is not published in the media] know that the story just doesn’t add up and that there are many loopholes in the JNU administration’s side of the story.

I had told the proctorial enquiry about the excesses the anti-ragging committee had committed during the raid [including making gender biased comments as was witnessed live by even non-MCA students like Mr. Gyananathan Guru and Mr. Jamshed of Sabarmati Hostel] but the two proctors just kept insisting that if there was no ragging going on why were the three juniors sitting with their heads down! Even the three juniors who were supposedly ragged during the raid had given statements that it was no case of ragging!

AB, a friend and neighbour, who has suffered ragging in St. Stephens college [“seniors paani bharwaate the”] says that is how it happens in Ragging cases because the administration has to make an example and some innocents are always caught in the melee and sacrificed at the altar of the cause!

The following photo is of the Sabarmati Hostel notice board [22 August 2009]. In the second row the official notices relate to the punishment to the MCA students in the ragging case. Justice?!

JNU Raggin case punishment

JNU Anti-Ragging committee had committed many excesses during the raid but the media and JNU public does not know it!

Update: 26 August 2009. The MCA students and non-MCA eye witnesses from the Sabarmati Hostel during the hostel meeting [GBM] attested that the anti-ragging committee committed the following excesses during the so called ‘raid’! These points were not included in the GBM minutes for sake for political correctness. Just read these to discover the hidden story!

  • The anti ragging while pressurizing the MCA junior girls mocked them saying, “tumhaare ma baap kuch bolte nahin hain, yahaan ladkon ke room be baiti ho [What are you girls doing in a boy’s room; your parents don’t tell you anything on this]!” Say that to a DSU or AISA or a girl from Social Sciences in the JNU campus and the campus will be set on fire! Professor Anvita Abbi [25 August 2009 TOI] says “they have violated by being in boy’s bedroom?!”  Nothing can be more shameful, needless to say! All this truth is nowhere in the media [and frankly the MCA students were too frightened to criticize the administration earlier].
  • Somebody from the anti ragging committee had unplugged the internet wire in the room and remarked, “dukaan bana rakha hai [You guys have opened up a shop here?]!!”
  • All pressure mechanisms [including a bit of manhandling] were tried by the committee to negate the fact that there was no ragging going on there in that room!

A senior resident of Sabarmati hostel on the mess table on hearing these excesses laughs  like anything and says, ” the state has a right to legitimate violence!” Do you also think so?!

I had vehemently mentioned all these points to the proctors but they had no answers on this! They kept saying that if there was no ragging going on ‘why were their heads down!’

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: wall poster by MCA freshers and 2nd and 3rd year students in the JNU campus

22 August 2009: The following poster has been published on JNU walls. You can click on it to enlarge it and read the plea by JNU MCA second and third years students. The MCA students also marched hostel to hostel during dinner time and addressed the people in the hostel mess. The following poster by fresh students of MCA also has signatures of the three MCA students [two girls and one boy] who according to the JNU administration were being ragged when the raid had taken place on 12 August 2009! They write that they have not been ragged! The 2nd and 3rd year MCA students have also published a statement in this poster.

JNU Ragging case MCA wall poster

Appeal to JNU community by students

This pamphlet was distributed in the JNU campus by ‘some concerned students’  on 22 August 2009.

JNU Raggin case appeal to students

Left parties had demanded harsh punishment in their pamphlets without any investigation

The AISA-led JNUSU and the SFI had put up pamphlets in the campus demanding harsh punishment to those who were caught ragging. Needless to say, they did not investigate the issue and jumped to conclusion. People in the JNU campus will tell you that MCA students do not comprise their vote bank. Hence they will not support MCA students! If these students were from the School of Languages or the School of Social Sciences, these parties would have fallen heads over heels to fight tooth and nail for them!

MCA and science students belong to the Youth for Equality [YFE] or ABVP in popular opinion. So left parties will not stand with them and will demand their crucifixion! From Lalgarh to Gujarat the left parties have done a lot of suo moto  investigation. They forgot their duty in this case, alas!

Read below the pamphlets by SFI [dated 14 August 2009]and JNUSU [dated 13  August 2009]against ragging in that order. The JNUSU pamphlet has some other paper pasted on it.

