Urban art photos: Steel balloons at AIIMS crossing, New Delhi

These are four photos of the steel balloons near the AIIMS flyover. Their utility and futility has certainly been debated in the media. According to a Tribune report, even the CM Shiela Dixit was not very happy with them. I shot them from the bus yesterday en route to the Delhi book fair.

They are called by various names: metallic lollipops, steel balloons, sprouts, mushrooms! I do not like them: they irritate and distract. :(

One of the tag lines on the Jindal Steel website is this: A whole new world of steel brought to you by Jindal! Yes, indeed as is clearly visible here LOL!

Delhi flyover urban art

AIIMS flyover delhi

Delhi flyover steel balloons

steel mushrooms Delhi flyover

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  1. I remember reading about this very “Steel Balloon” as the only piece of art or crafts being made/unveiled by Delhi Govt for the coming Commonwealth Games!!!!!!!! You said “displaced”: I always try looking those while passing them wondering what these are for that i try looking images of vehicles passing by thinking if these are meant for it!!!! Crazy. Ha3.

  2. I noticed and photographed but wasn’t sure what and why they were… they are okay I thought… why do you think they are displaced and misplaced art?

  3. Alak says:

    Hey, I LIKE them…
    they r diff and eye catching, and considering that only concrete and stone is used for roadside urban art, these are certainly welcome.

    I even like looking at them when passing. Aesthetically we can differ in our views, isn’t it?

  4. Vikas Gupta says:

    Indian Home Maker and Alak,

    Here is why I dislike them:

    1. They look strange. They must be distracting the traffic (though no accidents have occurred).
    2. They leave you confused and amused
    3. The govt. has paid a hefty fee to Jindal for this. Lot more could have been achieved in a lot less (but then that is the norm with govt. projects).

    Media had voiced similar opinion on this though the 3 comments here are not negative at all.

  5. Hey, glad that you’ve embarked into photography :)

  6. nadia says:

    Sprouts and mushroom?! LOL

    One or two of these pieces in a roundabout would’ve looked nice; this looks a bit too much.

  7. Roshan says:

    I always admire when i see those steel balloon, till today I don’t find any reason for installing this things there. I always wanted to ask someone about this but no proper answer i got till today.

  8. SP Library says:

    It looks nice and gives a good feeling when you are crossing that road. And I don’t think that this will distract the traffic.

  9. shubham says:

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