Thieving man caught in JNU hostel, beaten by students: A multimedia report

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At about 11 AM today [25 September 2009], a man was caught in my hostel [Sabarmati, JNU] who claimed to know people in the hostel and tried to enter students’ rooms with the intention of stealing.

JNU Hostel theft

As it unfolded later, this man “Mayank Kapoor” went looking for rooms where the occupant may be missing from the room with the room unlocked! This man acted very smartly and asked many students from the ground floor to the second floor about the occupants of the locked rooms to give the impression that he was a respectable figure and knew people in the hostel! It turned out that he had read name plates on many rooms and to avoid any needle of suspicion he would ask people about the occupants [claiming them to be his friends or acquaintances] as he went on pushing the doors of rooms to find out if the occupant of the room was missing!

However the over confidence did him in! He went to Vijay’s room [No. 262 in Sabarmati hostel] and pushed open it thinking Vijay is not in the room! Vijay was lying supine on his bed studying and had already spotted the thief from the slit in the door! The thief pushed open the door only to be greeted by Vijay! Vijay asked him the matter and he said he was looking for “Mehmood!” Vijay told him that Mehmood lived on the first floor in the room below his room. Vijay, smelling a rat, kept an eye on the guy and came down on the first floor following him.

At the same time, I and this thief reached Raghib Akhtar’s room [No. 169; Raghib is a PhD student with the School of Languages [Urdu] and a YFE activist in the campus]. The thief had already pushed and knocked his door before I did! When Raghib opened the door the thief asked him about his neighbour and Raghib replied that he had no idea of that because obviously his neighbour does not inform him before leaving!

The thief proceeded for Mehmood’s room [No. 163 which has a name plate on the room] now which is some distance away in the same row. He asked Mr. Sanjay Kumar Yadav [No. 162, a PhD Sociology student popularly known as “Bhai Ji” in the hostel] the phone no. of Mehmood. He did all this to avoid suspicion and give the impression that he is a genuine guy in the premise and to hoodwink Vijay and others like me who may have doubted him until he found a  vulnerable target!

Vijay caught him near Mehmood’s room and I was also there in no time! His story was not adding up and it was crystal clear that ‘Mr. Natwarlal’  was in the net! Raghib, Vijay, me and others quizzed him, shouted at him and pointed holes in his story. He exhibited a belligerent mood and began yelling at us [even calling us names] explaining how he was innocent and how he will teach us a lesson for this. I ran to inform the security and some other students. He was taken in the hostel mess and was logically beaten black and blue by aggrieved students! It is notable that a laptop and some cash was stolen from a room in the hostel some months ago and taps are stolen from bathrooms on a regular basis in JNU campus.

See the video below [he is being thrashed in the hostel mess]. If it’s taking time in appearing, click here to watch it directly on You Tube.

Raghib, Vijay, Sanjay, Jamshed and some others gave a nice thrashing to Mr. Kapoor and deservedly so [see the video]. Group 4 security people also slapped him but all that had no impact on the heavy frame of Mr. Kapoor! Later he was taken to the Group 4 office at the JNU administrative building.

Also see the following 28 seconds video at the Gp 4 office in JNU campus. Click here to watch it directly on You Tube if it’s not showing below. The Group 4 guys took him to OPD [OPD and ICU are euphemisms for third degree torture!].

History-sheeter, Psychopath, Drug Addict

LIfe story of a thief JNU campusJyoti Bhoi [a Phd student with SIS], me and Raghib went to the Group 4 office. Delhi police was called as well [JNU is now under the Vasant Kunj police station and not the Vasant Vihar Police station]. The Gp 4 security people informed that this guy was caught some 15 days ago in Narmada hostel and some two years ago in Sutlej hostel [“he was very slim two years ago”]! The guy claimed that he was the son of “IG, Lucknow!” His hands were full of criss-crossed marks [drug addict!].

He also said that he has spent six months in Tihar jail for attempted suicide and therefore all this thrashing is nothing in comparison! His bag [Mphasis BPO bag] had some religious literature, a DVD [some film on thieving?], photos of many women [including “his sisters”], a teddy bear, suicide notes, some Hindi letters, files, folders and confusing documents [see all photos]. As Raghib and others reasoned, these documents were part of his drama to make himself look a psychological case to get a lenient sympathetic treatment in case of discovery of intent and crime. Jyoti, me and Rahib also singed on the complain document submitted to the police.

These were found in his bag! These documents could be a good case study for anybody who wants to explore some criminal psychology! Do mail me or visit me with a DVD if you want a copy of all the documents from his bag. By the way the man was quite camera-shy!

Late Edit: Please see the comments for the moral-ethical angle to the issue.

JNU thief caught

JNU Theif documents

JNU thief documents Sabarmati Hostel

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  1. Siddharth says:

    As always, a great work of “blog journalism”!

  2. smitha kumaran says:

    Oh my god!!!!

    your life is full of happening events….

  3. rashwet says: hands legs and tounge really missed the show

  4. Anonymous says:

    i guess he’s the same thief who got caught in IITK hostel (hall-3)in sept’07…
    dat thief guy was also from some school in Dehradoon n was looking quite educated later he said that he’s doing this cuz of some family problems bt he had a very meritorious education background.

  5. Reema says:

    Hmmm I dont know why we Indians do not find “thrashing” someone as violent and why do we gain pleasure and satisfaction from it? If he was caught, hand him over to police. Yes they may thrash him too but thats what police are infamous about. Why should the common citizen be so violent and short tempered?

    • aniket says:

      I guess ur’s is not a rhetorical question. If it were not a rhetorical question then the answer to it is simple. We Indians r so frustrated and angry from our life and our surrounding and the events that we encounter daily..that we just want to beat our frustration out, but we being social can’t do that in public unless we r presented by situations like these when we can cut loose.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget we are third world country 😀
    n still most of our junta is totally “Pade likhe Ganvaar”..
    they can only beat a rat… n try to realise, yeah!!! they too can beat someone 😉
    n believe me they REALLY can’t use this energy to somewhere else. 🙂

  7. Vikas Gupta says:


    Apart from you people, my friend Sanjay also raised this ethical issue and sent me this mail after reading this post: bechare ko police mei kyon de diye. kisi majboori mei chori kr raha hoga use doctor ko refer karwa dete counselling ke liye.u jnuites are pro active everywhere, don’t want 2 think over ground realities”

    There is no gainsaying the fact that we “third world” Indians are trigger-happy in more ways than one. But here this case is a bit different and you will have to tar it with a different brush. Curse me for dramatizing it; the blog post does not really give the whole perspective.

    The man Mr. “Mayank Kapoor” was very nicely asked about the purpose of his visits by Vijay and others. We were very kind and polite to him. It is he who started abusing everyone and behaving wildly. It is not that students beat him immediately on discovery; the security was called and no body was losing control. It was him hoping that his belligerent attitude will hoodwink people started saying nasty things [I can’t write those dirty things here]!

    Now when we talk nicely to you and give you all your chances then we expect you to be equally nice to us [more so when you claim to be educated and genuine]. It was a case of the man provoking the students. Raghib lost control first of all and then many other students. No body was in a mood to beat him. It is Mr. Mayank who goaded people into beating him. The janta here is not padhe likhe ganwaar! However they do react when they are presumed to be ‘padhe likhe ganwaar’ whom any Tom, Dick, Harry or Mayank could cheat! You people have your heart in the right place, just the same.

    Himanshu [IIT-K] writes that he may be the same person who was caught in IIT in ’07. He was caught twice in JNU in teh past, the security said. Laptops, bathroom taps and whatnot! The theft here is on the rise and public patience therefore also runs thin occasionally!

    I do not regret it that he was beaten. If he were repentant I would have helped him. Maybe he really needs medical psychological help. The police will not arrange for him any such help, needless to say.

    All said and done, he was very smart, cunning, manipulative and had planned it really well.

    Anonymous-II, you can write your real name and email id in future. I welcome criticism more than admiration.

    Thank you for raising the moral-ethical angle to this social issue Himanshu, Reema and Anon.

  8. rashwet says:

    Mr/Mrs Anonymous(third world wale) actually hamare yaha problem aap jaise logo se hai.people like you who do not have courage to reveal yor identity gives lecture on behaviorilism and we have been colonized by few invaders and intruders only by the reason that people like u did not dared to protest when we were being looted and our property(cultural $ material)was plundered……ye chor hi kal ka dacoit hote hai….and by the way dont try to cloth ur cowardness in name of gwarpan……

  9. Himanshu says:

    now *it’s confirm*.. Thief is the same guy.. and here too he got caught in same style.. this reading reminds me incident happened here in exactly same way, he was trying to enter in room here n thr asking for some fake names.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hello Rashwet, Vikas n all who felt offended by my words..
    i am sorry for you guys and feel bad for my post.
    either way i didn’t target any one/group in particular… By “pade likhe ganwaar” i was simply targeting all of our brothers who loose their temper so easily and try to make things better in their own way very abruptly. [while they already know, it won’t work.]
    who asked you to talk to him nicely.. when you caught some one breaking law, you’re suppose to inform police and report’em.but what we did, we tried to heal.
    now let me put down the things in some systematic way and let us analyze what we do and accordingly what we are:-