SFI Pamphlet JNU Ragging case

JNUSU pamphlet against ragging in JNU

“Lack of JNUSU led to ragging in JNU Campus”

You may click here to read that the advocate Sanjay Parikh told the Supreme court that absence of students union led to ragging in the JNU Campus! That’s certainly not true. JNU campus is believed to be free from ragging. However it was always there in the MCA centre as many told me later. The JNUSU and many others did not have any idea of it.

When the Youth for Equality [YFE] in JNU campus says that the present JNUSU has no legal standing then the AISA and other left parties contest it tooth and nail and argue that the JNUSU is a valid one. And in the supreme court they are saying that there is no JNUSU in JNU campus! LOL! This is very funny! See the YFE pamphlet below published blished on 22 August 2009 on this. YFE rightly alleges that a shameful attempt has been made to play politics here!

YFE JNU pamphlet against JNUSU

MCA freshers write to VC they were not ragged!

Read this news in the Hindustan Times dated 23 August 2009. 14  freshers of MCA centre [incluiding Balbir, the original complainant] have written to the VC that their side of the story was not heard and the JNU administration has not been impartial in the ragging case! The excerpts:

Fourteen students from the Computer Science department have addressed individual letters to Vice-Chanchellor BB Bhattacharya, the Anti Ragging Committee and the Chief Proctor refuting the ragging charges.

Interestingly, one of the signatories in the letter campaign is Balbir Chand, the fresher who had lodged a complaint in the first place. Chand was unavailable for comment on why he filed the initial complaint.

Sneh Srivastava, a first semester MCA student said, “I was one of the four juniors in the room at the time. We had gone to the senior’s room to discuss an upcoming seminar. The anti-ragging squad just swooped in and without even listening to us concluded that we have been ragged.”

She added, “I have written three letters describing the sequence of event but the authorities were adamant on punishing the seniors.”

Rajesh Kumar, a recent pass out from the computer science department, said: “It is shocking that the authorities have paid no heed to the lives of the seniors involved before rusticating them. The evidence is as baseless as the charge and a clear divisive policy is evident,” he said.

JNU Anti Ragging Committee Officials

This info is probably not on the JNU website. These are the names, residential address and phone nos. of the JNU anti ragging committee members and other relevant university officials. JNU anti ragging committee official phone nos.

Silent candle light march in JNU campus

Update 23 August 2009. MCA students published a plea [pamphlet distributed in the mess, see pic below] to JNU community and a silent candle light procession wearing black ribbons to protest against the JNU administration’s decision on the ragging issue was held at 9. 30 pm from Ganga Dhaba to Chandrabhaga hostel of JNU campus. It was attended by about 200 students and some media people were also present who recorded the statements by MCA students at the Chandrabhaga hostel. The students announced that they are going on a hunger strike soon.

JNU Ragging issue MCA student candle light march

JNU Ragging issue candle light march

JNU MCA students during the campaign in Sabarmati Hostel mess 23 August 2009, time about 8 PM. Girls dining in the mess in the forefront [please note that Sabarmati is a co-ed hostel in JNU, Times of India calls it a “boys hostel”]


JNU MCA Ragging issue pamphlet

JNU MCA students on a hunger strike

Update: 25 August 2009. 11 JNU MCA students are sitting on a hunger strike against the JNU administration’s harsh decision including a fresher who was allegedly caught being ragged by the JNU anti-ragging committee! Click here to read the full story in the Hindustan Times. Also see this 26 August story in the Hindu [JNU’s no to negotiations].

UPDATE: 8 September 2008 About a week ago, the students broke their indefinite hunger strike after some assurance from the JNU administration the content of which is unknown.

JNU MCA ragging issue, hunger strike

ABVP publishes pamphlet on the ragging issue

Update: 25 August 2009 7.30 pm. ABVP JNU unit brought out a pamphlet on the issue better later than never. An excerpt [You can read the full pamphlet THE POLITICS OF RAGGING here].

Nowadays an enthralling snippet rolled on the air of the university. Twenty-one students of Masters of Computer Application (MCA) have been expelled from the university with various degrees of punishment due to the offence of ragging committed by them to their juniors.[…]

Now should it not be appropriate to ask how such a dreadful punishment was melted out over a span of one single week, which included three holidays within? Was the administration able to go through a rigorous and meticulous process of inquiry in such a short duration? Out of 14 first year students who were questioned during the investigation, thirteen entirely rejected the complaint of any form of ragging committed upon them by their seniors. How could the administration rest the absolute faith on a solo student prior to its massive crackdown on students that led up to their mass expulsion?

Now let’s take a few steps back through the passage of time.

I) It’s not been a long time when Awash Ahmed, registrar of JNU, was tied up with his car for four long hours and not allowed to offer the Namaz by the All India Students’ Association (AISA) -led Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) goons. At its immediate effect, some of those goons received some form of punishment and subsequently set free with the active assistance of a lobby of influential professors whose dedication and sycophancy to their prophetic communist movement in the campus and beyond was undeniable.

II) The same drama was revealed when the same AISA cum left goons forcibly closed the JNU office and the process of selling admission forms came to a halt for a whole day.

III)The punishment was minimal and temporary when Sandeep Singh, president of JNUSU and his obsequious toadies locked the honourable warden of Periyar hostel in his office.

IV) Once these leftist goons waved black flag to Dr. Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of India and blocked his entry in our campus to abide by the hypocritical and devious tenets of their discarded ideology, following the tradition of their ideological forefathers in the campus like Prakash karat and Sitaram Yechury who used make a similar gestures with a number of renowned personalities of their times. The administration looked the other way.

V) Long before Dr Ganga Sahai Mina, an assistant professor of Hindu language and a strident communist in School of Languages (SL) was convicted of harassing a girl of MA first year. A Gender Sensitisation Committee against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH) enquiry committee has been set up against him since then. But no result has come out yet. The uncomfortable administration has been trying to bury the case into ground, for obvious reasons.

We can draw up a thousand such examples from the history of JNU where the unlawful activities of the communist hoodlums were systematically neglected, the cases against them was delayed for years and gradually de-prioritised and any sign protect against this nefarious attempt was frowned upon by the higher authority infested with communist professors who have been serving as the bedrock of their ideological progeny in the university. So why and how could the decision of a mass-expulsion of as many as twenty one students be melted out by the administration over such a hurried span of time? How could the judges read and analyse the replies of the convicted students in less than thirty minutes? On what basis such a punishment is justified when all the first year students but one of MCA denied the ragging or any form of torture to them what their seniors were convicted of?

Orkut discussion among JNUites  on the Ragging issue and other opinions

The following discussions are from the Orkut forum on the JNU community.

A former MCA student [Pushkar] on ragging in the centre says:

I had been part of JNU and the course which is in question – MCA. I can tell you nothing of that dimension happens which you/ media/ administration is talking about.

When we came we were made to sing, dance, joke and many other activities which were fun. And we made our juniors do that to. Is it what you the enlightened citizens of JNU are ashamed of?

You know what? After leaving the institution two years back, I still remember the names of each of my seniors, super seniors and the juniors too. I also remember the places from where they came from and many of their qualities? How many of you know that even being in the institution?

Every year when the MCA students join, even though they do not get the hostels, seniors take care of their well being. I still remember there used to be four of us staying in the Narmada hostel with the seniors, and our seniors used to sleep on floor.

The only mistake of us is that we are the least politically active group in JNU, so that no body cares about us. We are the easiest targets.

That is why the administration has taken life of 19 of us and goondas like Sandip singh and Dhananjay singh roam freely in the campus.

Shame on JNU! It is dead and rotten.

Animesh, a JNU Student says

I haven’t seen the text of the charges….But if true, the fact that the ‘intention’ of ragging has affected the career of 19 students… shows that the administration has overzealously gone too far in taking ‘pre-emptive’ actions… If the counter charges are at all true, and the committee merely acted on the ‘intentions’..why not set up an enquiry committee to probe the matter?

Not every one gets a chance to study in JNU, and for those who gets one…..it would be suicidal if they are ousted without a very strong reason… This action is going to adversely affect the level of interaction in campus..which is very healthy now. Is the administration acting so harsh, just bcoz the MCA students, in general, don’t have much political backing?? I say so, bcoz some very severe incidents have gone by, and the administration has washed off its hands by setting up enquiry committees. […]

Having spent 3 years in DU..particularly KMC, now notorious for ragging..and then 5 years in JNU…I can vouch for the fact that seniors and juniors can come closer even without ragging…. All of us are amused, bewildered bcoz the incident has brought JNU to the category of all those institutions where ragging is as common as academics…

Remarkably, JNU hostels have a unique culture where students from less than 20 years to over 30 years of age live together..happily ….and learn from each other. This incident is a blot to that culture.. it is now the moral responsibility of senior research scholars of these hostels to maintain sanity and assure that this is the first and last incident of its kind….

Amit Srivastava says:

….but today I got another version of the story. according to it

this ragging story is rigged. Someone’s bother/sister is lawyer and taking this advantage, the rival political group filed a case against even those who were not on the spot.

Naren writes

Hello folks ,

I want to know one thing from all the residents of JNU , if MCA guys/gls are involved in ragging , then how the students of JNU can be unaware of this ?

How can hostels put a blind eye to it ?

MCA students dont have a seperate hostel.

We all respect & appreciate such ragging free environment of JNU and we find ourselves lucky that we are here .

But the worst thing is that Admin has taken “crual” decision on this matter without knowing the side of victims , they have given the show cause notice on 18 aug , and they submitted all the evidence before 5 pm on 19 aug. But meanwhile around 6 pm media was showing the decision of proctorial committee that 9 students have been expelled for two years and hostel has been evicted from 10 other students for one year .

How this damn committee can take such decision without knowing the side of accused.

Moreover 5th sem students of MCA , who got the show cause notice , the charge was:

You are found guilty of assembling the bunch of juniors with the” INTENTION OF RAGGING”.

How one can expel the students just on the basis of “INTENTION”.

These guys have hand written statements of all juniors who were in the room at the time of raid , that they never ragged in JNU . Why their statements are not considered by JNU .

MCA guys are not involved in any kind of politics , so I urge students to come forward to support them.

If seniors ask names of their jnuiors and this is treated as RAGGING , then I am assured that each hostel is involved in it . What happens in hostel freshers , every one knows. Even i have faced such situation when my hostel seniors have asked me to dance in hostel fresher . If this is RAGGING then each one is involved in RAGGING.

This is my humble request to all of you that please support MCA students as they are also a part of this Elite university and as their careers are at stake , we need full support from the student community of JNU.

Manish Jugran writes on Orkut forum

To my JNU Family

I believe that from long back we feel that JNU Administration is the Voice of SFI / AISA. JNU administration have proved this now again. When the JNU SFI/AISA made the registrar hostage for hours; then administration setup a committee to review; however for Science students the review is instantaneous and it is the rustication of 19 Innocent students.

We all science student need to come together and prove that we are not here for politics but could raise our concerns strongly. We always have a strong bond between

different batches because it is our requirement to grow our skills to make our self compatible to latest technologies.

SFI AISA blaming the JNU MCA students because for them it is a anti vote bank and thus they want to demolish this anti vote bank; however they do not know, it would built up bigger anti vote bank for them.

I appreciate the impartial decision of Sabarmati Hostel Committee and I do believe it would be the JNU students when all would be aware by the reality.

JNU Administration have to revert the action taken.

I believe that JNU MCA would come as winner against the fight to JNU Administration led SFI AISA collation. Wish your hand with Them!

Anshumali Mittal writes [in my scrapbook]

i am not in JNU for a long time…… but ragging was always there in MCA course. For me, it is very very easy to believe the incident of ragging there. i was in satluj and there were few chaps from MCA and i also shared quite good friendship with them, latter even one of my classmate also joined JNU in MCA course………. that’s why i know abut this. They used to say that it helps in junior and senior relationship…. as if there was no junior-senior relationships in other schools……… anyway, i wish ke ye log bash jaye… jnu brotherhood feelings

Murari, a former JNU student [CHS, SSS] had written to me:

Its quite surprising to see that even such a complaint was made! In course of my seven years stay (1999-2006) I never heard of any such thing. If it had occurred and adequate evidence is found then the vice should be nipped in the bud by punishing the guilty but needless to say that no innocent person should be wrongly implicated.

Rashwet Shrinkhal, resident Sabarmati Hostel says

The principles of natural justice have not been followed in the ragging case by the JNU administration.

Rustications Revoked by JNU admn.

Update: 19 September 2009. The JNU adminstration revoked rustication of the 9 MCA students. The following excerpt is from the Hindu newspaper.

Retracting from its last month’s decision of awarding harsh punishment to students of Master of Computer Applications for ragging their juniors, the Jawaharlal Nehru University administration has commuted their penalty, letting them off with milder reprimand.

They appealed to JNU Chancellor Yashpal – the highest appellate authority in such cases – for mercy late last month.

Prof. Yashpal then wrote to Vice-Chancellor B.B. Bhattacharya asking him to reconsider the students’ plea since they were “remorseful” for their action.

Of the nine students who were earlier rusticated for four semesters, six have now been asked to pay a fine of Rs. 5,000 each, but their hostel facility will remain withdrawn for two years.The hostel facilities for the remaining three students will remain withdrawn for a year.

For the second group of 10 students, their hostel facility will be withdrawn for one semester (six months) instead of a year as decided earlier.

The MCA senior students called off their hunger strike earlier this month after the administration conveyed its willingness to reconsider their request.

Late Edit [12 October 2009]: Also see JNU me tatha kathit ragging ka such and the so called ragging case in JNU.

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  1. arvind says:

    i thought u reporting thing not in a proper way. you just try to deviate situation. you have already convinced that they are not convicted. you know there was ragging is taken place and just sake of doing politics try to confuse people. so plz stay away from politics and just report the thing in a proper way.

  2. Sanjay Manwani says:

    Thank u Vikas for such a comprehensive report.
    I have Studied MCA in JNU from 1988-91.
    I was also a part of the JNUSU from the SCSS.
    Even at that time we needed to prod students to be politically active.
    They never cared since the course is very tough and your ranking matters for getting a better placement. And yes we are different from most of JNU in that way, since we mostly do get a job via a campus placement procedure where your marks are important.
    It is with a lot of regret that I read this news that 19 students – almost 66% of a year’s intake is now directly affected. I don’t know what the administration is trying to prove here.
    The 1st year students have written letters that they have not been ragged and still this harsh decision.
    I am aware of the culture at MCA and am certain the seniors cannot treat their juniors in a demeaning way. This is a postgraduate course, everyone who comes in is more than 20 years old. These are not kids that u can misbehave with and get away. Your career is too important.
    Also it is a very tough course to get in more than 5000 (maybe much more now) students sit for the 30 seats on offer. You need to have a 55% in your graduation and must have studied Mathematics.
    To spoil the career of 19 such students without any evidence.
    I am shocked.
    Sanjay Manwani

  3. Shekhar says:

    Hi Vikash,
    Thanks for putting this blog up. You have impartially put your conclusions and they were derived after investigations unlike JNU admin that has not done any proper investigation in this case. I have done my MCA from the same concerned school and we know that we have never been attached to left for any sort.

    We have always dejected them from our school because of differences in our ideology. But that is the political difference that does exist across the society and they should never take it as chance to blackguard at MCA students. We know them we have always kept them at bay for long and we shall keep it continue doing that.

    The JNU sdmin has taken a very harsh and barbarous step and that should be condemned by whole student community irrespective of their political ideology. JNU admin should not have drawn to conclusion without any proper investigation. JNU admin step is going only one conclusion that if you are not attached with SFI or AISA then you are going to suffer in the campus. This is clearly against the ethics of JNU.

    One thing I know as being an ex-JNUite and moreover being a MCA student that we guys are impeccably bonded in solid unity that forms a family. We shall surely come out of this difficult situation with a winning note. God bless them.

  4. Rahul Gandhi says:

    Hi Vikas,
    I have also studied in JNU MCA and I know what it takes to get into JNU MCA course. Even if students were wrong then they should have been punished based on the degree of crime( if they have commited) and not taking blind decision to set an example to the JNU society. During our times I have also seen lot of wrong things happening in JNU and admin overlooking them becuase admin always had soft corner to one group of students. JNU society has become so much in-sensitive to the future of these students that no-one is ready to forgive them, these students are already going thru a mental torture which we can’t imagine. At home also if kid does something wrong , then father will first talk to the kid/ warn him but will never throw the kid out of home at first instance. I believe that if explusion order is not revoked then JNU is not worth being called a Family. Forgive these guys they are not terrorists/rappist/murderers, they are innocent students who did small mistake.


