Having bought >120 books, I recommend Flipkart.com to buy books online (India)

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UPDATE: June 2010. Now I have shopped some 350 books from flipkart.  Flipkart rocks! 🙂 Flipkart now also sells CDs, DVDs, Music and games and have raised $8 to $10 million dollar VC funding (source); so expect more!

I had a very bad experience with online shopping (I was cheated by Rediff Shopping and then had no time to drag them to consumer court though I had sent angry mails) some 5 years ago. And had thereafter become skeptical of online shopping thanks to those T-shirts that Rediff had sent.

This post is a review of the flipkart.com, India’s largest online bookstore, and how I found it a wonderful service having bought more than 120 books at the time of writing this post (my  friends have bought some 70 books after my recommendation). This post is also a quick review of Infibeam and Rediff books, two other options to buy books online and how they disappointed or delighted me. The following photo is of some of the books delivered by flipkart.com (venue is my bed in the hostel room; I loved looking at my books!).

books from flipkart.com

My maiden encounter with Flipkart.com: 1st book delivered in just 18 hours!

Recently at the Delhi Book Fair (see my photos of Delhi book fair), I had passed by the swanky Flipkart counter. The beautiful girl distributing the flipkart discount coupon did not hand me one thanks to my unenthusiastic mood and poker-faced disposition. So it was me who had ventured near their counter and took the discount coupon, flyer and flipkart bookmark  from her. I had heard of flipkart.com but had never tried the service.

I thought of using the said discount coupon and ordered White Mughals (author William Dalrymple) on 22 February 5.05 PM (it had 20 per cent discount by default; presently the discount is 22 per cent) through net banking. The book reached my address ( hostel, JNU, New Delhi) before lunch time on February 23, 2010 through FirstFlight couriers packed in the Flipkart carton! I was amazed and hooked, needless to say! Since then I have bought more than 120 books and my friends some 60-70 books from Flipkart.com and there is no reason why we will not use Flipkart.com to buy books online in future. 🙂

Flipkart.com website

Why I recommend Flipkart.com to buy books online

Flipkart- buy books online Here is a list of quick reasons why I recommend Flipkart.com to buy books online (list not in order of importance):

1. Quick delivery, Free Shipping ( the delivery time is sometimes less than one day if you are in a city like Delhi; shipping is free for all orders of 100 Rupees or more). For me quick delivery really matters and Flipkart does not disappoint. They use all the premier couriers like FirstFlight, Overnite, BlueDart etc. (books are delivered by registered post if you not fall in the courier zone). The promise of delivery is 3 business days for most books and they really fulfil that promise. The flipkart carton (see photos here) in which your books are packed and delivered is a great cover for delivering your books (see comparison below on how Rediff and Infibeam send your books).

books in cartons

2. Small Company, Big Heart, Nice people: With companies like Rediff Shopping or Infibeam with too many irons in fire you feel like you are dealing with some invisible entity who just don’t care because they are so busy if not arrogant. But with Flipkart.com you will always feel that they care immensely for you and the books you have ordered. You will get books on time, delivery mails, apology mails, favourable responses to your angry mails (had a few unforeseen errors with my 120 books), phone calls, book credits or refunds in case of non-availability of books/wrong books (without any fuss). You will always feel that there are people at the other end who care about you almost as much as you would want them to care about you (some feedback mails do not get a reply but urgent ones always get the reply and grievance redressal).

You are special whether you buy just one book or 100 books like me; there are no loyalty points/discounts, all customers are treated equally! Try flipkart.com and you will never regret it. They are certainly doing better than everyone else in terms of service and are eyeing a revenue of 100 crore in the next fiscal (read the story in Business Line). 🙂 Read this post on the Flipkart blog on how they addressed the matter when a retired management professional took offence when not addressed formally.

books in a carton from flipkart.com

3. Over 4 Million books,  discounts and a great user interface: There are more than 4 million titles (so it’s real comfort compared to a physical bookstore) that you can shop online using net banking, credit card,  ATM/debit card or cheque/DD (all my online payments have been smooth without any glitches; read more about their payment book cartons gateways on the flipkart blog). They are constantly updating book details and ironing out creases.

