Photo: What a beautiful cycle

Written by vik

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Sometimes some handicraft item looks so beautiful. This hand-made cycle made of aluminium wires is so beautiful! I bought it in 20 Rupees near Rajghat, New Delhi (it was also available at Lal Qila). This is arguably the world’s most beautiful cycle. The guy was also selling motorcycles, rickshaws etc. and every item was breathtakingly beautiful! 🙂

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  1. nadia says:

    I agree, it is a very beautiful bicycle! I love the details, and the color combination as well. I’m sure the rickshaws are equally beautiful as well.

  2. Nadia, you are right. The other items were also very beautiful. I, unfortunately, do not have a full image of other items. Thanks and welcome to the blog.

  3. oorja says:

    Handy crafts are always beautiful.. so is this cute little cycle… 🙂

  4. Seresity says:

    haha! That is so cute. I love its vivid colors. ^_^

  5. HC says:

    That’s a beauty !

  6. Thank you Oorja, Seresity and HC! I am glad everybody loves my cycle! 🙂

  7. I have seen similar vehicles made in copper wire earlier, and loved those too. I think now they have progressed to coloured wires – I also find them very pretty.

  8. Shamshuddin says:

    Its really beautiful. Who has made this cute cycle is really great. His hard work is very much appreciable..

  9. sunil balani says:

    Amazing ,looking at the price he is selling is unbelievable….you know what is best thing about you blogs your share idea and not just opinions….

  10. sunil balani says:

    I mean thing about your blogs is you sharing ideas and not just opinions….hurry generally spoils curry .. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the appreciation. The world of blogs is full of opinion articles and I mostly run away from it (kind of bored with them)!

    ‘Hurry generally Spoils curry’ is a good one liner! 🙂

  12. IHM, It’s not copper for sure; it’s coloured wire but looks awesome!

  13. Kristi says:

    Wow, that thing is pretty cool looking!

  14. Yes Kristi Certainly! It is a tiny cycle but some people thought it’s as big as a real cycle! I guess it is due to the angle of photography.

  15. yep that cycle is sooo beautifully crafted..really cute

  16. priyan says:

    i second you that these are creative stuffs and are breathtaking

  17. Ambika says:

    Nishe and ceeute.. 😀

  18. jawed says: this photograph was taken before your camera got damaged..

  19. Ilayda Ozsan says:

    its so nice that only little things can catch your attention and by you, i liked it too, thanks:D

  20. deepa says:

    hey vikas,
    this cycle is so cute and u have written it so well:)

  21. deepa says:

    after a long time, i browsed thru ur blog again..
    good..good work!keep going.
    where are the holi celebration updates?

    jnu has been in news for all the wrong reasons for quite sometime,m glad u highlight on the postive aspects.

  22. Harit says:

    it’s so cute and when i looked it for the 1st time i thought it’s a real cycle .

  23. suresh says: