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The hugely popular book downloading (“indexing”) site Gigapedia is now rechristened as and is available on the new web address. In fact typing will automatically direct you to library dot nu. While the reasons for it are not made public, it may be because Gigapedia may have rubbed the publishers the wrong way for obvious reasons. The new domain name without a TLD ends in .nu (Nieu).

Some days ago, the notice on the site said that Gigapedia was still being moved to the new home and all previous records will be available soon. However, there were complaints that some people were unable to login at the new side. Also the new site was not as useful and comprehensive in housing books of all kinds as the classic Gigapedia. I have not used the new site since Gigapedia’s migration so I cannot comment on that as of now but the first feeling is that the site looks good (same as the old Gigapedia). In the past Gigapedia has been down on more than one occasions and some times even new registration was not allowed. All this is understandable given the risks a book downloading site like this one incurs especially when it is so popular.

You may read how to download books from Gigapedia or on this site. It may still be useful. More points will be added here when I use libray. nu.

You can see the comment section below where people having problems in accessing library dot nu are discussing things; it may be of help.

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  1. hello_kitty says: now forces users to solve reCAPTCHAs over and over again once a few pages have been accessed. This is beyond aggravating, and is a clear obstacle to efficient use of the site. Once the reCAPTCHA boxes appear, I’m outta there. Also, old Gigapedia users are forced to sign up as new users and are also treated like newbies, even if they had used Gigapedia for years. And only Gmail is accepted for an email address–something fishy going on there, too, although I’m sure Google is very happy about being able to keep track of who the users are.

  2. Sonali Rakesh says:

    I am not able to open the old as well as the new site address. I had to register in the new site and today when I tried accessing the site, I get the error message that the site does not exist. I miss it a lot. I hope they get it back again and soon.

  3. Arnab says:

    Whenever I am trying to enter the website it says “not authorized to access resource”. I have used both gigapedia and even 2 weeks earlier. and now this is happening. can anybody provide the solution?

  4. hello_kitty says:

    @Marvin the Paranoid android: Indeed.

    @Sonali Rakesh: It was working just a few minutes ago. Try again?

    @Arnab: See my previous comment.

    Folks, if anything, is now even more annoying. After only two downloads earlier this evening, I started getting challenged by reCAPTCHA boxes for each subsequent download. So now you have to solve reCAPTCHAs pretty much all of the time on the site. There’s no getting around it: this is very time-consuming and aggravating. If this continues, I might have to resort to…well, never mind…

    Just sayin’!

  5. blind says:

    http Error 502 bad gateway is dead?

  6. m says:

    I have an account with this email, when I use free gate my account has been blocked. i live in iran and sometimes we use anti filter to open some sites . would you unblocke my acoount?
    i created another acoount named but as soon as i created it , i can not enter again, would you help me i do not break any rules in your site .
    mahdi tavajoh

  7. XyzFool says:

    Having login problems with for the last few weeks.

    Right now, when I try to login it reports:
    “unable to login, check username and/or password are entered correctly”

    Other times, it just has the login facility completely disabled.

    I remember Giga and had problems from time to time but they didn’t usually last this long!

    I hope this gets sorted out as is an excellent resource for learning!

  8. hello_kitty says:

    @Vikas: At least there’s a little action here, right?

    @Arnab: If you’re getting the message “not authorized to access resource”, you’re not logged in. That’s the message that shows up when a non-logged-in person attempts to use the site.

    @blind: is up and running as of the time of this posting.

    @XyzFool: I don’t think the problem is at the site. I’ve never had any trouble logging in there. You might consider other possibilities.


    As of a few minutes ago, forced me to solve reCAPTCHAs on every book I was interested in, from the very first one to the last one. It appears that Smiley has resolved to aggravate users of the new site. A shame, really.

  9. Vikas Gupta says:


    I am really busy these days; thanks for replying and commenting. Some days ago I had downloaded some books but few days ago it was giving some problems.

  10. Majid Ghasemzadeh says:

    I used to download books from the site until yesterday but now i can’t login with mozila and with IE I the recaptcha image doesn’t appear but my friend in another city can see the recaptcha with no problem. i try new mozilla, changed flash player and updated my windows but still have the same problem. i’ve been workinhg to fix it for three hours but I could’nt. What’s the matter?! help me please.

    • Alireza says:

      Dear Majid,
      I have run into the same problem. Did you get any responses? I am in urgent need of some books.

    • Amir Kaviani says:

      Hey Majid!
      Look where we found each other again! ;)

      Actually, the problem is encountered by some sort of reasons which are entirely from website account administration policies – and not from your side. Registration is closed for all due to a developing legal situation. Seemingly, we should check back in a week.
      I strongly suggest you to move into alternatives like You may also have a look at provided link below:

  11. Pepe Mori says:

    Hace ya varios dias no funciona “login”. Pongo “name” , “pass” y “Capcha” luego pasa mucho tiempo de espera y aparece “504 Gateway Time-out”

  12. hello_kitty says:

    @Vikas: I understand about being busy. Glad you don’t mind if I comment a bit here. You have a nice blog!

    @Majid: I’m not sure why you can’t see the reCAPTCHA images. I would just check to make sure that the site is in no way being interfered with by Javascript blockers, image pop-up blockers, etc.

    @Pepe: No habla Español. Sorry!

  13. mimi says:

    I have been gigapedia for a year but now it is sayin that my account has been disabled. Does anybody know what is going on?

    • Sonali Rakesh says:

      Hi mimi,
      I faced the same problem in the new site formerly gigapedia. All you need to do is reregister, and your problem would be solved. It did for me. And regarding the site being inaccessable for many, yes, its true, because they are working on it. Just login at a different time. It works.

      • narimane says:

        I can neither login nor register wid a new account!! its really frustrating. keeps sayin ” check username nd pass” nd when I try to create a new account ” incorrect reCAPTCHA entered” !!!

  14. lamb says:

    I think I have the same problem with Pepe Mori, though I don’t know Spanish either. I could download books alright, but the thing is I can’t log onto my account, after entering the recaptcha and hit login, it would just turn out a page saying “504 Gateway Time-out”. But I was able to log in some time ago. Can somebody help me with this??!! I really need this website, and this is so frustrating!!

  15. oksluka says:

    I am having the same problem, I can’t login at, I either ger the message “login is currently disabled”, or the message “your account has been disabled”, or the message “incorrect login or password”. I tried reregistering, but I couldn’t login using the new account, either. Can somebody help me to fix this, please? I don’t know what to do!

  16. Shameless says:

    I’m getting the constant failed login too. When I try the “forgotten your password” link, I then get the “account disabled” message.

    Added to the painful amount of reCAPTCHAs (half of which are totally unreadable and have to be refreshed at least twice to get something resembling words) I’m getting ready to quit the site altogether.

    • oksluka says:

      Yes, the same with me. And it really bugs me that you can’t even contact anyone, whenever I press “contact”, I only get the message “not authorized to access resourse”. It’s a dead end :(

    • narimane says:

      I hav the same prob! it frustratin. gigapedia was such a good source !!!

  17. hello_kitty says:

    I’ve never had the login problems that you guys are describing. Odd.

    The reCAPTCHAs, though, continue to suck eggs. Let’s think about this for a moment: you find a book you’d like to examine, you open its page, and before a link is displayed, you’re asked to solve a reCAPTCHA, in order to show that you’re not a robot. Okay, I can see why that might be needed…once! But after solving one reCAPTCHA, why in the heck should I have to solve reCAPTCHAs for every subsequent book that I seek during that session? I didn’t suddenly turn into a robot. It’s pure aggravation. Smiley should be ashamed of himself. He’s running a site that appeals to readers, to intellectuals, and he’s making them jump through hoops like trained dogs. Pathetic.

    Wake up, Smiley, and smell the unhappiness of your patrons!

    • oksluka says:

      Gosh, you’re lucky. At present, I am even willing to put up with reCAPTCHAs (though they are a real pain in the neck, just as you say), but not being able to login…I can’t browse through 5000+ pages of featured books, when there is no guarantee that the book I need is going to be there, so I have been trying to log in every day for the past two months, and so far nothing, not a single successful attempt. This is really annoying :((

    • Chris says:

      If you register with and keep yourself logged in there, you don’t have to reenter the Captchas with each download.

  18. sam says:

    Just a note about reCaptcha.
    according to their site, the reCaptcha system just know one of the words, and the other if unreadable for their system. and of course it’s the difficult one. by this trick you help them by reading that difficult word to improve their OCR algorithm. so don’t take too hard about the difficult one. just enter what you guess.

    • Vikas Gupta says:


      In reCaptcha, one word is readable and known, and the other one is not—even the software does not know it. You are helping digitize old Physics books from Google books or NYT editions that OCR cannot do perfectly. So enter the one word correctly (that you would know) and make a reasonable guess for the other. I have seen that usually avoiding the punctuation (or any special characters like sigma signs etc.) is helpful. I had also written a mail to them (reCaptcha) saying it does not take into account punctuation all the time (they didn’t reply to it). Read more on the reCaptcha site at

      Excerpts from the link:

      “By entering the words in the box, you are also helping to digitize texts that were written before the computer age. The words that you see were taken directly from old texts that are being scanned and stored in digital format in order to preserve them and make them more accessible to the world. Since some of the words in these texts are difficult for computers to process, we are using the results of your efforts to help decipher them…

      To archive human knowledge and to make information more accessible to the world, multiple projects are currently digitizing physical books that were written before the computer age. The book pages are being photographically scanned, and then transformed into text using “Optical Character Recognition” (OCR). The transformation into text is useful because scanning a book produces images, which are difficult to store on small devices, expensive to download, and cannot be searched. The problem is that OCR is not perfect…

      reCAPTCHA improves the process of digitizing books by sending words that cannot be read by computers to the Web in the form of CAPTCHAs for humans to decipher. More specifically, each word that cannot be read correctly by OCR is placed on an image and used as a CAPTCHA. This is possible because most OCR programs alert you when a word cannot be read correctly.

      But if a computer can’t read such a CAPTCHA, how does the system know the correct answer to the puzzle? Here’s how: Each new word that cannot be read correctly by OCR is given to a user in conjunction with another word for which the answer is already known. The user is then asked to read both words. If they solve the one for which the answer is known, the system assumes their answer is correct for the new one. The system then gives the new image to a number of other people to determine, with higher confidence, whether the original answer was correct…”

  19. hello_kitty says:

    @Vikas, sam: Yes, I understand about reCAPTCHAs. What annoys me is having to solve more than one of them per session. I like to click on book pages, click on the links and download, and then go on to another book. Solving reCAPTCHAs slows that process down considerably, and forces me to place my hands on the keyboard and type. I’m a good typist with good eyesight, but it’s still a serious annoyance. Generally, after a couple of reCAPTCHA challenges, I leave the site. Perhaps this is what Smiley wants…to reduce the speed at which browsers and download books. If so, he’s succeeding. But if another site appears that does not present reCAPTCHAs, I’m forsaking, for sure.

    @oksluka: If you’ve made sure that no Javascript or pop-up blockers are interfering with your login attempts, the next thing to try might be to sign up under a different username, with a different Google email account. I don’t know what country you’re from, so I can’t say whether that’s part of your problem. And try a different browser from the one you’re using…

    • oksluka says:

      @ hello_kitty: Well, I have already tried signing up under a different username (without any luck whatsoever, as the site declared my new account to be disabled the moment I first tried to log in under the new name) AND using a couple of different browsers. Nothing works :( And today I tried to create yet another account AND it proved to be impossible to do, because I kept getting the “reCAPTCHA entered incorrectly” message! Can you believe it? I feel like the site really hates me … or my Internet provider .. or my country (I’m from Ukraine, BTW).

      • hello_kitty says:

        Hmmm, it sounds to me as if either is blocking you, perhaps because of your location, or else your ISP and/or government is not happy about access. Were you ever able to access the old Gigapedia? Are there other sites that you cannot login to? And are there some sites that you successfully access? If you can’t login to ANY websites that require login, it’s either your computer set-up or your ISP/government, it seems to me…

        • oksluka says:

          Well, I asked my husband yesterday to register an account from his office computer, and the attempt was successful. However, he was unable to log in using the details from my account. This suggests that it is not a country problem, I guess. I wrote to the admin about this, and I really hope I’ll get an answer explaining what is going on. Thanks, anyway.

          • hello_kitty says:

            I hope you can resolve your problem, oksluka.

            And how many people in Ukraine speak English as well as you do? Very impressive!

            • oksluka says:

              Thank you :) In Ukraine, not very many people my age or older speak English, but most parents will go to any lengths to make their kids learn the language (as a prerequisite to finding a good job), so, hopefully, the situation will improve with time :)

            • Max says:

              I am also from Ukraine and since month or more I cannot log into library NU. It’s a pity! My provider is okay. Looks like Ukrainian IPs were blocked from inside the site.
              And by the way, for those not aware: Ukraine is in central Europe and a lot of young people speak English here.

            • oksluka says:

              @Max: Ooh, finally someone from Ukraine with the same problem! Who is your Internet provider? Is it Ukrtelecom? I think it’s the provider who is to blame :(

            • Max says:

              No, it is not Ukrtelecom, its uarnet. But with beeline and farlep, for example, works good! I tested today and it is obvious that admins blocked certain subnetworks, possibly to prevent ddos attacks. But hey guys, you have also blocked a lot more innocent users! And hackers anyway will get to you through other networks, you have to find more effective protection. And pleeease unblock us!!!

      • narimane says:

        hey! I am goin exactly thru d same thing here!!!! so bad

  20. lovely says:

    hi, is down or… i mean,all i get is the captchas coming up again and again when i try to log in… and the site says that i’ve been ‘deactivated’ and yet when i try to re-register it says that i am registered… have i done something wrong..

    i did recommend that a book.. did i make a mistake? or is the site simply inaccessible for the moment.. been trying for several days now.
    kinda frustrating..

  21. hello_kitty says:

    @lovely: Just checked…no login problems over here. I’m not sure what’s behind a login problem over several days.

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      We frequently use the site here (New Delhi); no problems at all. Looks like the issue is specific to certain locations only. Yesterday, it proved a godsend for a friend who was looking for books for his research. :)

  22. smiley says:

    Sigh this is what happens when some people are not able to read the very short rules of the site. Ironic for a site that is about reading ebooks!

    If your account is banned then yes you will not be able to login, but since we are nice you can continue to use the featured section.

    Recaptchas are shown due to people abusing the website (few people above you know who you are!), wasting time that could be used to develop the site or post more entries!
    If you want to see less of them then start helping the site by posting etc and build up trust and reputation. It is not a one way leeching street.

    To summarize read the SHORT rules of the site, particulary the bits about:
    * spamming site with requests, we are not fracking santa claus!
    * accessing the site via OPEN PUBLIC proxies, putting the site and your account at risk

    If you are unable to login then contact support AT (replace AT with @) and you will be helped or in case your account is disabled told why.

  23. hello_kitty says:

    @Smiley: I guess you google yourself, huh? (heh)

    Some of your points and my responses follow…

    “Recaptchas are shown due to people abusing the website (few people above you know who you are!), wasting time that could be used to develop the site or post more entries!”

    This can’t be completely true. I started seeing reCAPTCHAs on the day I signed up with the new (after having been a long-time Gigapedia user). I had no history with, and yet, after the third book page view, the reCAPTCHAs started, and they continued for every subsequent book page request. So “abusing the website” means trying to look at more than about three book pages? I would say that that’s very peculiar, to say the least. And not long ago, I started getting reCAPTCHAs on the very first book page view, after not having logged in for a few days. How could I have been abusing the site when I hadn’t even logged in for quite a while?

    “If you want to see less of them then start helping the site by posting etc and build up trust and reputation. It is not a one way leeching street.”

    I don’t have access to original e-books–that’s why I go to in the first place! And if you want to run your site like a torrent (user download must be matched by user upload), maybe you need to say that somewhere, and change the terms of use. I don’t use torrents for security reasons, and many others would feel the same way, I’m sure.

    “To summarize read the SHORT rules of the site, particulary [sic] the bits about:
    * spamming site with requests, we are not fracking santa claus!
    * accessing the site via OPEN PUBLIC proxies, putting the site and your account at risk”

    The site is set up to be an online e-book library, which means that users are going to be searching for books and looking at book pages. That’s what you call “spamming”? Unbelievable, man. Wake up to what your site is presenting itself as being! If it’s not that, don’t put “library” in the name of the site!

    Plus, your site does not store the e-book files and serve the downloads, so how much of a load is really being placed on it by a request for a simple webpage?

    • All Knowing says:

      No, what he/she calls spamming is requests. Please read what he/she said. No requests are allowed. Period. And no, the site is not an online library, it is a collection of links people have found on the net. No open public proxies either. The site takes time, effort and some money to maintain, if you don’t like the site, start your own. Do that site your perfect way. But be ready for the perfect headaches and long hours that come with it.

      Never have so many complained about the efforts of so few…

  24. Mangore says:

    The message I get whenever I try to enter lately is:”502 Bad Gateway”.
    Does anybody have any idea of what this means and if is still functioning?

  25. shao says:

    Question: how do you deregister from

  26. hello_kitty says:

    @Mangore: I sometimes get that message when I do a search on the site. Generally, refreshing the page or starting the search over again takes care of the problem.

    @shao: Try sending Smiley an email. He might–or might not–comply with a deregistration request. Check his posting above for the address.

  27. Man from Morocco says:

    I am not able to log in to since a month I contacted the admin still no response i really want to know whats going on i think its a country problzem I am from Morocco

    very disapointed its not fair at least we should get a response why they are doing that

    • narimane says:

      hey, I hav been havin d same prob for about 3 months now. am from Morocco too! frustratin huh!
      I tried to contact them nd got the answer am not authorized to do so!!

  28. A french guy says:

    Same problem since a few days : my years-old account doesn’t work anymore, and I’m forced to captcha and recaptcha again, and more annoying I can’t use the search tool.

  29. Man from Morocco says:

    Now Im not able to login or register I always get the following message

    “login is disabled you can use the featured section in meantime.”

    I want just to know whats goin on? whats the problem? thats all

  30. hello_kitty says:

    @Man from Morocco: It might be your country of origin that’s the trouble. Were you ever able to login to the old Gigapedia?

    @A french guy: If you’re trying to login to but are using your old Gigapedia info, that’s not going to work. You have to re-register (I know, it’s aggravating, but that’s Smiley for you).

    • narimane says:

      I am havin d same prob.
      From Morocco as well. Have used gigapedia for a whole year and Library nu for one month. then it stopped workin!!!!
      I tried to re-register nd log in but it didnt work. !!!! kind of frustratin

  31. Man from Morocco says:

    thank you kitty for replying when I try to go to gigapedia im diverted to I did register to the new site it was working for me for months but now im not able tolog in thats what happened
    I hope I can get an answer from smiley

  32. hello_kitty says:

    @Man from Morocco: If you got a message that said something like “login disabled”, it could be that Smiley manually disabled your account. Maybe you looked at more than 3 book pages in a day and he thought you were “spamming” the site (sorry, I couldn’t resist that!). Anyway, if you were using the site in an “acceptable” manner, it’s not easy to guess the problem. Good luck getting an answer from Smiley; he might deign to respond to you at some point.

  33. Man from Morocco says:

    Thank you kitty for replying to me,

    Yes sometimes I did download books many times per day, is there any rule prohibiting this? you are right maybe my account was disabled because they think I was spamming?

    • hello_kitty says:

      In his post on April 26th (see above), Smiley seems to indicate that he thinks that looking at more than a small number (3 or 5 or whatever) of book pages during a single visit to constitutes “spamming” or “abusing” the site. Of course, this is manifestly absurd, but he’s the guy who runs the site so what can you do? He seems to think that users should post links to new e-books to compensate for their book page views, in that way building “trust and reputation”. Not do this seems to him to be “leeching”.

      So if you were downloading what he considers to be too many books, he may well have banned you. I’d try getting a new account if I were you, but if you have a fixed IP address (or if Smiley banned your entire country!), that won’t help, of course. I wish you good luck!

  34. smiley says:

    Jesus wept
    @hello_kitty how about you stop fracking misinterpreting what I have written here in black an white earlier, and drop your conspiracy theories.

    • max says:

      Hi smiley! Can you explain only why are you blocking whole provider networks in certain countries. I can understand it as an immediate measure during attack on site, but how can it secure your site in long term?

      You’re blocking a lot of innocent users!

  35. hello_kitty says:

    @Smiley: I’ve not knowingly said anything false. If I’ve misinterpreted you in any way, I welcome specific correction(s).

  36. Man from Morocco says:

    Thank you again Kitty for replying to me,

    thank you your arguments make sense for me , Smiley can you just answer why you are doing that to special countries or special individuals, if there are rules about the maximum number of books we can download per day just convey the rules plainly to people, if you havent banned me or banned other people can you just tell us whats the problem then why we cannot login anymore, I hope you can respond to me as im still waiting your response by email….

  37. Marie says:

    Could someone explain to me why has been down for “maintenance” for nearly 24 hours?

    I go there and every time I get this message: “Service is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance works, try the site a little later on please.”

    Yet there is absolutely NO further information anywhere on why this “maintenance works” is being carried out, how long it’s been carried out and how much longer we have to wait until the “maintenance works” is finished.

    It would be helpful to have an official Facebook page or Twitter feed to provide updates on the progress of any future “maintenance works”.

  38. neyo says:

    I am very much in need of books on Government and Nonorofit Accounting,but I could not find,download as well.

  39. kamal says:

    hiii guys , i hav prb tht , i m not able to download books from how can i download plzzzzzzzzzz tell me

  40. MG34 says:

    hi, as of May 20, 2011 login is possible, searching is OK, but there is no downloading, alas.

  41. hello_kitty says:

    As of yesterday (May 20, 2011), was working properly both for searching and downloading. Unfortunately for users, the reCAPTCHA link-hiding software was working, too…all too well.

  42. mistlike says:

    my account first be down level from regular to newbie for I access frm blackip, and I send mail to explain why, then my account is disable ….
    how can I get back my account?

  43. vishal says:

    i think the site laks funds its server are not up to date

  44. snuggie says:

    I’m another user trying to access from Ukraine and failing to login/register.

    Upon registration attempt, the site promptly informs me that registration is disabled. Is this the case for anyone else?

  45. merula says:

    I used Gigapedia for some time without any problems and can login to but cannot find any download links on the pages where the books are featured, on the left side there is “metadata, shelves, description” etc. but where are the download links ?

  46. abu siddik says:

    I can not log in account with the help of their passwords. Though i repeatedly type the exact user ID and password the message I invariably got is Log In failure. Is there anybody to help me.

  47. Hans says:

    I can log into, but I can see access only some of the items. Often, when I click on an item in the list, I get this message: “not authorized to access resource”. Anybody has the same problem? Any solution? Do I need to become a donor (or a contributor)?

    Apart from that problem, I wish gigapedia would come back! The new site is much worse! I appreciate the hard work the site’s staff is putting into the project, but as a matter of fact, they are about to ruin one of the most useful sites for academics. I know academics from all over the world for whom gigapdia/ has changed the way they research, and it would be truly sad to see that gone. Well, eventually an alternative will appear and take over gigapedia/’s function, but it doesn’t has to be this way.

  48. Jane says:

    Gigapedia was great. It’s no longer working, as far as i can tell. Used it a lot earlier. Is it that somebody put their little wet paws on the world’s largest free book depository? It would make sense – lots of money you could make selling the database if there is no longer any other way to get the books… Making a new name and moving the site also makes sense, people are confused about it, thinking something legitimate is causing problems. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it – so there really was no reason for the ‘move’ than the other more likely alternative i mention. Also, solving captchas is useful not only when you help make scanned books clearly readable, but also when less-than-legitimate sites need captchas solved for their own purposes, so they grab it and give it to you to solve… i heard this in a talk at uni, this is how spamming sites get over their captchas problems – they get you to solve them at some other site! maybe good money to be made with it. Anyway, books on gigapedia – rest in peace!

  49. Caesar says:

    The rules of the site should be crystal clear for everybody to understand.

    This is not the case in, where it seems that you get banned in a fuzzy way that is NOT explained anywhere. I think that the people that run have started to see things in the wrong way.

    If they believe that with an attitude like that, the site will continue to be popular they are going to be surprised in a bad way. News travel fast on the internet and frustration is not a nice feeling to experience, specially if you have not even understood what you did wrong and if you have no way for a second chance.

    It’s a shame because it’s like they show you the door to the “paradise” for a while and then lock you out of it. I have to depend on other resources for now, but I am sure that another project will surface soon that will keep the old spirit of gigapedia (without restrictions and hidden rules) and then the people from will understand that they should be more kind to the users and that reality has its way of fixing this kind of behavior.


    • Roger says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more Caesar. As a former Gigapedia user, I too have seen a downturn in the way the site has become more dictatorial. It seems that I have been banned without reason for given a warning and I am pretty sure I know why. I have identified a serious problem with the way that hey classify their fiction/literature books. Basically, over a long period of time, they have been perpetuating the same error that means that nearly 50% of books classified under fiction shouldn’t be there. I have been notifying them of the errors and I have received polite replies but basically, nothing is being changed. On the one hand they say they want errors brought to their attention and then you find yourself banned, presumably for bringing too may errors to their attention! I too yearn for the former days when you felt you were dealing with a very “human” website that were tying to provide a useful service, and I for one, has offered my appreciation, even to the extend of offering as donation. Then this! Pretty disgusted really!

  50. hello_kitty says:

    Friends, is what it is. It’s now to the point that after a click or two, the reCAPTCHAs make their appearance–the other day, they started appearing on my very first book link click, so there’s not even a pretense that they’re serving some useful purpose other than aggravation and slowing users down to a crawl on the site. And maybe you’re right, Jane, that they’re generating cash. There’s just no avoiding them.

    smiley has managed to turn a good idea into a much less good idea. But it’s pretty clear that Google is backing his play, so there’s no recourse.

    • Chris says:

      See my earlier comment re: Instead of zipping a download file, use, register at their site, and keep yourself logged in there while downloading files. It’s been working fine for me.