There are discounts on most books and they keep offering discount from time to time (follow them on Twitter or Facebook for discount and other announcements). If you are willing to do your research, you can always find discounts from other sources! And yes, the site loads fast and is user friendly.

4. They know their job: Flipkart.com is run by competent people (IITians Sachin and Binny Bansal packed books with a staff of some 120 people; Sachin has worked with Amazon India for some 18 months before starting Flipkart.com in 2007 with his classmate Binny). The human angle in transactions is always present unlike with other online shopping sites. They sell a book a minute now and have plans to diversify by the end of the year. Watch this video on YouTube (Flipkart’s Sachin Bansal in CNBC Young Turks; you will also get a view of the Flipkart office, assembly line packing, back end operations etc.).

5. They have Humour, they blog, they tweet, they facebook: In today’s world, you can tell a lot about the companies by following their online activities on their social networking profile like facebook or Twitter. Also life and transactions are very boring if you have to deal with people who lack a sense of humour. The Flipkart blog is regularly updated by Tapas and informs on all major activities and issues related to Flipkart and buying books online. They honestly inform, accept mistakes, seek opinion and keep you updated. They also have Google AdSense ads on their site (and any expert will tell you not to sport competing ads on your site!)

The following is the first tweet by Flipkart.com. 🙂

flipkart .com (Flipkartdotcom) on Twitter

bookmarks from flipkart.com This list is only indicative and not exhaustive thanks to lack of time. You will find more reasons to praise their service. 🙂

The photo on the right is of Flipkart bookmarks that get shipped with the books. The quote (by Anatole France) on it reads: “Never lend books, for no one ever returns them; the only books I have in my library are books that other folks have lent me.” 🙂

Experience with Rediff books 🙁 Not Recommended

I will be brutally frank: I hate Rediff shopping.  They have cheated me in the past but I will be honest in my  review and not let that colour my opinion. I did buy a book (BPO Sutra; order id 5826647) from them and the experience was okay and nothing great.

The book was delivered in a thin polythene (see photo below; I felt like I got some scooter part delivered to me!) and it is a surprise it was not damaged. I wrote them an email on why they can’t pack it in special cartons like Flipkart.com and they said their vendors pack it (Landmark Ltd. in my case) and they do not have a say in it! The full relevant text of their reply is: “ the products are packed and sealed by the vendors as per their convenience and are then handed over to their logistics partners for the final delivery. Hence, the packaging condition of a shipment differs from one vendor to another.” 🙁

Rediff book packing

The book was ordered on 14th March and it reached me on 19th March. Rediff books is severely lacking in terms of book details. Also for some books they offer to ship it in less time if you are willing to pay more. In some cases, you will find that the prices of books on the actual page are not as indicated in the search index results! I will not recommend Rediff books (you will be irritated if you deal with them). They also send you emails (“vikas, your personal helpline,” huh!) suggesting you to buy books (Infibeam also does that) if you leave items in your wishlist/cart unlike flipkart (and you get the feeling they are after your money!).

Update: 3 April 2010 I had ordered another book with Rediff on 26 March 2010. The delivery time was 7 days and now they updated it and say the delivery time is 45 days! I told them it is unethical but they did not give any logical and sensible reply to it.

Experience with Infibeam.com 🙁 Not recommended

The experience was again okay but not like the wonderful flipkart.com.  They in fact disappointed me on some counts. Read the details.

Infibeam has nice user interface, book details and discounts. I ordered 2 books (order Id 7517392) on 17 March 2010 and the delivery promise was 2-4 days. They had shipped nothing by the evening of the third day! I shot them an email on the third day on how they will fulfil this promise and then they shipped it and sent me a mail confirming it. I got the shipment on 22 March! Promise was of 2-4 days delivery time!  🙁

Infibeam books delivery

One of the two books was a wrong book (I had paid for and ordered Rupa classics but they mailed me Wordsworth edition which was more expensive and less good looking; wrong book details are still there on the site; book is by Rupa priced MRP 80 Rupees only, ISBN 8171674216 but they have given the Wordsworth price! Update: they have corrected it now). I asked them this in an email and they did not reply to it! I shot them another mail informing them that I will publish a review and then I got a phone call the next day from them. They (it was a girl on the phone who talked politely) told me after some time that the said book is out of print in Rupa and may be published later. I asked them to take this book back (just to examine their response). They asked ‘me’ to courier it to them (at their expense) and I obviously declined it. Then they said they will arrange for the pick up and I said it’s okay and they don’t need to do it and I will keep the book.