    1.(We’re suppose to do) Have faith in our law system. and let system do the necessary work, if we think we can help in resolving some issue OR make system better and more efficient, then we help in a decent and legal manner. [it’s a tough task]

    (what We do,) first, loose faith in system, say some filthy words for system and try to handle issue in your own way. [easy task]

    {now here my intention is not to take sides with our judicial or rehabilitation system, infect truth but sadly say, we really don’t have a very efficient system, but then what… after all this is our society and we are responsible for such systems here.}

    2. now healing someone is offcourse is one of the toughest and demanding work. [tough task]

    after saying few good words (which, we already knew won’t matter much) feeling discharged and start thinking “bahut ho gaya ye aise nahi sudharega… i’ve done enough now….. latoon ke bhut baton se nahi mante”….. nd start loosing temper and let our emotions (hasty and sudden anger) come out by remembering culprit’s act with our colleague and ourselves. [easy task]

    {here we all know most of us already have so many issues in our lives and also we all don’t have that much time nd capabilities… so there no point in taking much pain to ourselves nd try to heal someone until we are good at it.}

    we avoid long and stable solution (which requires some serious efforts to put) all the time, our emotions rule on us so badly that make us loose control of ourselves.. later, we always try to prove ourselves right, we never accept what we really are.. whenever it comes to pride of our nation we have some historical stories and myths to vocalize.
    and let me tell me you brother whom you’re saying few invaders and intruder they were smarter/”more dedicated to achieve success” then us[who always try to hide their failures proudly by singing stories of greatness of their ancestors]. either you accept it or not.

    and, in my first post i didn’t try to put any ethical issue in favor of that thief.. rather i was worrying for some of our intellectuals. i know some of them may have lost some valuable goods but, again it comes to choose between our emotions and law-order, what we prefer…… that guy got beaten.. seriously, me have no concern with that guy (as our society don’t have much hope from him).. rather i’m worrying for some of our short temper brothers, who went emotionally week so badly and lost their temper on such a normal theft incident nd tried to take laws in their hands. That’s all!!!!

    Earlier, i didn’t talk anything on behaviorism and mannerism.. i just wrote some facts.. which i still believe, are true to some extent.
    and being Anonymous here, i see it as an opportunity provided to all of us by, to express ourselves among some short temper intellectuals.

  11. Anonymous2 says:

    Shame on all of those who dont realise that we(Indians) are still lagging behind so much. I never saw a man being beaten up like that by educated people – the scene is disgusting, and whoever does not find it so is detestable.

    Its disgraceful to find that the youth of our country (pointing to rashwet) have thoroughly failed in gaining a unbiased view of the stature of our country on the map of this world. Damned be those who never tried to find the truth, those who never explored the hidden, who are so proud of India’s failures – chauvinistic pigs! No wonder we are as backward as we have been for many centuries now. Grow up kid! Have the courage to accept the mistakes of your forefathers, and mostly yours to believe in their ignorance. Cowards!

  12. Anonymous says:

    i don’t get your point. what do you expect from me by reminding all those “violence acts”. If in some country people are not supporting their law n system, what does that have to do with us.
    i don’t see any where in my post I’ve blamed our forefather for their mistakes, and either way if some mistake has been perceived then who sense-full on this earth will blame any-other.

  13. Raghib Akhtar says:

    People with the ideas of non violence and sainthood should come here in front of us. I will abuse them and their forefathers just for the acid test of their ideas and if they show restraint and refrain from using their hand and foot then I’ll certainly feel that they are really entitled to give us the gyaan.
    Whatever you say is known to everyone. What the hell is new in it? You people should give your mobile phones and laptops and whatever valuable you use to the thieves, so that they won’t be compelled to do such activities. Room se kisi din laptop chori ho jaaye to pata chal jaayega gyaan kya hai.

  14. anonymous says:

    I felt very bad after watching this video because I had received even stronger blows and slaps from my teachers in a government school. This is not thrashing at all. Atleast the guy who was beaten is very strong. But these teachers from government schools beat only people who are weak and gender confused. And after you cross all the obstacles and gain respect in the society, these Janus faced people come back to you and start talking very friendly to you. They dont think about the innumerable people who were psychologically affected and whose future was ruined.