Not many know that the free blogs have ads on them

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Advertisements from the user side are not allowed on the free blogs (only VIP blogs and self-hosted blogs can have them).  However, many users/bloggers think that there are no ads on blogs. That is not true. does show Google AdSense ads on free blogs to help pay the bills.

However, the ads are "discreet." The dictionary meaning of discreet is ‘careful not to cause embarrassment or attract too much attention by keeping something secret.’ You can yourself see the ads on your blogs. The ads are usually visible to users not logged in to WordPress and visitors who aren’t regular (which may mean that only a small percentage of visitors may be seeing them, so says WordPress). If you don’t want WP to show ads on your blogs, you can buy the no Ads upgrade in 30 dollars.

Here is an example of an ad on this wordpress blog. Some minutes ago, I  searched in Google "save water hindi poem" and landed on one of my most popular posts: the poem on saving water. Just below the poem the Google AdSense ad was sitting. Here is the snapshot. This is how an ad looks like most of the time on the free blog: ads

Here is another snapshot from the highly popular Journalist Nita Writer’s blog. I searched "Maggi harmful" and landed on her Unhealthy Noodles post from my Safari browser in which I was not logged in.

 ads on free Nita Writer's blog

Some people also think that the ‘possibly related posts’ that is automatically generated below your blog post is also an ad. That’s not true and one can disable them from dashboard> Appearance>Extras. I have disabled these links on my blogs which also means that my blog links does not show on others’ blogs [It’s quid pro quo and I don’t mind it].

Go ahead, search for keywords that will lead to your blog from a browser in which you are not logged in, and you will be greeted with surprise! It’s also fun! 🙂

So should you bemoan that is showing ads on your blogs. Not really. Other blog services show a lot of ads. WordPress is world’s best blogging platform and they need the money to pay for the rising traffic and focus on all the awesome free features (including almost 100 per cent uptime) they offer to users.

My blog now gets about 15000 hits per month and I am very soon shifting to and will self host with a reliable Irish web host Vade Internet Solutions. Click here to read all blogging related posts on this blog.

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  1. I too think that the ads on WordPress are quite acceptable. Though from what I remember of blogspot, there are no ads and you can even put up your own via Adsense.

    Of course, Google benefits directly from that unlike WordPress. But compared to WordPress and all its plugins, blogspot is downright primitive…

  2. Nita says:

    Vikas, you get a good amount of hits! I had no idea. But then you write useful posts, like this one! Although I know about the existence of ads, somehow I have never seen them. I have tried to do so, by logging in from another browser where I am logged in, but for some reason I have never found ads. Just luck I guess. I thought perhaps that only people from abroad saw them. But now I am going to try again.

  3. Nita says:

    sorry, I meant where I am not logged in.

  4. timethief says:

    @Hello Vikas and Nita too,
    The reason you may not always see ads when you are not signed in is because they aren’t always being displayed. There appears to be some kind of a rotation so they are only occasionally shown.

    I wasn’t happy when ads were introduced but that was long ago. I use a Firefox browser with AdBlock Plus like 47.5% of the others surfing the net so I never see ads at all.

    Setting that aside, I want to congratulate Vikas on the success of his blog.

  5. This was information for me and very interesting too!! I find not just your blog but also your comments very informative.
    I find the ‘possibly related posts’ irritating, I am going to try and disable these.

    Let me also take a look at how you have organised the Archives 🙂

    15000 clicks a month is great :)But then I am not surprised, this is a very interesting blog.

  6. timethief,

    I also think there is some kind of rotation. I don’t use AdBlock Plus. I like ads though they do irritate and slow down the loading time most of the time.

  7. Hey that was informative.. I am thinking of postponing the domain change thing for six more months or so.. how are you feeling having shifted to own domain? Your template is tooooo simple..take some good template 🙂

  8. TPvsWP says:

    Not exactly “discreet”, is it? Anyway, nice to see someelse posting about this, too. And even using the same theme 🙂

  9. TPvsWP, you certainly know more on this than me!

    I used to think your blog is dead! You know you have not posted in a long time! I only read now that it’s you Husdal [of Athulupa theme]!

  10. TPvsWP says:

    Well, that blog is not really dead, but I no longer maintain it, since I am now convinced that wordpress.ORG is better than wordpress.COM is better than Especially, since after moving to I can use the Atahualpa theme, which gives me the same design opportunities as I had on, but on a much better blogging platform: WordPress.

  11. Musical Milliner says:

    No way, Vikas? Really? A bit disturbing. As always, you are an important source of information.
    I hope you are getting on well and that life is good.

  12. Dinesh says:

    yes, agree i had blog on and it showed ads once in 4 months.

  13. That’s true Dinesh; people have a hard time finding the ads but it is still debatable if it is really discreet!

  14. Reema says:

    15000 hits???? OMG!!

  15. I did not know about this. But in this regard I like blogger more than WordPress. Blogger’s free hosting is rather beneficial as it allows YOU to show ads on your blog and you will earn its revenue.

  16. If you ignore the ads option and custom themes options, WordPress is better than Blogger in all other aspects. People move to when is unable to fulfill their needs and I am soon moving to self-hosting.

  17. Deborah says:

    Hi Vikas – I’m glad you liked my ‘grammar-related blood pressure issues’ phrase. But more importantly – I found this article of yours really interesting. I didn’t know about the advertising thing – and also, I have been wanting for some time to disable those automatic links that appear at the bottom of my posts – so thanks for the info on how to do that. x

    • To Removing “Possibly Related Posts” on Your WordPress Blog:-

      1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard.

      2. Go to Appearence.

      3. Go to Themes > (

      4. Current Theme > Option: Click Extras. (

      5. Click “Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other’s blogs or get traffic that way”.

      6. Click update Extras.

      Now you can view your blog without Possibly Related Posts..

      Thank you,
      Jeeva Rathinam.

  18. Deborah, do this to disable those links:

    From dashboard>Extras uncheck this option: Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way

    You can also disable mshots that preview screen that shows on hyperlinks.

    You also create a new page and just type this shortcode in it [archives] and it will create an archive page.

  19. Fazreen says:

    Of course there are an ads there but not from users account. It comes from owners. Users are not allowed to put adsense ads on blog

  20. Fazreen, that is true and I have clearly mentioned that point in the post. It is by Automattic of course.

  21. John-Paul says:

    I have never seen any of those ads in any of my blogs and I have them quite many. Also, 15000 a month .. not so bad but still quite far from my best free WordPress blog, around 18.000 a DAY 🙂

  22. test says: