Shashi Tharoor says ‘sorry’ in solidarity with all our holy cows!

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Twitter - Shashi Tharoor holy cows cattle class controversay

Click here to read the part I of the report which has snapshots from his twitter account about the ‘cattle class holy cows’ controversy raked up by people who do not understand and appreciate humour!

Yesterday night Shashi Tharoor posted 5 tweets from Liberia. He learnt about the controversy [“fuss”] rather late. Some media stories had even predicted that Shashi Tharoor is silent because he has been asked to stop publishing tweets!

Shashi Tharoor has succinctly explained his side of the story in 5 tweets [reproduced below].

He wrote that the ‘cattle class’ is a it’s a silly expression but means no disrespect to economy travellers, only to airlines for herding us in like cattle. Many have misunderstd”

He wrote that his reply to the journo’s [Kanchan Gupta] query he had merely repeated his phrase ‘cattle class’

Tharoor says he is told, it sounds worse in Malayalam especially out of context. Shashi Tharoor says “sorry” to all those hurt by his repeating the phrase ‘cattle class.

Tharoor has learnt his lessons.

i now realize i should not assume people will appreciate humour and you shouldn’t give those who would  wilfully distort your words an opportunity to do so” [all abbreviations expanded by me]

Tharoor has also given a brief lesson in Semantics and explained the meaning of ‘holy cow’ for the politicians and Indians who have failed to understand it. In other words he is telling a dimwit like Jayanti Natarajan that  ‘holy cow’ is not Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi!

holy cows are NOT individuals but sacrosanct issues or principles that no one dares challenge. Wish critics wld look it up

Twitter - Shashi Tharoor holy cows cattle class controversay

Twitter - Shashi Tharoor holy cows cattle class controversay

Twitter - Shashi Tharoor holy cows cattle class controversay

By the way Shashi Tharoor has made changes in his profile and has removed his photograph [update: The pic was missing due to a Twitter revamp. Thanks to Solilo for the info.].

See a photo of Tharoor travelling the ‘cattle class’ and his OSD Jacob Joseph calling in question Jayanti Natarajan’s comments. Also read Gargi questioning the Indian Express over its ‘shoot first figure later’ mode of journalism and whether IE has anything personal against Tharoor!


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  1. mathews says:

    See the resume of Mr.Tharoor… his knowledge is excellent.. public are fail to understand what he says.. this is the problem of ours… take the thing in its own way…

  2. Peri says:

    I do share same platform with you, Sashi gain good respect among foreign diplomats hence his proficiency in external affairs, these issues should not affect his performance, he is the next generation Politician.

  3. And the matter is going to be zipped up as PM Manmohan Singh downplays the issue. Says just to consider this as a joke and its not an important issue to discuss.

    Hail the sardar! 🙂

  4. Linked your brilliant post to mine on competitive intolerance 🙂

  5. Dreamer says:

    Admitted he should have thought about what he was saying, but to ask a man to resign for such a trivial issue, when there are far more corrupt and non performing ministers and MPs around is just downright ridiculous!

  6. vijay says:

    once again the Indian politics got issue to comment and react to impress the high common of parties, its really humor what is going in media and by our so called political leaders, not what shashi tharoor stated in blog, we the innocent citizen of India with little understanding in hindi and much more misunderstanding in english, never involve and never react for the things actually need to react, but just looking at political dramas and ignore the miss happening which we faced always,

  7. Oh God, there seems to be race for “who is the stupidest” crown, and at the moment I think Tom Vadakkan is headed for the trophy 😀

  8. marynorell2 says:

    Hey your post is the crazyiest. I think ill love it forever

  9. Jabarulla Injikalam says:

    In future if you get a chance Hon’ble post of Indian President or Primeminister,more
    like that Hon’ble post ? Why selection that post ?

  10. jameswatt says:

    THere is some kind of distrust of ‘others’ prevalent among politicians in India.They are alert to shoot at sight

  11. rusticgal says:

    We are lucky to be still counted in “holy” cows…..its nice to see a lot others joining dis holy community….keep up this bantor

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