16 interesting photos from the New Delhi World Book Fair 2010

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These are some interesting photos from the 19th New Delhi World Book Fair (Pragati Maidan). I was there from about 11:30 am to 4 pm on 4 February 2010. Please see the end of the post for links to many more photos of the Book fair and the Pragati Maidan. What I did not like was that this time there was no stationery fair ( I love stationery).

Stack of Books!

In the Book fair you will find many such eye-catching arrangements:

books stacked

stack of books in book fair

Beware of Book Pirates

:a pictorial message by a publisher on its stall

book piracy

Amar Chitra Katha!

Amar Chitra Katha! Delhi book fair

Tamil Pulp Fiction!

Tamil Pulp Fiction

Gandhiji, Bapu!

Books on gandhiji

Pustak Mahal, a nice-looking stall

pustak mahal stall in book fair Delhi

Mills and Boon! Romance is in the air!

Mills and Boon, Delhi book fair stalls

Mills and Boon, Delhi book fair stalls

Mills and Boon, Delhi book fair stalls

Book Stalls from Pakistan

Iqbal Academy, Lahore

Pakistan book stall in Delhi book fair

Empty Stall (Pakistan)

This Pak stall had put up an apology notice (visible in the photo) informing about the delay in his arrival

Pakistani book stall in world book fair


They read the books right there (it was some sketch work that they were doing).

kids in book fair in Delhi

Some German Show

This German stall had a fixed time for some show (audio; see the earphones) at about 2:30 pm

Delhi book fair

Chetan Bhagat in Hindi

Chetan Bhagat at Delhi book fair

Ma Saraswati

In some Hindi publisher’s book stall

Saraswati devi statue

See 34 more photos

Visit my another blog for 34 miscellaneous photos of the book fair and Pragati Maidan.

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  1. sanjay Kumar says:


    Did u buy something or just took some snaps only.


  2. saurav says:

    Hey nice post there, i will be close to the book fair today, as i would be heading for the Delhi Zoo today.
    Pretty good post, gives us a glimpse of the book fair in Delhi. Well is it still going on or ended ?

  3. Dev says:

    Nice pics Vikas….
    I am sure I am missing the book fair this time.

  4. Alak says:

    thanks for these. i wud hv loved to go…but this time, no time. 🙂

  5. Sapitt says:

    heh.. nice photo dude.. I love book!

    • Aarti says:

      This is so ‘jealousy-causing material!’ Sorry for being crude, but you have umpteen opportunities in a city like Delhi. Not that my Trivandrum is boring, but daily college life takes a heavy toll on your hobby life. (Sigh!) U continue enjoying-cheers!

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      Thanks Sapitt. And all the best with your online business and works. I did visit your website and blog. 🙂

  6. We Cognize says:

    The first two photos were very good !! This too is a place I did like to be in 🙂

  7. kalyan says:

    Hi your blog’s Rss is broke please fix it ASAP ! and I liked this blog !

  8. Tushar says:

    Vey very cute photos ok books ..Really love those all.

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