    • All Knowing says:

      Google is backing his play???? Do you have a clue as to what you are talking about? Google has not a thing to do with this.. You are so ignorant of basic facts, and you are spreading nonsense all over this board. Please, please, get informed before you type again and make a further fool of yourself…

  51. mehdi says:

    hello i can not log in for but i have user and password. and insert correctly! can help me?

  52. Rahim1345 says:

    I have been using library .nu(former gigapedia) for last 2 or 3 years ago.
    But from one or two month ago I had some problems with login.
    I think authorities are going to remove free download capability and recieve money for their services, and recent problems in login and registration signifies my opinion.
    It is better site authorities explicitly express the matter.

  53. An says:

    Hi everyone! I can not log in for with my PC but I have no problem ưhen log in with my phone. Who can help me

  54. augur says:

    Hi! I have the same problem: can’t login into the (( Few weeks ago it was OK(

  55. Anonymouse2521 says:

    UGH!! Anyone have this problem RIGHT AFTER DONATING?! I’m so ticked off!! Not even 5 hours have passed since I downloaded and I am now disabled?! Anyone else get disabled after donating??

  56. Anonymouse2521 says:

    I meant to say “not even 5 hours had passed since I DONATED” before I’d been “disabled.”

  57. Anonymouse2521 says:

    So sorry for my rantings in my earlier post. I would have deleted it but am not sure how to. I sent an email and received a reply. I was given instructions to recover my account and it now works. :)

  58. AJ says:

    Always ‘registration is currently disabled’

  59. augur says:

    now it’s OK. Registration enabled

  60. muthukumar says:

    reCAPTCHA is not visible to retype. so its difficult to log in.

  61. muthukumar says:

    reCAPTCHA is not visible. pealse make it to log in successfully.

  62. muthukumar says:

    now i am able to log in. thanks to

  63. milad says:

    Did you know that remove from its download links?so why did it such a clear foolish things?

    • napoleon says:

      I managed to get links even in November after you posted this but recently did not see them. Is it something they periodically do to change the links?

  64. nogoid says:

    And now, the final blow: searching is also disabled.
    Fuck them all to hell.

  65. milad says:

    I agree with augur but I don’t know why they do such a real foolish things

  66. mrl says:

    Without logging in, I see no search box. Also, without logging in, I see no download links on books pages. It’s possible that certain domains or IP ranges have been blocked from seeing those. With no comments from the site owners, as usual.

  67. mrl says:

    No can do, I’ve been blocked. And all I did was downloading books… No explanation given, either. And no replies to my mail… And the IP address has apparently been blocked, as well, for I cannot login with a new account, either.

  68. Nicole says:

    Does anybody know somewhere I can download resources from? I’ve been relying on for my work, but can’t anymore since I can’t even download books in the featured section, let alone log in. I feel really, really bad about this.

  69. AndrewMacCloud says:

    If you register at and you download a couple of books each day and you don’t post yourself or donate at least 10 euro/dolar then your account and ip adres will be banned within a few days after registration……no warning, no email with explanation..nothing

    It’s a really nasty site, we should ban it all together!!!!

  70. tipsy monkey says:

    i hate it nowadays………. can anyone sugest any other site???

  71. tipsy monkey says:

    i hate it nowadays!!! can anyone sugest any other sites??? m so irritated!!

  72. Rosemaryx says:

    Always “registration is currently disabled”.
    WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Kate says:

    Nicole, have you tried an above-the-boards library for your institution, city, state/province, or country? More and more traditional libraries are offering their patrons free online access to scholarly materials. Bonus: the usage statistics generated by going through the library enables the library to argue more effectively for a fair share of its funding!

  74. Max says:

    For those who feel disappointed by (who obviously are after some cash) I can suggest and 99% of the books on are there on those sites as well.
    As for’s lust for donations, it would be all fair, were they not themselves stealing from editors and authors. And they are no longer pretending: I remember, when they just started the site, only a few of the books were registration restricted, now it’s 100%

    • Milad says:

      Thanks max for your suggestions.

    • eisdr says:

      @Max and where do you think those websites copy the ebooks from?

      There is quite alot of bullshit on this page I have to say, has few simple rules to follow but unlike those sites above has the largest collection of ebooks, most features
      AND more importantly has no advertising and malware that the likes of avaxhome try to get on your computer…

      • mrl says:

        @eisdr – perhaps, but (or its owner) also has an attitude problem…

      • Max says:

        I don’t know where they take copies from. I presume, most of them come from commercial institutional subscriptions for electronic versions of books purchased from various publishers. The rest are manually scanned books.
        Yes, they used to be convenient in many ways but their lust for donations is a bit of a turn-off. Plus they are stringent as to how many you can download as a free member before your account is blocked. Looks more like a club for those who donate. That makes their activity even less legal than it already is. And how likely to donate or upload are those who/whose university can’t afford their own subscription and access to ebooks?
        By the way their site seems to be down altogether…

  75. eisdr says:

    Oh and lets not forget this avaxhome project called wiredshelf

    They are actually charging for books that could be gotten for free and do not belong to them

    • Max says:

      A lot of sites offer premium stuff. But it’s always a matter of choice. In most cases you can still download being a free member. I have never had any problem using avaxhome, where you don’t even have to register to download. I don’t mind ads and offers that I don’t have to click on if I want to download, I just ignore them. And I have never come across the projects you refer to.
      On though you have to upload or donate after a very short while. And you absolutely have to register, which you can only do if it’s an open regostration day. Anyway, in the end, it’s a matter of personal preference I guess

      • eisdr says:

        You do not have to upload or donate on, only if you want advanced features (that are not available on avaxhome etc) then yes posting would help you.
        Otherwise follow the simple rules of not using proxies and not opening hundreds of entries a day and you be fine.

        Has it occurred to you that library might be doing that to slow down avaxhome leechers who will take links from good filehosts that have no waiting or captchas such as mediafire,megaupload and ifile

        and then post on avaxhome with filesonic, filepost etc scum filehosts where you have to wait or pay

        no i suppose it didnt occur to you that you are directing people to go to a scummy + dodgy eastern european maffia run site.

  76. Max says:

    What advanced features are you talking about? On avaxhome you don’t have to register to search, unlike And speaking of hundreds, my account was blocked after i downloaded something like 10 books. And that “try again” trick with re-entering CAPTCHA seems to be an invention of those behind I don’t think “advanced features” of that type can win them users.
    I’m not forcing anyone to use any site. And I am not using offensive words either. I only suggest something that can replace for those who are not happy with it. I’m not suggesting something that I haven’t tried myself. Every site has both good and bad sides. And people choose by trying out themselves, not by reading promotional posts. If something falls short of their expectations, they’re not coming back unless it changes, no amount of telling them they’re wrong will work. That’s another simple rule to follow))

    • Milad says:

      Thank you very much Max for your beautiful explanation. In addition the virtual world must be absolutely free of charge especial for taking knowledge from a book, the great invention of human beings. All the Government must pay the duty who get the taxes before by our freaking votes for having power and wealthy for controlling country that they did it in zero percentage qualification.

  77. Kifele says:

    Why can’t I register on ?

    First it kept refreshing the page (I guess indirectly) asking me to install Silverlight. It appeared as bunch of links on the bottom of register page. I start typing my name it reloads the page, start again – same story.

    Then I installed Silverlight and the message from the bottom was not there any more, but page kept reloading itself.

    Any suggestions? I’m in Canada, if it makes difference…some blockages maybe as with some other sites?


  78. Morrow says: now utilizes Evecookies (, which is why Silverlight became obligatory. But it seems the admin screwed something up and it keeps refreshing even when Silver is installed.

    Just look through the registration’s page source code and you’ll find “evercookies.js” script.

  79. Kifele says:

    Thanks Morrow,

    Any idea what to do or we have to wait until admin figures it out?


  80. Demtsu says:

    I have been using gigapedia since 2008 and now my old account is deleted (or can’t) AND I can not re-register for I can not access the “register” link. I am a student and this site was my lifeline. what is going on please somebody help!!!!!

  81. anuradha says:

    i cannot register into plz help & suggest how to register.

  82. All Knowing says: is invite only when it reopens registrations which are now closed.

  83. eisdr says:

    “ is an invite only community, if you are not a member you are missing out…”

    It says on front page, good thing I am a member :) none of the site mentioned above like or have anywhere near as many ALIVE entries as does or as wide range of ebooks available [500,000!]

  84. oi says:


  85. dexter says:

    Let us hope that this is just temporary. Otherwise it would be something like Robin Hood changing into Scrooge, disgusting at least. None of the people who contributed expected that their donations would become restricted to anyone, closed under some VIP door for whatever reason. Copyrights are rip off made by publishing companies anyway, completely unsustainable in telecommunications era. I am greatly indebted to for their help until now. But if this continues, I can only suggest that we all return to peer-to-peer means, and open everything we got.

    • Arthur says:

      Man, that would be a problem. We can all guarantee that was VIRUS FREE…peer-to-peer had given me so many viruses (first emule, then ares, then limewire, etc, etc); and also some “users” just start making bots and putting things to get info from my computer…to risky. I feel so sad about this, lets hope and cross our fingers that everything can be as before.

      • dexter says:

        Yes, that could be a problem. My way of dealing with this is to install emule on virtual machine and never download anything that has more than 100 seeds. Those things are viruses. And emule still works perfectly for finding books, it’s a good replacement for

  86. somedude says:

    I’m one more person who can no longer log in. So sad.

  87. Kifele says:

    So, guys is there anyone who would like to invite me to the club?


  88. ayuumi says:

    hey guys, would you like to share us a username and password, so we all can use it together? plissss? i really need to get into this site, it’s quite hardly to get a nice book in my country :(

  89. hansj says:

    Dear all, I only see the Simpsons at a carousal but no books at Do you have any ideas?

  90. tauseef says:

    how to open an account in……… does not provide any chance for that …….

  91. Anna says:

    is the ban for life? sad…

  92. sad says:

    Have an accout since 3 years, but now Im locked out. :(

  93. I am tsegaye from Ethiopia Addis Ababa University
    Please tell me how I can signup to this
    Thank You in advance

  94. Bookworms says:

    How would I register as a user for Few of my friend can even login and access most of the books.

  95. lovelibraryNU says:

    i’m one of the user that cannot access it anymore..hix…any chance to get into again (someone want to invite me to the club)?

  96. Those Fuckers says:

    For those who don’t understand what tha fuck is going on (!!!!

    “created: 2010-12-02 17:16 updated: 2011-12-16 17:54 by: anonymous

    All members are expected to follow these basic rules, failure to do so would lead to a warning (if a contributing member) and/or eventual removal from the site.

    1.No requests! please do not place any requests in comments/message/reports etc, doing so will lead to an immediate ban.
    2.Listen to staff, vip and senior members of the site who might contact you from time to time in order to give you feedback and help you become a better member. You must listen/understand and act on any communication, they are there to help you. Do not forget to check on a regular basis the my account page (feedback/comments left by staff are shown there) and your private messages.
    3.Keep your privacy: do not share your account with anyone (and ensure you are using a strong password) or use public proxy / tor / vpn or post your email address. the site automatically bans users using open public proxies due to the amount of abuse we get!
    4.Do not spam comments and/or reports, this is not an advertising ground for other sites.
    5.Do not ask for promotion, you will be promoted in due time based on your contributions.
    6.Show respect to others.
    7.Use accurate information: When posting make sure you enter accurate information, fake posts are a form of spam and get you in trouble.
    8.Avoid flaming: In discussions and comments, avoid sensitive topics such as politics, religion, sex, ethnicities, nationalities, personal values, etc. Please refrain from any subject which can cause discomfort to your fellow members. We reserve the right to delete any discussion and/or comments without notice.
    9.Avoid duplicates: If you want to post a new thread then make sure that older threads on the same topic do not exist. Duplicate threads are generally not welcomed and may be removed without notice. Use the threads search (top right) for searching past threads.
    10.No leeching! If you are one of the heaviest users and show no intent of helping out by posting/reporting etc. and just leech then your account maybe removed, we expect users to help out and get involved.
    if you have an issue with any of the rules, contact us (contact link at bottom of all pages)

    Staff might contact you from time to time and/or leave feedback, you are expected to listen to staff and follow any advice/warnings given. Ignoring staff is not a good idea and will lead to account removal.”

  97. mojtaba says:

    Dear all
    my username worked even with new site address( but recently it is not work and give me the message: “unable to login, check username and/or password are entered correctly “.
    please help me to active my username.
    thanks a lot.

  98. best library from your web service. thank you

  99. gorgasal says:

    I have the same problem. It has errors with username and I need it so much :(((

  100. getinet mequanint says:

    it is difficult to be registered , why i can not ?

  101. paronaco says:


  102. Arthur says:

    PLEASe, can you see?? Something I know from gigapedia (or is that they WANTED some privacy and just keep “the secret of this magical source for getting books”between your close academic circle…and like that. I think it´s the users themselvs who just started spreading the word and…as you can see…you can type or gigapedia on google and FIND PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT IT….while it GOT TO BE CONFIDENTIAL!!!! WE are just making the “proof” those peopñle need to close this page…
    And F*ck, ironically, I´m doing it while writing this….
    PLEASE, we need FREEDOM of knowledge!!

  103. Lola says:

    I was kicked out of without being warned. That’s so unfair. There was absolutely no limits on the amount of books that can be downloaded/day on the website.

    The staff has to be careful in how they manage the website.

  104. phalzbaj says:

    Something very funny is going on with Not worth it anymore.

  105. geiger says:

    yeah the admin and staff at have big attitude problems, they want to act “like a boss”.
    Lately this went ridiculous, with the frontpage showing the Simpsons’ Stonecutters’ song (like saying “we are the Illuminati”, c’mon).
    Access has become more and more restricted to higher level users only (they call’em “librarians” or even “VIP”). Just a few days ago they forbid any access to the forum for everyone up to “regular” level (which includes many honest and contributing users).
    Bottom line: people will leave the site in mass. Cheers

  106. geiger says:

    btw one site you should REALLY check out is
    (three mirrors of same database)
    pity you cant search in descriptions like

  107. geiger says:

    btw you should REALLY check out the following:
    Three mirrors of same database
    pity you cant search in descriptions like

  108. Keni Lynch says:


    When I try to login, I get a message saying that I’m ‘banned for failing to read, understand and follow the rules of the site’. I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me what rule I infringed because if I did, I’m really sorry because I had no intention of ever doing so.

    Perhaps, it was due to me failing to upload any books. If so, I promise to do so at the earliest opportunity, if you can give me a second chance.

    I’m in the process of applying to graduate school and I live in an isolated life in a non-English speaking country, so I truly need access to your library just to keep up to date, not to mention just to feel sane. I also beg you to help me re-join your library as I need to look up certain professors’ works to see if they would be people I would be compatible with working together.

    As you may know, the university graduate school deadlines are happening right now and will continue till around the end of February, but with some applications, I need to have made myself acquainted with certain professors works right now!

    Please help!

    Yours sincerely

    Keni Lynch

    • Ajat says:

      This is what exactly happens to me today.

      They didn’t tell me the reason I’m being banned. So I tried to email the admin, their email address is : admin at

      you should try it yourself.

      I hope both our problems can resolve.

  109. minu says:

    how can i do account in

  110. justin says:

    First, whatever book I needed to download would get the “there is no link is currently available for this download” error would appear. Now it seems that my account has been deleted, as I can neither log-in nor does the password recovery recognise my email address. What is happening?

  111. cuci says:

    n my PC appear like this :
    “Oops! Google Chrome could not find
    Try reloading: library.­nu
    Additional suggestions:
    Access a cached copy of library.­nu
    Search on Google:”

    i can not open
    i don’t know why..
    if anybody know please let me know.

  112. hany says: is showing google books preview
    can’t even see the login option..

  113. christy says:

    Thanks to Gigapedia because of it have cleared my Major studies
    I can never forget its contribution to my studies.
    we should boycott all the anti piracy legislation..
    that are hinder our education

  114. alfonso says:

    I think the dream is over.

    It seems that (former Gigapedia) couldn’t resist the legal persecution of copyright. Over just a weekend the intellectual world has suffered a backward step of more than a decade. It is not that we want it back; it is: we need it!

  115. justme says:


  116. hany says:

    @Thanks for the link

  117. mimii says: used to be great site for us
    academics it is no more the
    way it is..we need the site it can search
    even through the descriptions unlike other
    We cannot even purchase the books the price
    of the books are way too much high

  118. Raym says: is showing books preview..
    it has shutdown for life..
    so sad :(

  119. marx says:

    i face problem of login in for 2 to 3 months. it was good source of knowledge plez can any one fix that problem.

  120. marx says:

    It was fun while it lasted guys.
    Thank you for everything and
    I hope you guys are doing well where ever you are!!

  121. tom says:

    It was fun while it lasted guys. Thank you for everything and I hope you guys are doing well where ever you are!!

  122. niny says:

    First, whatever book I needed to download
    would get the “there is no link is currently available
    for this download” error would appear.
    Now it seems that my account has been deleted,
    as I can neither log-in nor does the password recovery recognise
    my email address. What is happening

  123. Peter says: SÍ FUNCIONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. sssad says:

    I was banned from I do not know why??? I was only downloading books… Can anyone can help me? Is that forever?

