Reasons I did not like the film Avatar

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Avatar film I am just back from the Sangam Cinema Hall in New Delhi after viewing James Cameron’s Avatar (Hindi version, 2-dimensional) and I am not very impressed (like many others in the cinema hall). Here is why I did not like it in a nutshell:

Weak story line does not complement the visuals

All attention on the visuals, settings or whatever you call it. The film is good for viewing pleasure but not for your thinking pleasure. It is a lame story, hackneyed plot and you get a feeling nobody was worried about a proper skeleton for those grandiose visuals.

Poor dialogues

The film had many occasions for some strong dialogue delivery, debate, discussion, one liners etc. on various themes that matter to humanity. All these opportunities were missed.

Many loopholes in the film

It is longer than what was required ( becomes boring at times, gives headache once in a while) and many situations and themes in the film that deserved greater attention and better handling (like the growing compassion of the protagonist for the Pandora people) have been cursorily dealt with and this list of woes is only indicative and not exhaustive. I liked it for the visuals just the same (some action sequences towards the end were breathtaking).

People in the washroom during intermission were cursing James Cameron for taking so many years and spending so much money without the desirable effect! My rating 7 out of 10. Much ado about nothing!

I want to see ‘Lord of the Rings’ again, needless to say. 🙂

Update: Get you Navi avatar here! 🙂

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  1. Poonam says:

    Point noted, I will check the movie out tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Even I was not impressed when saw the promos… The special effects look very cheap in fact. The alien like creatures rather look to me like cartoon characters… It’s more like watching an animated movie… As for the story, your info helps… Certainly, it saves my time and money.

  3. Reema says:

    Hmm..people are giving it 9/10..I guess have to see it and decide myself 🙂

  4. Sapan says:

    huh…watch only in 3d or imax 3d…u ll like it more
    im gonna wacth second time…
    and plot is simple coz u can enjoy effects in 3d…its not bad story at all..its gud concept its shows about love about nature..that humans dont do..its have one liners..such dumb reviewer…its best cgi ever seen..its not feel ur watching cartoon..go and watch in 3d…and if u dont get in English watch in hindi..

  5. Nandini says:

    Well said bro..I was not impressed with this movie either!

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      Nandini, Thanks for the comment and the agreement! Almost everybody is liking it and I only keep wondering about that! They are saying it’s awesome in 3D btw.

      • ng s says:

        I did not like Avatar because the movie lacks on imagination. I wonder why the Navi people need to have tail? why should the tribe behave like some native Indians. and how come there is a overlap in the imagination – colonel inside the robo warrior can synchronize the body movements and make the robo act, and on this side, natives can think and make the giant bird fly… and a lot more like that. In fact, if the Earth is dry without greenery why have people of the earth not settled down there? Pandora seems to be pretty small anyway…

  6. hari says:

    what you said its correct. even this is not a good film watch this movie with the child because some sensual romantic scenes are there.

  7. dude says:

    what r u saying dude????its such a classic..u wont see such damn,flawless graphics in any movie..i give 9.5 outta 10


    Maybe if your country had paved roads and digital theatres you would have been able to strap your family to your Honda hero and could have enjoyed it in 3d like the rest of the modern world. And how dare you say the movie lacked creativity, its far beyond any of that bollywood shit you guys watch. Though I’m sure if they randomly broke out in a gay song and dance you would have reviewed differently. Avatar is by far the most amazing movie in the history of film. The 1.3 billion dollars proves it. Stop hating eat a burger and fix your countries discusting dancing bear problem. AMERICA FUCK YEA!

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      Your comment is in very bad taste but it will stay. We may not be first world but the place is quite modern. You may see comments above suggesting that I should have seen it in 3D.

      I like Hollywood more than Bollywood FYI though now we are churning out great films (which are making good money even in the US FYI). You call it ‘most amazing movie in film history’ LOL!! Don’t make me laugh at you! Even James Cameron will laugh at that! Earnings are not an indicator of the goodness of a film; many crap films become a hit and many good ones flop!

      About 700 comments out of the 1640 comments on IMDB about this film are negative and trust me they are mostly by Americans! So think again!

  9. Reetu karnad says:

    I watched this movie in 3D imazx and couldnot tolerate it for more than 15 minutes. I felt suffocated. may be because of 3D effect. It was all looking abnormal. 3 idiots is really entertaning and it is very natural with meaningful message. My husband & child liked the movie Avatar though. perhaps lack of sleep on the previous day might have caused the dislike. But even then I feel watching in 3D for all 3 hours with loud sound effects can be tiring and one who really has the taste for scientific knowledge can opt for the movie. Rest please watch on TV normal screen whenever the time permits instead of undergoing brain drain.
    Please accept my opinion as genuine and I don’t have anything against America.

    unbiased opinion
    from Reetu

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      Thanks for the unbiased opinion. People have seen it in 3D are going gaga over it! It must be lack of sleep! 3 Idiots is entertaining indeed; I have seen it twice (including in cinema hall in Priya PVR) and on comp (a good pirated copy is in circulation in hostel LOL!).

      Welcome to the blog and thanks again.

  10. HAREESH says:

    Friends !
    Today I have seen AVATAR 3D at IMAX Philadelphia, USA.

    It was very disgusting to me, I could not digest the imaginations…Thank god I did not vomit in the theater.

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      I am surprised you didn’t like it in 3D! Those who have seen it in 3D liked it despite the story being a no-brainer!

      Thanks for posting your opinion.

  11. bawa says:

    fuck off u all….dumb heads….
    avatar is a awesome movie…not only by its animation but also by its story ,emotions and the imagination also….if ur all not just nuts then try watchin it again n try understanding the message behind the movie….so many issues cud be raised ,so many things to think about….
    when u’ll get all that…..then u’ll know how u’ll get emotionaly attached too ,to the movie….
    awesome movie…..really..(9.5/10)
    i’m vry happy that it will break rec of titanic…huhh….

  12. Adam says:

    Hello I also watched the film, but it wasn´t as good as I thought, but the sceanary is amazing and the plants too.
    I just watched how they made the film on youtube: and the avatars are of real actors, but only movement and some facial things counted, then they made the avatars on computer.
    I had a problem while watching, my eyes hurt at the end of the film ,and I think it was due to the 3D effect, and also I wasn´t wearing glasses, which I normally wear for watching TV and drving.
    Adam from Catalunya. (autonomous region of spain)

  13. Aarti says:

    Avatar was just an average movie. It clearly came close to the standards of the Harry Potter series. The visual effects were good. Other than that, I think it an unoriginal flick with too much of blue. The idea is fresh but poorly executed.
    (Cool blog btw!)

  14. nadia says:

    I watched Avatar in IMAX 3D and loved the experience! I’m somehow glad that the plot wasn’t complicated because then I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the visuals much and instead be engrossed in the story. But the 3D experience was great, which was basically what I paid for. I enjoyed the characters and objects popping out of the screen every now and then. And no, I didn’t end up with a horrible headache 🙂

  15. nadia says:

    Yes, I did try to create my Avatar on that link, and it looked hideous, lol. Yours looked very good though 😀

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      YOu can change your photo, or give an angry/happy post, be a man/woman, change the background etc. I guess that is the fun! Try your husband’s! 🙂

  16. nadia says:

    I tried all that, Vikas. Trust me, I don’t make a very good avatar 😀 But I tried with my husband’s picture and it turned out great 🙂

  17. in Indonesia movies avatar very popular.
    but I not too liked.
    ‘Lord of the Rings’
    indeed a good film, I’ve watched it many times. never bored.

  18. bookjunkie says:

    i liked the premise but found the dialogue weak….it was boring to me.