    Rahul( MCA 1997-2000)

  5. Dunya says:

    nice blog.. even though i didn’t read the articles xP they were kinda long. lol. xP anyways, just wanted 2 say cool design ya got over here. 😀

  6. Deepak says:

    Going through this blog I found that what is happening there is really shame on adminstraion. The pro student Student Union(which is not existing in reality ) had again showed its ugly face when it came to their vote bank politics. I remember those days when this so called leaders were begging infront of adminstration for mercy. They commited day light crime and made this so called good adminstration pepole captive,but the result was obvious. No one was expelled bcz they are from superior clan(politically enlightened ppl).What if someone is not inclined towards the welfare of these political parties. they will be considered as criminals even though the victims(most important they never considered themselves) are crying that there is no foul play by the seniors.
    The intention of the pepole were judged on the basis that there were seniors and juniors and juniors were sitting with heads down. I found in many classes that the students are sitting with head downs when a teacher is teaching something. Will the intention be taken as he is ragging??? In the daytime with open doors the ragging was going on and this was known to adminstration and one student other than three juniors. the whole hostel was not aware. hostel warden and guards were not aware.
    Taking into consideration the rule laid by JNU everytime if someoutsiders(even student from other hostel) is going inside other hostel after 10pm he/she had to make entry . Did any student ever complained the guards there for ragging or did the guards or hostel wardens found any such type of activities. If they had ever found this act they had taken any step towards this.

    Hope everyone should use their brain before coming to judgement. I hope that someone is supporting this act for their votebanks and there are also few pepole in this world who can create something for a false fame. (i remember the story i read in class 10th Akhbar Mein Nam which suited best for few counted pepole). But think about those who had sacrificed everything to be in JNU MCA and about their parents.

  7. vijay says:

    a good n brave effort to uncover the truth n bringing it to our notice.keep it up……………..all d best.
    surprisingly this time the leftist organisation of the JNU campus are with the same corporate media n ‘bourgeosie’ administration which they keep abusing for their biasness.suddenly media n administration become symbol of justice for AISA n SFI…………..bhagwan inhe sadbuddhi de….!

  8. M. M. says:

    Do you make any easy-to-comprehend sort of posts? *confused* 😀

  9. M. M. says:

    gets 125 views these days daily out of the 600 views in a day for this blog
    Wow. You’re popular 😀

  10. zain says:

    i don’t know what is Jnu exactly, i am new to this blog and this case. what i can say is about ragging.
    i believe that ragging of juniors is a mean act. and the responsible should be expelled. no one has the right to degrade the others only because he is senior.

  11. Sudhanshu Shekhar says:

    hello vikas,
    true coverage of the whole thing. the administration is really too harsh in its hurried judgment. there are plethora of lacunae in the inquiry by the administration ,which has put the career of many students at stake. the reporting by the media has also many loopholes. i wish the innocent students get out of this bloody delirium with a bang.
    many thanks buddy

  12. Alaknanda says:

    Hi vikas,

    this blog-documentation of ragging is good of u, and also brave, in the sense that u hv invited attacks thru this blog. I really commend this effort.

    I have been a student of JNU, and even now, regularly visit and am in touch with the mood thru friends who are members of different parties. It is beyond doubt that the students punished in the case were “made an example of”, and the case whether they actually did something heinous or merely indulged in the usual senior-junior banter or “intended ragging” is sidelined.

    As student union and major parties are not standing up behind the hastily delivered and overdose of punishment to not just 4 but 19 students (the time and manner of investigation itself casting aspersion on the question of justice), there seems to be nothing happenning, weeks afterwards. As u can see, many many students of MCA and some of other centres have come forward, acted thru the available routes of pamphlets, posters, march and hunger strike but these have been ignored. What wud hv happenned if some major party had taken up any issue and got this much activity done? It wud undoubtedly have atleast delayed the process and students wud not hv been punished so harshly. Anyways, most people in hostels r aware that the ragging investigation has some problems. But once delivered, the punishment is hard to reverse, unless challenged in court or something. I do not know if this is possible or even if it is being done already, but in any case, the study and career of the affected students is in limbo.
    I wish I cud do something, but an ex-student is very powerless except to affect people’s opinion. I tried to talking to some friends, and was surprised to know that “ragging” itself has such highly negative associations that nobody is ready to ‘begin to listen open-mindedly about the details’ in this case.

    Tho ur feeling that there has been injustice done, is clear, i do think ur reporting is close to impartial , and definitely commendable. many thanks.

  13. Hi Vikas,
    Ragging in Hostels is basically Male rape in Tamilnadu hostels.I donot know about JNU.How the victims can say the truth? It is like asking me to depose against hafeez seed in pakistan or Modi in Gujerat or Alaghiri in Tamilnadu. No way.

  14. Vikas Gupta says:

    There is good news for MCA students and everybody! Rustications revoked! Read the full updates in the post:

    Retracting from its last month’s decision of awarding harsh punishment to students of Master of Computer Applications for ragging their juniors, the Jawaharlal Nehru University administration has commuted their penalty, letting them off with milder reprimand.

    They appealed to JNU Chancellor Yashpal – the highest appellate authority in such cases – for mercy late last month.

    Prof. Yashpal then wrote to Vice-Chancellor B.B. Bhattacharya asking him to reconsider the students’ plea since they were “remorseful” for their action.

    Of the nine students who were earlier rusticated for four semesters, six have now been asked to pay a fine of Rs. 5,000 each, but their hostel facility will remain withdrawn for two years.The hostel facilities for the remaining three students will remain withdrawn for a year.

    For the second group of 10 students, their hostel facility will be withdrawn for one semester (six months) instead of a year as decided earlier.

    The MCA senior students called off their hunger strike earlier this month after the administration conveyed its willingness to reconsider their request.


  15. TOMS says:

    i don’t agree with ragging of any form. If, in this case, the chargesheeted persons are innocent, try to save them. simultaneously, take all possible action and propaganda to nip the evil in the bud, if at all there is even a tendency to rag in any corner. Other campuses do tomorrow what JNU does today. Let JNU be a model for others.

  16. balbir chand says:

    i guess u all guys n gals have studied the above articles.i m balbir chand
    my aim was ->just to stop these cruel activity of ragging.i just want to say that no body is above law and government .i have seen every publisher are tring to say that their is no ragging ..no ragging…my question ->is kya koi ragging aapke samne lega” “is anybody take ragging in front of u?”..certainly not…koi itna bebkoof nahe..my motto was to stop..all these activities inside campus..which violate the values of jnu. my job is done.i m not enemy of any body.i want jnu campus really rag free ..my request is that if u cant spread the truth then don’t spread the false .
    (waise) now everything is all settled up.so its good .u all r happy ..me too as what i just want to stop ragging ..and i m succesful in that.

    • dipu says:

      Kahan hai be tu? Bhagode, farar mujrim…..teri sachchai dekh li duniya ne….ma baap ka naam kharab kar diya tune apni kartoot se…aur bol raha hai motto…people like you do not belong to the civilised society…logon ko fasane ka kaam karte hain tumhare jaise log…jyada hoshiyar log teen jagah makhta hai pata hai na…tum to bahut hi jyada hoshiyar ho…saale my motto…

    • dipu says:

      Kahan hai be tu? Bhagode, farar mujrim…..teri sachchai dekh li duniya ne….ma baap ka naam kharab kar diya tune apni kartoot se…aur bol raha hai motto…people like you do not belong to the civilised society…logon ko fasane ka kaam karte hain tumhare jaise log…

  17. chetan udgir says:

    Hi Vikas – I hope you are active in the blog. I am writing to you to seek your guidance, advise and help. Exactly similar incidence has happened where one guy has lodged a false ragging case against me and has left me in a traumatized situation. I am now wanting to know and create a group of students, ex students, etc., who have been a prey to such cases of false ragging and whose career has unjustly been screwed up. My life is going through a very bad phase just like the JNU guys and I do not know how to handle the situation created due to a false allegation made by one guy with who I have had hardly any interaction. Please help!!!!!

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