  125. linda says:

    I was banned long time ago..I think in december. ‘
    Gigapedia used to work smoothly.. has issues with e-mail from
    the start..They don’t detect the a/c ,
    Recaptcha problem etc
    Now they don’t have registeration option too.
    I think its forever or may be when they are out
    of the legal troubles they will show register option

  126. linda says:

    was long time ago..I think in december. ‘
    Gigapedia used to work smoothly.. has issues with e-mail from
    the start..They don’t detect the a/c ,
    Recaptcha problem etc
    Now they don’t have registeration option too.
    I think its forever or may be when they are out
    of the legal troubles they will show register option

    • aghor says:

      Ya ,,u r correct ,they have canceled many accounts and no ther is no registration, but few old accounts are working, once ther was a notification for users who downloaded too many books, so those acounts were cancelled…very sad.

  127. Sachin says:

    Have “sopa and pipa” given death blow to

      • sousou says:

        without ” register ” or “login ” on, we have any possibility now because,”” is also banned ! I was banned yesterday with it, from Since, I just can see the title but I can’t have any link of book !.. and I can’t change my login with another because I have only one ! On YouTube, with our login on Google, we can ( perhaps ? ! ) have the login on with “” ( but I don’t know if it’s true ! ) – Also, on Facebook, seems to change to “Essentials for knowledge”? I search with Ifilesearch, but I have nothing. Do you know how to create a new account on ? Otherwise, are you definitively banned ?, Thank you : I look forward to your answers !

  128. aghor says:

    how to create new account in gigapedia or

  129. drg says:

    I managed to sign in via today…

  130. bosta says:

    I cant to download book now,because your site( now,and me cant use it.please guide me (what do I for download now).

  131. Wonde says:

    Thanks a lot savior eisdr

  132. Averroes says:

    To Hello Kitty, all other whining, complaining, self-indulgent parasitical feeders:


    If you’ve been banned, there were reasons you got banned. The basic point about free sharing of knowledge is that it works only when you don’t abuse the freedom of others, especially those who’re sharing with you. It hinges a lot on respect, and respect for the rules of the site on which you’re expected to agree when you step in in the first place. You could have played Solitaire on your computer, read Google Book snippets, or you could have bought books off the corporate publishers’ sites who charge steep prices with a knife on your throat. Once you visit someone’s home, you’ve to respect their rules. Simple as that.

    If you haven’t shared a bit, you have no reasons to complain about those who share.

    If you haven’t helped a bit (even if you couldn’t share or donate), by reporting dead links, suggesting entry corrections, etc. it means you were selfish enough to think only for yourself, and forgot about others once you satisfied your selfish need to find a book.

    If you haven’t thought of the way the site had been run by selfless individuals, devoting their time and energy every passing day over the years, and risking their careers and lives in the joy of freely sharing books for you to read, it means that you’ve no respect for human beings who value freedom. It means that, in a very important aspect, you don’t fit the description “human”. The corporate sharks in the publishing industry precisely want that; they want you to be selfish and uncaring as you are, unconscious parasites and feeders on others’ labour, love, and sharing.

    The Library was there for people who know how to share, help, and respect others who care. It will be there in the future: perhaps, in another form. Sneaky cleverness will get you temporary access- this holds especially for Vikas, who posts manuals like these in the web in the hope he gets blog traffic. In order to stay for a longer time, you’ve to prove you are human, and willing to help and share among friends.

    Hope to see you all there!



  133. Christy says:

    @ Averroes Could not agree more!
    you have rightly put the things up
    :) :)

  134. thomas says:

    Follow the link provided earlier (thanks man!):
    Gigapedia took the login out
    because of the f*****g SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA))
    and PIPA (Protect IP Act).
    They don’t want to end up sued like Wikipedia and all other p2p sharing sites.
    Let’s keep the sharing alive though under SOPA/PIPA’s noses. :^)

  135. kim says:

    it works…. and login

  136. Christmyluv says: was by backbone as university student
    The knowledge i have received has been amazing from its not there
    I feel I have lost a great friend
    its bad.Thanks for all
    u been great……

  137. kim says:

    If you have an account,
    then go to to find the login page.
    If you don’t have an account then you’re out of luck.

  138. kimy says:

    If you have an account,
    then go to to find the login page.
    If you don’t have an account then you’re out of luck.

  139. Iman says:

    to SIGIN go to link:
    Its work… ry it

  140. samantha says:

    yeah thanks..It works for me . :)

  141. Vipp says:

    few minutes ago i can access it
    n i can find ebook n download,
    now i cant open login page

  142. lcin says:

    Many thanks, I confirm the link works!
    Thank you , your suggestion is perfect, I can download some books.
    You both are excellent!!

  143. Chidu says:

    Thank u for yr kind also got it…

  144. Chidu says:

    thanks for yr kind information

  145. Reader says:

    I just got a message from the admin and he said that they are shutting down the site.

    How sad :=(

  146. ghani says:

    I tried many times to open But it seems I landed in google book. Is anyone know what is the problem? Does Google trace the mail address and do not allow to download?


  147. Joshua says:

    I cannot login to the login page either. It is saying incorrect username or password even though I know they are correct. Is the site officially being shut down?

  148. rAMU says:

    Also cannot login..says username and password incorrect, even though i know they are correct, does this mean i have been banned, or the site is being shut down..can someone help please?

  149. Emu says:

    Yes, I used it just 10 Hours ego!! but it shows now password username invalid. Is there any other option left???? or WE lost the site completely???

  150. Javier says:

    I cannot login either. I still don’tknow why!!! This morning I could and I Downloaded ollright, but this afternoon it seems that either my account has been removed or that the site is under some kind of update of sorts.
    Does anyone know what’s really going on?
    If gigapedia shuts down it’s a real tragedy for us investigators in Latin America who cant access this books even if we had the money to buy them.

  151. Moraes says:

    Same problem!

  152. BrainBoy says:

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure what happened. A “tragedy of the commons”, look that up people. And account sharing and password sharing. WTF did you expect to happen? that people would continue to put themselves in jepoardy for leechers?

    Sound off everyone who ever did a damn thing to advance the site…

    • B says:

      What would the difference be if everyone using the site donated? Would it have been saved from shutting down?

      • BrainBoy says:

        Nice attempt at mis-direction. Please read what I said, try real hard to comprehend it. Come back when you have.

        I said nothing about donating. I spoke of helping the site. Of not sharing accounts. Of posting accounts and passwords on stupid blogs like this one. They are, or rather were, all over the net.

        Spin it anyway you wish, post cleverness passing for intelligence, doesn’t change the facts: Site gone, no one here ever did a damn thing help…

    • B says:

      Man, if it’s down for good, it doesn’t and it cannot have anything to do with password sharing or whatever. It’s a legal issue! And in no way anyone could have helped it!

  153. gau says:

    Same here. Can’t login :(

  154. subh says:

    Not able to log in. End up by landing in Google Page……… Any one know other any book downloading site like Gigapedia(Library.Nu)…..

  155. Active PHOENiX says:

    Please Kindly return our access to back.
    The Service was very important to me :(

  156. Roger says:

    Hey!! please restore the login for Library nu…i cannot login…i tried to click on forget passowrd also.. its showing my email id as, invlaid. Please restore the service.

  157. moy01yom says:

    For me, when I try to recover the password it says that only google accounts are allowed ??!!!

    If finally the site is getting closed, damn!, I’m going to miss it!!!

  158. gilou says:

    Hi all!
    Well, the situation looks pretty bad!

    I cannot login too, but from what mailed me someone who still can access the site, the site is broken, and the admin mail account sends an automatic reply message with:

    >> All donations to the project are welcome and at this time will be used towards legal fees :( :( :(.
    >> Please contact once you have donated and include your username in the message so I know who I am dealing with, confirm the transaction and say thanks! Please note that I am not a robot and already flooded with emails as is.

    “and at this time will be used towards legal fees” Dammit!
    I would donate, unfortunately, it seems that the donation page is not accessible for people who had their account disabled.
    I’m really going to miss this site! :(

  159. Hassan says:

    Kindly solve the problem asap. ita a request. :(

  160. Reader says:

    Contact your Congressmen and complain about SOPA. This is the only way that we can get it back.

  161. kai says:

    I tried to login too. This website is very important for academic world. please return it to us who want to help world changing. pleasesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  162. geiger says:

    bad news… is down now, and shows “RIP LNU” (Rest in Peace Library.Nu)…
    the site was probably sued…
    will it ever be back?
    good luck to the admin anyways

  163. Dan says:

    The thing that is unique about this is that offered access to books
    that were nearly inaccessible
    through any other means (such as out of print)
    or were copies of scholarly works that
    cost hundreds of dollars to purchase through legal avenues.

    In a way this is like losing the Library of Alexandria
    all over again because many of these works will once
    again be seen by only a handful of people who
    either have fortunate access to them or the money to buy them.

    Perhaps if the book industry decided to
    make these books (and I’m only talking
    about scholarly works here in this entire comment)
    available in a reasonable manner and
    instead of spending millions of dollars on
    lawyers just dropped the price of these books so
    that more people could actually buy them,
    I’d see that as being reasonable.
    However, being able to access scholarly information is now,
    once again, severely limited.
    This not only hurts people attempting to do research
    , but also the authors themselves
    who will never sell more than a handful of their books.

