2 Photos: Delhi winter and the dog

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Found this dog in the morning today, all snug and warm, curled on the debris of yesterday’s night bonfire outside the hostel. Delhi is almost freezing and there was a major power cut yesterday night and students started a bonfire outside the hostel (see New Year bonfire photos here)!

By the way, dogs are hotly debated in the JNU campus. Dog lovers (mostly girls) are accused of pampering them while some are accused of ill-treating them! More on this later.

Dog in JNU campus, Delhi winter

Dog in Delhi winter

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  1. Deborah says:

    I love these pictures, Vikas. I think your title should have been ‘Fireguard’! Perhaps you should start a caption competition! x

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      I have a tendency to give titles that people will search in Google! Two comments here and both have suggested a title to it! It certainly evokes emotions! When I am popular and rich I will hold so many contests.

  2. Reema says:

    Awwww poor thing 🙁

  3. Divya says:

    Gr8 Blog! Good going! Your blog has changed its look!!

  4. arpit says:

    oh yes its freezing badly! 🙁

  5. Ambika says:

    You know, night before yesterday my neighboyrs had a bonfire party.. and yesterday morning this exactly was the scene that I could see.. Deja vu!!! 😀

  6. timethief says:

    My life experience (half a century) has proved to me those who have no compassion for the animals we humans have domesticated and take no responsibility for caring for them are not people I wish to befriend.

    Those who are callous about the survival of domesticated pets are also callous when it comes to the suffering of humans as well. What I have witnessed is that those who elevate the most successful predator on the planet, the human being, above other species are ignorant, unaware people, who are a threat to us all. They will deliberately abuse, hurt and starve animals. As they grow older they do not grow wiser; they become more and more mean and constitute a danger to all living beings.

  7. sunil balani says:

    In my personal opinion, more than pets, empathy , concern and sympathy should be directed towards stray animals, like the one shown in picture.I agree to the comment made above in the context that people who cannot belong and love smaller things cannot belong to larger things in life.Sincerity and sensitivity is a package it does not come in parts.

  8. purple-er says:

    well taken! love the ring of ash around the dog.

  9. I have noticed dogs sleeping in embers too… I am glad they have learnt to find heat where ever they can. I also saw two homeless dogs with warm dog-jackets, and that warmed my heart. Let me try and post their pics and link them to your lovely post. Thanks for sharing.
    I once a saw young boy get out of his car in the middle of the traffic (in Pune), we were wondering what happened and then he emerged with a puppy who that had been trying to cross the road and had walked under the traffic! He made sure the puppy was safely inside the compound of a nearby building.

  10. RP says:

    nice shot, it must be cold out there

  11. Appreciate your concern for the dog. Will wait to hear more, as you promise.

  12. Bharat says:

    Where are the dog lovers yar…
    ye bechara Thand me mara ja raha hein aur JNU ke dog lovers kaha hein..

  13. Ed says:

    Aww, poor dog. It reminds me of my dog, Mac. From the small missing patches of fur on it’s back, it looks like it might have mange…awww.

  14. Nu says:

    Nice pictures and good observation 🙂

  15. Vikas Gupta says:

    Thanks Ed and Nu for the comments.

    Nu, I was on your blog some time ago; loved the sketches.

  16. Nice way to see the life 🙂 Exactly its what i do in my daily life, Never miss the chance to capture such pics.

  17. Hi, I have a friend in Delhi by the name B Sudheer , who is a metallurgist by Profession but has a Sympathetic heart for stray Dogs and Dogs in General.
    I am sure he has a lot to say about dogs.

  18. vicky says:

    oooo that is cuteeeee

  19. paavni says:

    It’s nice that people care for the living,but stillll some don’t………….it’s a pooor lil’ creature without a roof.I wonder how did it survive Delhi ki sardi

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