Their packing (see photo) is okay but not as great as flipkart. They use carton but not a fully boxed one (it’s more like wrapper).  Flipkart.com has no competition here!

Update 3 April 2010: I know somebody here who some ten days ago ordered some six books on Infibeam. The delivery time was 4-7 days. He wrote a mail some 3 days ago about why they were not shipping it and they said it is because some kind of stock taking going on in all publishing houses and they will not ship the books for some 20-22 days! So stay away from Infibeam if you want fast and quick delivery.

Some tips for buying books (classics) online/from Flipkart.com

  1. Find various editions of different publishers for the same book in search results (not applicable for new/recent books where one publisher has the copyright). You usually have similar results for some book in search results (especially for old books/classics). Try finding a book by a reputed publisher at an amenable price and do not just jump to the first result you get.
  2. Buy a book from a reputed publisher and a book with enough details (such as page number).
  3. If you are buying classics (English literature) take books by Rupa Classics, Wordsworth Editions, Pocket Books, Peacock classics, Penguin Classics. If you are buying works by Premchand (Hindi), Manoj publications has some great quality prints.
  4. Compare prices and find the cheapest price. Visit isbn.net.in to find the cheapest prices of a book on various online shopping sites. I recommend go for Flipkart in any case.
  5. Go to amazon.com, find the book you want to see the details of by ISBN code and preview it and read the details if it is there (amazon usually has best book details). Amazon is very expensive, needless to say.

See the list of books I bought

Want to see the list of classics I bought from flipkart.com until 27 March 2010. Click here to view the list (doc file). Some of them can be seen on the rack in my room in the pic below. I have a great movie collection and will soon have a great book library too. 🙂

my books from flipkart.com

    Now go ahead and buy books from Flipkart.com and enjoy the exciting way of buying books! You will soon get emails from flipkart like this in your mailbox!  🙂

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  1. Reema says:

    yes I have been hearing praises about this site on twitter..will try it out!

  2. sakhi says:

    Thanks vikas for this awesome review. Haven’t tried it but surely will in a near future 🙂

  3. Shamshuddin says:

    Flipkart.com is the best online site for books in india. i have purchased about more than 50 books from this website. It is a Bangalore based company, im about 400km away from my capital city. even though, i get my book the very next day through professional couriers… very prompt delivery..

    want to know more about flipkart.com… check this video…

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      Thank you Shamsuddin. I already have that video in the post under the heading ‘they know their job’; you must have read it in a hurry. Thanks again.

  4. Amit says:

    My bookseller says, ‘if the book is available at filpkart.com, it will be delivered to you within 3 days.’ (as I am more conventional type of book lover who wants to purchase from a brick shop in place of a click shop. However, I have good experience of online purchase of computer peripherals from http://www.indiaplaza.in

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      For me buying and choosing books online is more pleasant than conventional shopping from a physical store. I have not tried Indiaplaza but will try them surely very soon. We buy computer peripherals from Nehru Place in Delhi (I even have a post on that; it must be India’s cheapest rates there).

  5. Thanks for this informative post Vikas. I am going to try Flipkart and avoid Rediff books.
    I also got extra RAM, new battery chargers, new batteries etc from Nehru place earlier, I anyway liked the place, your post basically confirmed what I knew.

  6. Rockstar Sid says:

    Just one question that boggles me.. Did you buy 120 books in a go?? I am sure you must be aware of the cheap local Indian markets that provides book for a cheaper price compared to online stores.

    In anyway, flipkart is already quite popular along with infibeam 🙂 Seems like the competition of ecommerce sites in India is getting fierce which is a plus point.

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      Rockstar Sid,

      Yes almost, in one go. Almost all of them were ordered from 3 March to 15 March 2010 (total orders must be about seven).

