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2 nice Hindi slogans against cutting trees

tree cover This blog now gets a lot of hits from netizens and kids searching Hindi poems, Hindi slogans, Hindi poems for kids and the like. Here are two slogans for environmental conservations.

The first Hindi slogan  was written by me in class VIII for a slogan competition. However, the second Hindi slogan won the award! The second Hindi slogan was not an original work; it was plagiarism. The person had copied it from a graffiti on the wall near the school; nobody knows the author! The first slogan suggests that the trees should not be cut for the sake of sustainable development while the second one laments the lack of trees that provide shade from the scorching sun! See all Hindi posts on this blog.

पेड़ों को मत काटो भाई
ये करते हैं प्राकृतिक भरपाई! 🙂

कड़ी धूप है जलते पाँव
होते पेड़ तो मिलते छाव! 🙂

Posted by on December 10, 2009.

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