    In fact, many academics used as well.
    This was not just a book sharing site for people
    wanting the latest King novel, but a place
    where historians and mathematicians could easily gain
    access to important findings and research
    (both new, obscure and old) without having to jump
    through hoops, cut red-tape or spend
    a ton of their own money to access.

    That’s why this, above all the recent file sharing losses,
    is the one that hurts the most.
    Great research will now linger in a moldy
    corner of some publishers archive with a $100 price
    tag attached to it.
    The information inside will hardly be seen
    which hurts the author and the end consumer.

    Publishers need to start granting access
    to these works so that most people can
    reasonably access them and so that they can
    still afford to do business.
    People will pay a fair price for good information,
    but as things stand now the sharing will probably continue.

    • alfonso says:

      Thanks, Dan. You have described crystal clear the situation for the academic community. In the editorial industry prevails the business over the learning. The editorials compensate their investments with just the mandatory buying of hundreds even thousands of Universities in North America and West Europe. A 200 dollar book will be bought by just a handful of individuals, which does not represent any big revenue for the editorials. The greed of these money makers travestied as academics is insatiable.

      Why not come to an agreement with Gigapedia? I think the majority of us would have been ready to pay a modest amount for the use of the platform. Just to compensate some of the expenses they have incurred in. But of course, not if they wanted to increase even more thier already huge earnings.

      Has not any Government been aware of waht it means this recourse for the advancement of learning all over the world? No, they just see legal matters, and are unable to propose any other solution different than “the final solution”.

      To Gigapedia runners: thanks, guys! You’ve made an invaluable contribution to the benefit of humankind.

  164. chika says:

    Although I sensed that the golden age of Internet freedom may be coming to an end, I am surprised at my own sense of loss. I love books. I spend most of my disposable income on books but that only goes so far. Shutting down Gigapedia/ will not make me buy more books. It will make me read less.

    Studying English Literature in a Third World country meant that Gigapedia/ was often my only source of books. Books that I needed to read to be a better student. Books that I wanted to read to be a better person. Not everyone has access to a public library or well stocked bookstores.

    The coalition of publishers who brought this injunction against Gigapedia/ have proved that they do not care about anything other than profit. Maybe we can’t bring Gigapedia/ back, but we can let the publishers know that their greed is unacceptable, I plan to find the entire list of publishers who brought the injunction and I vow to never buy a new book by those publishers: only secondhand.

  165. Holeho says:

    Nothing in the internet is forever. Napster came and went by. But still, it changed the field. might achieve the same for books. As long as there is demand, people will find ways to satisfy it. I am sure alternatives to will appear over time. What is sad is that had such a huge depository of books that might now be destroyed. I hope there is a way to recover all of these books.

    Anyway, kudos to the person responsible for running I (and many other individuals among the globe, mostly from the developing world) am greatly indebted to him. Now he has to probably to pay the price. If there was a secure way, I would like to make a donation to him. I am sure he needs it more than ever now.

  166. karlito says:

    there were already lots (and I mean hundreds) of sites for books before LNU. It just so happened that LNU was the most convenient and organized of them all — kind of like wikipedia. after LNU there are now even more sites for books than ever before — just scattered ALL OVER the net — it takes weeks or months sometimes to find a single title. Instead of fishing for a single catch across an entire ocean, hundreds, if not thousands of fishers actually gathered all their catch into one place with all the tools to maintain easily. It SCARED a lot of folks. Think medical textbooks, for example, they cost hundreds of dollars per book. LNU’s future downfall was already evident when it became too easy for ordinary netizens to access the resources and contribute. There’s a reason why people with financial holdings/interest try to make digital stuff hard to access. They have to artificially create scarcity in resources to ramp up their sales – the problem with digital medium is that bits of data cost almost nothing to reproduce. Imagine if most of amazon kindle owners started removing DRM of their bought books and sharing their files online. Again, it scares a lot of folks.

  167. kyna says:, Book Downloading Site,
    Targeted In Injunctions Requested By 17 Publishers

  168. kyn says:, Book Downloading Site,
    Targeted In Injunctions Requested By 17 Publishers

  169. Reader says:

    Send your encouragement to and let them know that we need them to create another site located in Cuba or some other place that will not agree with the German judge.

    We need this resource.

  170. LNU RIP says: was the best ebook portal. A small number of dedicated individuals were able to construct the site, build a database of over 400,000 links to djvu and pdf books, and benefit over a million members. The site is now down and may never resuscitate. No doubt, other sites will emerge because the service it provided was very essential. Here is a site ( ) that has over 700,000 books. The interface is not as good as that of but what matters is that the stuff is there for those who have the patience.

  171. nikol says:

    Copyrights my ASS!!! what’s going on is a full-blown knockdown for the scientific progress. And I’m not talking about some new ingenious future, time travel, nanotechnology progress, it’s basic education hitting the floor mostly for the underdeveloped countries.

    And that’s exactly my case! I live in Macedonia (the Balkans), a country where the average salary is somewhere around 200eu, and I’m a student, attending a MA degree in communication sci. still writing my thesis these days, and where I come from the public library is not an option. If I needed to pay for the books I referred in my thesis so far I think I would need to work for it the rest of my life, that’s if I find a job, and it’s not an easy endeavor around here.

    If it wasn’t for I doubt I would ever learn to read (academic text), and it’s not an exaggeration, trust me! Our libraries are so poor, mostly containing 30year or older editions of books that almost never refer to the field of communication or any other contemporary science. My professors never hide that they use sites like, avax etc. and share this with students that really like to gain some knowledge in the field. Original textbooks are fiction for most of the subjects in the universities and most of the time they are copy-printed handouts of some god knows how obtained original. If the laws of international treaties like ACTA etc are applied in my country than the whole educational system in my country would have to be declared illegal.

    For a country like Macedonia and the Balkans region generally THIS IS A APOCALYPTIC SCALE DISASTER! I really feel like the dark age is just around the corner these days.

  172. thomas says:

    I’m a PhD student from an East-Europ­ean country who largely depended on the books available on­. Not because I don’t recognize the copyrights­, but because I simply can’t afford to order all of the books I’m interested in. My thesis deals with contempora­ry social practices and our libraries receive only few of the works I need in order for my research to be any good. These policies and measures discrimina­te against all of us who wish to have equal access to knowledge and to contribute with our own well-resea­rched works, but have incomparab­ly less money than the Western countries citizens do, where research activity is paid with more than 200 euros (this is what I get for being an assistant researcher­) and the libraries are always updated. If I could buy them, I would, I always prefer reading a hardcopy instead of a pdf. But I can’t buy them all. And how can one hope for a fair global dialogue in the academia when the access to it is clearly restricted­?

  173. thomas says:

    What about MediaFire links? I believe every book has links to multiples host before the lasted suites.
    Also lbn is just a text database so it won’t take that much work to package the whole thing in a small size archive and make it available for everybody. The community can eventually start an effort of re-uploading the dead links in a decentralized and effective way and keep a unique repository

  174. Gina says:

    The sites make huge profits. They sell ads, they sell upgraded membership­s. Of course they create nothing. They steal all the goods they are selling and rip off the people who actually make this world a better place.

    And your argument about textbook editions is ridiculous­. The student who bought the 7th edition is hardly likely to be studying the same material when the 8th comes out. But if there is new informatio­n, how is it immoral to spend the money it takes to keep the books up to date.

  175. prip says:

    Thing is the Author makes very little and in the way of a textbook next to nothing and the book itself is overpriced and a broken system. Lets take and example that I saw on a college campus a few years ago. Professor contacts with a publisher to make a reference book for his class using journal sources that he picks certain articles to put in said book and then gets a quote on what it would cost each student to purchase said book. The quote they gave him was 40 and for a upper level course book that is a fair price. But then they turned around and sold the book for 80! Screwing both him the person that had complied the sources for the book and the students that had to buy the thing (which would be useless the next semester since that is a course only taught every other spring) Its not novelist that people are against its the greedy textbook companies that issue new texts every year and make the book they printed the previous year worth less than toilet paper. The System is Broken.

  176. Martin says:

    I loved It was a great website with a good collection of free books. I will miss you<3 Sites like shouldn't shut down, instead they should be promoted for giving access to free knowledge and information. During my undergrad, this website helped me a lot by giving me access to important books that I needed to read, but didn't have the money to buy. Please comeback, I NEED YOU:(

  177. dexter says:

    Don’t worry people. Its global process of leveling of human knowledge and culture across the World. Nothing can stop it. Information should be free like the air, and only service, like printing for instance, should be charged for. Paying for information should be voluntarily and directly to the author, as a system of rewarding and supporting creativity. This of course refers to all information, for instance music and films, not just books. That would raise the level of awareness of need for contribution to the authors and at the same time allow them to earn exactly as much as they deserve, circumventing and utterly completely discarding the influence and blackmail of publishing companies. The funniest thing of all is that these copyright directed laws like ACTA and DRM means will only restrict access to information for citizens of rich countries thus far contributing to the before mentioned process of cultural leveling. All others will just revert to peer-to-peer or some other means which will appear in no time. RIP and thank you.

  178. Julian says:

    The allegation of millions in profits to is completely bogus. Almost every news report repeats the same nonsense, with no evidence. The publisher’s lawyers are trying to sell us $10M worth of bull.

  179. Julian says:

    BTW advertising on that site was minimal, as any casual visitor could have seen. Usually none at all, for registed users, even newbies. And there were no membership fees, only voluntary donations, which were never strongly solicited. Apparently it was enough to cover server’s fees.

    To all you supportive voices out there, we should be looking for a way to support legal expenses, which are bound to be heavy, considering the opposition. I heard from a friend that their paypal account had been cut off.

  180. saeed says:

    hala man che khaki tu saram konam!!!!!!!!in site ro chera bastan akhe!!!

  181. A Miserable User says:

    It means that I will will no longer have access to further e-books????
    I wish I lived in a free country in which sources were accessible, then I would never use these free websites to be called a freeloader.
    I am so sorry for the book publishers who are just concerned about their own benefits and do not care what happens to those who, for any unknown reasons, can not access the books.

  182. Su says:

    webside was very successful and useful. many people from all over the world it was provided to benefite.
    Please solve the problem, as soon as possible.
    Best regards.

  183. qubit says:


    Can’t agree more about this 10M revenue bullshit from the lawyers. They don’t mention the cost of running such a huge site. There is virtually no ads on and most of the visitors are from 3rd world countries which means no payment even if they do click on the ads. The owners of said they can barely cover the operating cost and they NEVER call for donation (there is a button for donation but they never beg for it unlike people at wikipedia). The lawyers need to make up this shit because it is difficult to sue someone who is just giving ebooks away to people without anything in return. I hope the best for the admins at It looks like they are under incredible pressure from the lawyers.

  184. Guddu says:

    It looks like even is also gone!

  185. abu siddik says:

    am a phd student on american literature from west bengal. most of the important books are available neither with National Library, Kolkata, or with American Library, kolkata. proved me immense help and now it has been revoked. I appeal to authorities for its revival. And ican assure millions of people support your cause.Publishers’ lawyers should be penalised for their audacity. i can contribute every possible way for the site’s revival.Let’s raise our voice for

  186. mistlike says:

    is there other good ebook source like
    i find it is difficult to find ebook now…

  187. shiningstar says:

    Oh! Its really sad that the site is revoked….

    where to look for books now????????

  188. OOzy says:

    Any idea where to get ebooks now?!!!

  189. theo says:

    please share other sites for downloading books please

  190. Ivan says:

    Now you’re talking. I was planing to make torrents out of the books I’ve got. Destruction of the site really sadden and enraged me. Screw rules,system, society that are rather closing than opening ways for survival and development.

    • BrainBoy says:

      Librarypirates? Really? What an odd name given today’s climate. Anyone smell honey here? These torrents are passkey torrents, every link originator, seeder, leecher is logged and traceable in that environment. And you can never quit the group once you sign up?

      Come on people, this is a honeypot: Hey All LNU members: Bring your books here. So we can track you down and fine/jail you.

      Use your noggins people and walk away from these people…

  191. I have nearly 10 Gigabytes of ebooks from LNU , I would like to propose an initiative to make this books alive again , who can help ? we need to give birth the site again , who can contact smiley . just email me .

  192. BrainBoy says:


    Librarypirates is a honeypot to trap former LNU members. The torrents are tagged, every step is trackable. Sez in their FAQ. Why? Why do they nned to track all users? FAQ also sez you cannot quit the site. Why?

    Also, they are mainly interested in textbooks, which were what LNU was targeted for by the publishers.

    If you upload there, be ready for court…

    • I don’t think they can do anything to us , lots of members in LNU were outside the western world , also we will have the books on our hard drives so if they deleted it we will upload it agian

      • brainboy says:

        Good luck, you were warned. If their rules and blatant name don’t tip you off, well you may deserve to go down. Being Western world is no protection. Only a fool would think so…

        They are placing IDs on all trackers man! Originator, seeder, and downloader, it is in the FAQ. Why would they do that if they wern’t making a list and prosecuting? No private trackers either, just theirs…

  193. BrainBoy says:


    Librarypirates is a honeypot to trap former LNU members. The torrents are tagged, every step is trackable. Sez in their FAQ. Why? Why do they nned to track all users? FAQ also sez you cannot quit the site. Why?

    Also, they are mainly interested in textbooks, which were what LNU was targeted for by the publishers.

    If you upload there, be ready for court…

  194. Bob says:

    Wow…! At last I found the people of
    They are available at

  195. Ivan says:

    Running fake site and distributing illegal content doesn’t sound very realistic to me, and if it is real, it can not last long, what would they do with probably ten of thousands or more people, many of them beyond reach and after distributing so much e-books? it seems that they would be rather helping the access to books. Anti-piracy is about making exemples not tracking down every posible piracy user. On Wikipedia I read that there were cases of bringing torrents users to court in some countries, so if you are wary you can wait and see what will happen, you can also make torrents for books you have and put it on piratbay or somewhere else. You will have to seed if you want people to be able to get the books.
    An for passkeys I haven’t heard about it before but as far I could understand from my search on the internet (Google -> forums and Wikipedia) it’s not something uncommon and, if I understood correctly, main reason is to force people to seed (it allows to track how much you downloaded versus how much you uploaded). I personally don’t like idea of disciplining people, I would rather see it left to people’s conscience and awareness, both should be addressed on the sites, I’m aware that it’s uncertain way and I red that many who doesn’t use passkeys have problems with seeding. Not being able to delete your account sounds little odd, but not particularly threatening to me, if some anti-piracy officials were behind the site, they wouldn’t delete it anyway. That’s how far my logic gets. Maybe Montenegro pirate party where the domain is registered know more. Wish you well – if and if not you were able to make it to the end with reading this :D

  196. mona says:

    hi i’m student university . i’m working on my thesis, but lack of books bothers me alot. please tell me how i could access to best regards

    • Ajat says:

      here are few mirrors (as gerger already pointed out):

      I recommend that we need to be a little bit silent.. more famous the site, more fragile it is.

  197. Hamid Nikooamal says:

    I have the same problem in Iran – Tehran

  198. John Smith says:

    That library pirate sounds dodgy as anything, though I thought we had entrapment laws?

    Read the faq, so dodgy.

  199. OOzy says:

    I guess

  200. mahdi says:

    I have run into the same problem. Did you get any responses? I am in urgent need of some books

  201. mahdi says:

    I have run into the same problem. Did you get any responses? I am in urgent need of some books do you change the website?

  202. Ivan says:

    check the sites mentioned above, if you can’t find it say what you need, maybe someone here can help you

  203. Kobak says:

    I need some books for my thesis and the websites u have wrote above doesn’t have it.
    its name is:

    On a general family of function spaces
    Author: Ruhan Zhao

  204. chien says:

    i had many file downloaded from but now i don’t remember password to unrar these files. Can you help me?

    • amiryeng says:

      Hi Chien,

      If not mistaken the passwords:,, and
      Good luck


  205. Ivan says:

    While it was Gigapedia: – I think

  206. hossein says:

    what is resean of this change? it is a fuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn……

  207. js951538 says:

    New alternative to LNU >

    dont forget thank me ;)

  208. Vijay says:

    Hi js951538. Thank you so much for legalreads, but it seems to be down now. Any alternative?
    Thanks, again for any help you can provide.

  209. GB says: is also down now.!!!!!!

  210. hanibalrach says:

    hi Guys,

    There is some dangerous change in I think the free world will be over in few months

  211. js says:

    coinread is working quite fine, you need to login GB

  212. Vanilla says:

    Coinread is not a free download website at all! Some crappy old stuff may cost you one or two “coins”. But all the new and popular books cost at least 20 coins.

  213. hanibalrach says: the cheapest Book costs 1 Coin. in last week i told U that a free world is over and I think the best is comming may be it will turn to a new Amazon version .
    Wait and see.

  214. Vanilla says:

    Great! Now even coinread is down. What’s the next alternative?

  215. Ivan says:

    Classic pieces of world literature; here I found some classics I couldn’t find on Project Gutenberg website.

  216. Hello everybody, here every one is sharing such knowledge,
    therefore it’s nice to read this web site, and I used to visit this website every day.

  217. Helpful information. Lucky me I found your site unintentionally, and I’m shocked why this accident did not happened in advance!
    I bookmarked it.

  218. Thank you for some other wonderful article. Where else could anyone get that kind
    of information in such an ideal approach of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I’m on the search for
    such information.

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