      Yes I am aware of cheap markets like Delhi’s Sunday Dariyaganj but it would have cost me time. Besides I wanted new books, classics, freedom to compare etc and was more comfortable doing all this online. Flipkart is certainly better than Infibeam. I also avoided physical stores thanks to lack of time ( no physical store will have such huge collection; then auto fee and whatnot; I avoided all that fuss and I am happy).

  7. blueapple says:

    stumbled upon ur flipkart.com story.
    i must say you are a true researcher!
    what a lot of analysis,evaluation and comparison has gone into it!
    amazing!very informative!
    and hope the ones sent to you were not pirated ones!

    somehow,i hv got so used to the conventional method of buying books!
    attimes finding books on footpaths,especially the ones which you hv always wanted to buy but never had the money or time to, comes as a great surprise, and the joy of it, a booklover knows!

    may be i should try online too,atleast after reading this, i am inspired to!

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      Yes a lot of research has gone into it and I keep doing more! I love that.

      Not a single copy is pirated copy/book. They are all great quality; all original copies. I know sometimes companies like India Today also send pirated/poor prints with promotional schemes. But all my books are great quality. Flipkart doesn’t sell poor/pirated prints at all.

      Try it, trust me, and you will love it. The art is finding the right book you want and I think I have given all the tips here.

  8. Santosh says:

    I m to shop books online in bulk (may be 50-60 books altogether, mostly English literature classics with a few my Ph.D reference books). I had checked Rediff, NBC and Flipkart for that. I found urs post quite useful to go for Flipkart. Thnx for this useful post.

    Also, I checked urs books-list, of that a few of books are also in my wish list. I m looking for War and Peace in Hindi. Do u have any idea abt its Hindi translation?

  9. Deborah says:

    Hi Vikas – I loved seeing your new pile of books in the photo, and also looking through the list of books you have bought. That’s a very ambitious reading list! I was very interested to see that George Eliot is among your selection. She is one of my favourite authors; I especially like Middlemarch, which I think is her best work. Anyway, happy reading! I hope you review some of the books as you read them and share your thoughts on your blog.x

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      Glad to have you here. 🙂

      Yes it is an ambitious reading list. You know I had few books other than text books/competitive exam/research books. So it had to happen. I chose all the classics first and will regularly buy now.

      I was buying Middlemarch today morning itself but my bank account was low on liquidity (more money to come soon). Will order more soon: Middlemarch, complete collection of Sherlock Holmes, complete works of Jane Eyre, Hemingway and many others. Oliver Twist, Silas Marner, The Good Earth, Complete works of Kahlil Gibran are in the pipeline and will soon reach me.

      I have no time to read them till the end of this year, alas! I started with Midnight Children, read 30 pages in no time, and shut down the project. But yes I will read them all, and will post reviews when I do that. I have a truly huge movie collection and want my book library to be awesome as well.

      I deliberately avoided reading you know! I wanted to maintain ‘cerebral hygiene’ until I have written a few books myself. But I think that’s illogical now. So from late 2010 reading will be high on my to-do list. I enjoy looking at them, touching them and taking care of them. 🙂

  10. Akshay says:

    I thought you said the books will be delivered in 2-3 days.But when I checked out the site today based on your review it shows 5-7 days.

    Any thoughts about that?

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      The book procurement days differ for different books. For many books it is just up to 3 business day. For some it is 5-7 business days. For imported ones it can be more: 10 to 20 days etc. See the video linked here.

      The point to note is that it is the maximum time that they indicate. Usually they ship it as soon as possible unlike Infibeam or Rediff. Can you believe I have my and my friends orders pending in Infibeam and Rediff since some 7 days and they dont’ even reply to mails promptly. Try Flipkart and you will know. And NBC India.com is cheating; dont’ go to them at all. Read some bad reviews on net.

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      If the books are in their inventory you get it real fast else it takes time in procuring. Flipkart. com is the best service out there for books is something I can guarantee after trying three popular sites and doing my research. Today I told them that I was buying Sherlock Holmes at the then price (and the payment failed due to a tech error) and now they have revised the price due to new edition/supplies; they said they regret the error and will give it to me at that price only. So you are dealing with very nice people, who promptly reply to mails and care about you. Trust me on that.

