My Nokia 1100 phone has completed four successful years

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Nokia 1100 phone Almost unbelievable but true! Nokia 1100 for me proved to be a very reliable phone. It was also my first phone bought in 2663 Rupees: a basic, low-end model with all the basic functions (no camera, FM and such like). The photo on the left is my phone.

I had bought the Nokia 1100 in late December 2005 (26 December?) from Munirka, South Delhi giving considerations to my low budget and Nokia’s reliability. It has completed four long years and it is still in perfect health! It never gave me any problems (except a minor message forwarding issue in the beginning which a friend said was a generic problem with this model). It looks new and works like new though I am planning to buy a new camera phone soon.

I stopped using the MTNL Jeevansathi connection (990 Rupees) that I had bought with it after some 3 years because MTNL’s service is irritating and switched to Airtel. I presently have two phones and three SIMs: Nokia 1100 phone (Airtel)  and Huawei C2607 phone (Chinese phone but good; came with the CDMA Tata Indicom pay-per-call scheme which has probably the cheapest call rates in the country).

I had not done any research before buying the Nokia 1100 phone. I had a low budget and I wanted a reliable model. Hence Nokia 1100. I had many friends using this phone but they have all changed to other phones or had to change the battery. Here is why I think it has lasted for such a long time for me without any issues (this will also be a quick list of tips on taking care of your phone).

  1. I always kept it suitably covered in a plastic wrap that cost 10 Rupees (usually the Leader brand cover that is made in China). It saved it from dust and kept the keypad and the phone always new! I have a good typing speed with keypad or keyboard and used to type a lot of SMS messages. So the cover was actually a need to prevent the wear and tear to the keypad.
  2. I never charged the phone without the real need. Many people just charge their phone battery or laptop battery even without a need which is harmful to battery life!
  3. I never played any games on it (though I used the in-built torch occasionally). That also must have aided the battery life. Also I do not use keypad tones and silence it when I take time in answering the call so that I save the battery.
  4. Overall I took good care of my phone. I had even lost it once in a JNU campus book shop and found it after some 2 hours of search and investigation!

I like it so much that I will get a new Nokia original battery for it when the battery life is over (don’t think the phone will stop working anytime soon; presently I charge the battery once in 1.5 days) and will use it along with the other phones. Cheers to the world’s most trustworthy phone (see the pic above)! 🙂

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  1. Well. I believe Nokia 1100 was the first phone for most people. But mine was Nokia i-don’t-know the model no any more.( I used it for the last 5 yrs until i buy a new one this June.) The thing about battery: my last phone’s battery swelled, so i’ve got to throw it off ! I’ll be taking good care of this new one, though.

  2. sunil balani says:

    in general Nokia Phones are very rugged . Believe me, I have a phone that was purchased in 1998 (model 3610 ) . I got the battery changed two times . My daughter is using that now. The Nokia N72 that I use is almost four years old and there is no problem till date though i don’t use any covers etc. I don’t play any games but hear lots of music and radio ..still it has survived without even change of battery.Touch wood….:)

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      A 1998 Nokia phone is still in use! I was taking pride in my own model LOL! Also it is very surprising that Nokia N 72 is working fine since four years! I no more think that only my Nokia was special!

  3. Ambika says:


    I have one 1100 at home which is working flawlessly since eternity.. 😀
    I’m a loyal user of Nokia..I started with Nokia 1100 and then switched to my 6670 until it got stolen 🙁 (after having used for 3.5 years and working at its best.) NOw, I’m using another Nokia CDMA! 😀

  4. Ambika says:

    I was wondering why does this silly glavatar shows up beside my name instead of my own!!! :O

  5. Ambika says:

    Too many grammatical mistakes I’m making these days… That will be “show up!!” 😉
    And that makes +3 comments .. 😛

  6. Ambika says:

    Ok.. I’m not leaving this post any sooner.. 😛
    I realised all my above comments were without having read the entire post..
    So, here I go to the top of the page again!! 😀

  7. Ambika says:

    Ok now.. That is taking pretty much care of your phone.. Even I have a relatively good speed and try to take as much care… Only problem with me and cell phones is that..I drop them too often!!! 😀

  8. Vikas Gupta says:


    The silly gravatar may not be having a profile on Gravatar. I recall you used your Yahoo Id earlier and that id had the gravatar. You can go to and get a profile for this email id as well.

    Thanks for the info on your Nokia phones. I now realize everyone’s Nokia is special!

  9. kgd26 says:

    Told you I’d be here.

    I’m really impressed with your phone. My one question: how could you not play games on it? Isn’t that one of the phones with snake? That is easily the best cell phone game of all time.

    Best of luck beating out the person with the phone from 1998. Sounds like you’ll need to hold onto yours just a little bit longer to even be considered the greatest Nokia of all time.

    PS: Your Nokia might last longer, but my Palm Pre is of most excellence. You should check it out if you’re into smart phones.

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      I did play a few games initially but not totalling more than 40 minutes some four years ago! Yes, you are right about the snake game.

      I dont’ think I can beat the 1998 phone above!

      I am a budget user but I am thinking of buying an expensive model soon.

      Thanks for the humorous comment.

  10. Believe me or not, in my opinion, Nokia 1100 is the most lasting handset on the planet. 😆

  11. Nokia is, indeed, the best brand around today. I to use Nokia N 78 and, to my amazement, my battery lasts 4 days. I love it for it’s battery life for I do many thing on the phone, like browsing Oxford dictionary when doing nothing, reading novels, some times checking mails, and of course, listening to audiobooks and songs. My phone is my best companion these days. Thanks for technology~

  12. azim says:

    hi vikas! which model are you going to buy?

  13. Dev says:

    Though I could never own this phone, I do believe that this must be the phone of Gods.
    I have seen people stepping on it and damn; it still used to work!!

  14. buy r4 card says:

    I am using Nokia 1100 since from 5 years. I have never faced any problems regarding this handset. It is the best and user friendly model among all other nokia models. I love my 1100.

  15. Ravi Singh says:

    Vikas Nice to see that you got your 1100 in perfect condition. I even have my Nokia 1100 with me and I purchased it in 2004( Quite expensive then Rs3650) even the battery is working fine but with less standby time.

    I now own three more phones one is N79 , other is Samsung Corby Pro, the third one is 6500 Slider , I had N73 as well but I had to sell it to make way for Corby Pro.

    My N73 worked very well for 2 years, Corby is still new may be 2 months old and 6500 Slider is 2 years old this March 21.

  16. uma says:

    Nokia 1100 is the Best Mobile ever designed in Human History. I purchased it in 2004, still it is working fine. Absolutely ZERO maintenance problem. Battery lasts for about 1.5 days. Today I will prefer to change the Battery But NOT the Mobile !
    As far as my musical passion is concerned , I purchased a separate mp3 player to take care of my need.

  17. Bindu says:

    Been searching for a Nokia 1100 user. Have deleted my Ganpati Screen saver by mistake and cannot find another to replace it . can anybody help me with a Siddhivinayak or any Ganesh screen saver suitable for Nokia 1100.

    • Kaushik says:

      Hi Bindu,

      I’m really surprised at myslef that I found this post and especially your comment! I have been using my mother’s Nokia 1100 for almost 2 years with only a single battery being changed. It was purchased in 2004.

      If you still do have your 1100, I DO have a Ganpati Screensaver in my phone! Even though your post is almost 3 years old, contact me via email if you are still interested in the screensaver.

      I just have one question for anyone for everyone – from where can I purchase original Xpress-On cover for my phone? I’m also looking for an unused bilingual (Hindi + English) keypad. My phone colour is white. I can’t seem to find it in any Nokia Care outlet. 🙁 Also, all the other “mobile shoppee” people tell me to buy a China copy one – which I am completely against. I want to give this phone a longer life. Please help me to do so!


  18. Drion says:

    It’s really great that people are sharing this infnrmatioo.