  11. Akshay says:

    But I see that for all books they are showing 5-7 business days.I think some operational issues….

    That aside I took your advice and placed an order for a book.

    One thing though surprises me when I saw a CNBC video of their founder, that given that they are earning 5-10% margins on every book after all their operating costs.
    But if we include their other SG&A expenses, they are still in “deep” red despite making 25 Crores in revenue.

    What are your thoughts about it?

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      The point to note is that book procurement takes time. I can tell you this that many of my books despite having a delivery time of 5-7 days have been delivered in 2-4 days. What I know is that no other service will ship me books at this speed.

      I also think they are passing a lot of benefits to the customers only and not concentrating lots on profits (I have a friend who often wonders how they manage such great service at this price!). You can mail this to them asking how much they are making in profits.

      Infibeam sucks, avoid them! I am going to update it here. I know somebody who ordered some ten books more than a week ago and they gave no response. When he sent a mail, they said they will not ship it for 20-22 days because some stock taking is taking place in all publication houses! How ridiculous is that! So insensitive! He is going to ask his money back so that he can order them on Flipkart.com

  12. Akshay says:

    By the way Infibeam’ packing looked quite shady….

  13. Vikas Gupta says:

    Also Akshay, may be I have ordered so many book (even after this list), they keep coming daily and I do not notice. But I can tell you if you go to Rediff or Infibeam you will just wait endlessly LOL, so to speak!

    And absolutely avoid NBCIndia.com; they are cheating. I read some bad reviews on net.

  14. saurav says:

    wow, that is some details review vikas, i am not able to follow your blog regularly but this is some great information.
    Well being a guy surrounded with technology, i prefer E-books and the best part is you get them for free 🙂 But then nothing can replace the good old book,would surely spread the word among my friends.

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      I have so many ebooks (I even have a post on Gigapedia here) but I never read them. I like the traditional book format.

      Thanks for spreading the word. I am sure your friends will thank you after their experience with online book shopping at flipkart.com

  15. Dev says:

    Even I heard about them a lot and tried searching for a real obscure and archaic book. And I was surprised to see that it was available.

  16. Dev says:

    Hey Vikas…
    How will you manage to read so many of them??

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      I have read very few books in life to date and presently I have no time though I already read a few of them. Will read them mostly after November 2010. And a Taurus me likes buying things; it is all part of my collection too and I will probably never read many of them completely.

  17. amitonce says:

    Thanks for all the info.I will also order some books from Flipkart.May I ask what are your optional subjects?

  18. Stylo says:

    Thanks for appointing a honest book store. I appreciate it

  19. Andrew says:

    Hey, long time no see, how was your blog since I left? Successful?

  20. Ashish says:

    I read about your flipkart.com story and addressing your comment on my blog as well:

    I am very surprised by your sudden burst of book buying specially when you said that you’ve read “very little in life”! When will you get time to read 250+ books? And why not buy them as and when you read them rather than creating a mini-book shop in your room. And that will be a lot of money to spend in one go! It’s your call, of course, but it’s surprising to me!

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      Ashish, you are absolutely right but I can’t help it. I really have no time till November and have hardly read a few from the said 250 books! I will read later and I will probably never read many of them. But I still want to buy more. I can’t explain it: it’s the pleasure Taurus gets from buying and watching them! I am almost done and will control myself now.

  21. Vikram Singh says:

    I knew about this service earlier too, but the excellent review u have posted here is forcing me to try it asap. will order some books very soon……….thanks….

  22. shefali says:

    dear vikas
    i came across your blog quite by chance and couldn’t stop myself from commenting upon particularly this one post of yours. i am a Taurian too and loved to buy books and hoard them in my study till such time that i ran out of space. quite like you i couldn’t read even 10% of them and most of them were such that i hadn’t even flipped through. Now i have begun sharing my books with underprivileged children. I have deposited my books in a local municipal school and have offered them to buy any book which the children would like to read apart from those which are in their curriculum. Now i wonder whether i was not like those hoarders who just because they have money hoard all kind of things. Remember, books are to read and not only by those who “own” them. Capitalism thrives on people or rather mindless consumers like us. We are maniac’s who would stop at nothing to quench our craze for things. I would like to encourage you to share your books with people who need them especially the underprivileged ones. I don’t like Gandhi very much but there certainly are things which he advocated and practiced the greatness of which can’t be denied. He asked us think of the most destitute before doing something. And i believe people who have the time to spend on reading blogs are certainly not the ones Gandhi meant. Share your books with the children in your locality who need them or would love to read them or buy those children the books they need. Help them read so that they too can read the books you want to read. Hoarding books just because you are a Taurian doesn’t make much sense except that you are a pig very much like me! 🙂

  23. shefali says:

    something about your tin rack: whoever told you that you should buy such an ugly thing to place your books on? It looks more like a shady bookshop tin rack or a government office one where books have overtaken the space of office files. Buy yourself a good wooden rack that is specially made for books and books that you love! These books deserve a better place to ‘rot’ in!:)

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      Shefali, Thanks for your comments here. I fully understand what you have suggested. I have a friend, Deepa, who works for underprivileged children and had suggested the same thing. Rest assured, once I am very resourceful I will give and donate.

      And i know the rack is rather ugly. I had to keep budget in mind while buying (also it’s a hostel). I will buy beautiful furniture later. My books will never rot. I will read most of them and keep revisiting them all my life.

  24. shefali says:

    Hesitation is writ large in your reply. I can understand. It takes time till we understand what it means to share our things with people who ‘also’ need them. We don’t need to be “very resourceful” or wait for becoming one to extend our hands and reach out to people who are one like us just a little dispossessed. As i have never been one who minces words and have always called a spade a spade, just realize the UGLINESS of what you have written: “…once i am very resourceful i will give and donate.” Have you never thought about the politics of ‘donation’? When you donate you say: “Take, eat this. AND stay where you are. I assure you, i will keep throwing crumbs at you and perpetuate my lineage and hence yours too.” I wonder what you mean by “very resourceful.” Do you aim at becoming one like Ambani or a Birla and then do your donations? One who can BOAST OF buying 300 books and that too online as also of a huge collection of films and brag about two mobile phones and three sim cards and can maintain a long list of blogs full of photographs (it means you have a laptop or a desktop with dedicated internet connection shared or otherwise and a digital photography camera and enough p/leisure time) and can think of buying another pair of Reebok Sneakers when he already has one (its another matter that they are troubling you) is certainly resourceful enough already. Its just that it takes a big heart and Taurian PIGS LIKE US usually don’t have it. It took a long time for somebody to convince me about the things i am trying to convince you about. Don’t forget, i ventured to deposit my collection with the local municipal school only after i ran out of space. So rest assured, i am not taking a holier than thou stance. We all are culprits for indulging in our egotistic pleasures. Its just that we don’t admit and try to be nice guys in front of everybody whether online or offline.

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      You certainly do not mince words! I regret replying in a hurry. I should have chosen my words carefully knowing you will hold a post-mortem of everything I write!

      I regret phrasing the sentence in a way that it suggests ‘the politics of donation’. I keep doing things at a small level but I have not helped the poor in any big way like Deepa has (or for that matter you have). No, I do not want to be an Ambani but I know I will wait until I have a good job/career and I do not have to survive on fellowship money.

      Most of the books here are of budget range; I have not spent a fortune on them. Also I am good at finding bargains and discounts. The two phones are very cheap; ditto the 3 SIMs. I am not boasting here; just happy (read gloating) and excited and trying to recommend and praise flipkart. Films are mostly copies (torrents); not original DVDs. And all blogs (except this one) are free (thanks to WordPress). And the shoe is Adidas not Reebok (and I am still with it). It is you who is trying to put words in my mouth while thinking you are calling a spade a spade!

      I do not have to give you details of what good things I have done in life (or keep doing at my level); feel free to think I am not a nice person. I have a big heart but I really do not have the resources enough. I will do my bit I know and I do not want you watching me (or need your certificate that you are so lavishly distributing).

      I had very few books other than text books with me. I had to buy them sooner or later. I repeat I will read most of them. I myself aspire to be a writer. I am not trying to be a nice guy; I had a rather unknown blog where I used to admit all my mistakes and confess like anything!

      Feel free to criticize me again if you want to. I may not reply until late May thanks to essential work. And I am not the villain you are trying to find in the society, rest assured. And all these are my essential books (fiction, classics, Hindi classics, English learning, grammar books etc.) and I will always need them, get this straight.

      PS: Gosh, you look so angry; as if you would have scolded me big time if you were physically with me! 😮

  25. shefali says:

    Your resolve to read those books is stronger than ever! Great! Atleast they won’t rot on your ugly shelf now. I just wanted that! People need a little provocation, especially Taurians, to do things they really want to.

    Take care 🙂

  26. Hey I also prefer from buying there, they are very reliable. I bought some four or five from them but I think I cant be par with your 120 + list.

  27. Leela Reddy says:

    Hi Vikas,

    Wanted to keep you informed that you have been quoted in a story in the Bangalore edition of The Times of India.

    Thank you for sharing your feedback about Flipkart.

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      Leela, thanks a lot for the info. I just checked it online; it’s on page 18, TOI Bangalore edition. “Vikas Gupta, a PhD student, who has bought more than 300 books from Flipkart, says he has got books even within 18 hours of placing the order. “Online bookstores are more convenient as you get the previews to read, you can select according to your budget and get discounts also,” he says. ”

      Thanks again. 🙂

  28. Nitin says:

    Is this some kinda conspiracy against rediff, indiaplaza to show them all down? How much did you get paid for doing this? 300 books?

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      Hold your horses! This is just an honest post and my feedback and recommendation on my blog. I have spent thousands of Rupees buying 300+ books. There are no affiliate links here and there are no paid posts. Feel free to go to Rediff and others. Good luck.

      And FYI I still keep buying; feel free to be jealous.

  29. Kiran says:

    Great analysis Vikas! How I wished if they shipped internationally as well, with the same speed 😉

  30. Keshav says:

    Is there any other place to buy Indians books other than those listed in the posted? Flipkart has the best selection by far but they don’t deliver to America.

    What’s the solution?

  31. Another Vikas says:

    I came to this from the yahoo answers. You seem to be writing about Flipkart everywhere on the net. Either you are obsessed or you got paid 😉

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      Another Vikas,

      I am kind of obsessed you can say; no payment. Flipkart people are not after paid reviews. I keep an eye on developments in flipkart and keep running into flipkart things on net and cannot not reply when I am find an opportunity. I have almost done a small scale research on online book buying in India trying so many sites with Flipkart toppping the list always!

  32. Thats a very helpful post. There are very few good websites that can sell you books online with a professional touch.

  33. I was mesmerised to read this post. You have really taken the cudgel to write this long, self-fulfilled, and researched post. Excellent! Hope every e-commerce site should read this post.

    Happy to share with you, that I along with my friend has launched a site on books retailing. it is based in New Delhi. Have a look at it. http://bit.ly/bBGPX2


  34. Shafar says:

    I wonder why I have not yet come across this wonderful book store! Thanks. I appreciate your honest review.


  35. Ed Wilson says:

    Wow this looks like heaven,

    I love books. You’re so lucky to have Flipkart in India. This was a wonderfully thorough review. Thanks Vikas.

  36. sandeep says:

    My studio in New Delhi is very well equipped with the high – tech set-up, designers, expert stylist and staff to hold still photo-shoots any time of the week.

  37. BB Goyal says:

    ur review about flipkart is ultimate. i already know about good dealings of flipkart, but ur blog has re-inforced my belief in them. i have bought 2-3 books from them and am planning to buy all books from them in future.

  38. Leela says:

    Hey Vikas,

    You have been quoted in the story on Flipkart in the Entrepreneur magazine, July edition.

    Thanks for taking time in responding to queries from the journalist.



  39. Prince says:

    hey dude i ordered 2 imported edition books from flipkart.com and it says that my expected delivery time is on the 1st of august so r u a 100% sure that i’ll get my books on that very day as 1st aug is a sunday or by 2nd of august?

  40. Chankey says:

    Which site costs less?
    Flipkart or Infibeam?
    I found a book (Head-First Java) for which Flipkart is asking 550 INR and Infibeam is giving it in just 413 INR.

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