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Inviting guest posts (paid or unpaid) is becoming a fashion in the blogosphere. It is not without reasons that Guest Blogging is on the rise. There are many freelancers, writers and bloggers (popular or newcomers) who are contributing many great articles on various popular blogs on various themes.

Just because it is your blog does not mean that you have to do all the writing yourself. If you have built credibility and you are popular or if you are paying your writers then you can invite others to write on your blog and it will be very beneficial for you and your blog.

This post is a discussion on reasons why you should seek guest posts on your blog(s). The list is only indicative and not exhaustive. The post also has brief instructions on things to keep in mind while inviting guest posts and how to build a page seeking guest posts on your blog(s).

It saves your time

You have done the hard work. You have established your blog in its niche. You have a good number of visitors and readers who love your blog. Now you have some other irons in the fire. You want to dedicate your time to your other blogs and concerns. Then you should certainly enable guest posting on your blog. Those who have the time to write for you will do it for you as they get exposure and other benefits that your blog would offer while you can concentrate with the more pressing work. The competition today is cut-throat and a blogger needs to publish many articles day in day out. Guest posting can do the magic for you as you will get more hands to share your load.

You get expertise and quality

The guest bloggers who will write for your blog will usually be experts or enthusiastic people with a fair amount of knowledge of your blog niche and related subjects and matters. They will be serious individuals interested in writing and getting the exposure, back links and payment (if you are offering a paid opportunity). While inviting guest posts, you should be clear on specifying what you need (see the terms subheading below for more).

You get new ideas, fresh original content for your blog

No single person is a know-it-all. When you get others to write for you, they may think differently and will contribute articles on your topics that you may have missed. They are more likely to bring new perspectives and issues for discussion and publication on your blog. Also, guest bloggers are usually more conscientious, dedicated and devoted when it comes to writing articles because they also have to build their credibility (it is also a part of their blogger resume). They will write well-researched articles for your blog because of the praise, money, other benefits and the satisfaction it brings.

You set the Terms and Conditions

You call the shots when you seek guest articles on your blog. It is you who control it and you can clearly specify the terms and conditions of submission as you desire. As a matter of fact it is very important that you clearly enumerate all your terms in advance to prevent any disappointment and confusion at a later stage.

You can clearly write on your blog a full information page about the the submission guidelines which, among other things, would include:

  • What do you need in your articles? Specify the standards and quality expected from the articles. Do you also want e-books written by guest authors?
  • What are the topics you want discussed? Specify the topics and categories that your blog caters to.
  • What kind of writers/bloggers you are seeking? Do you want wannabe bloggers or are you looking for established bloggers? Or you want only your friends to write for you?
  • Do aspiring writers need to send you their resume explaining how they fit the bill? Or just some brief info will do?
  • What are the writing and formatting guidelines (such as length of articles, language and grammar instructions, instructions on images, links, words and acronyms etc.)?
  • What are the instructions on republishing, exclusivity, self-promotion, inappropriate content and plagiarism?
  • What are the benefits (such as back links, credits) and monetary benefits (if applicable) that your authors will get?
  • Are you seeking ghost-writers?
  • How should the articles be submitted? What is the procedure for submission?
  • Are you allowing others to open an account on your blog and submit?
  • How often you want the articles?
  • Are you also accepting a pitch (persuasion) or ideas/rough drafts before actual submissions to prevent disappointments to authors just like the Tutorial9?
  • If it is a paid opportunity, how will you pay (PayPal, cheque etc.)? Will you also pay some bonus if an article garners a certain number of page views that could delight you?
  • Are you sharing revenue with the author?
  • What is the mechanism to follow in case of a dispute? You may say that disputes will not occur but it is always good to be prepared for any eventuality.

You can see some demo of such instructions, terms and conditions on Tutorial9SitePoint, nettuts or the Smashing Magazine.

The news about your blog spreads and you get regular writers and blogging friends

Slowly but surely, the news about you (the host) and your blog offering guest article opportunities will spread. Tutorial9 for example pays for your writing WordPress and blogging tutorials and you will find it mentioned on many posts in the blogosphere. You will also be promoting new writers and bloggers who may be full of enthusiasm and excitement with a firm determination to do something big in the blogosphere and who will see your blog as a platform to launch themselves while getting some other add-on benefits. Apart from this you will make new friends in the blogosphere and get new readers for your blog (some of whom will be friends of the guest author on your blog).

Summing up

It is not surprising that many reputed bloggers today seek guest article submissions because of the benefits it brings. If you are running a reputed blog with a high traffic and PR (Page Rank) then you will certainly get many authors interested in writing for your blog, getting the publicity and other advantages. What is more if you are sharing revenue on your blog and/or paying writers for writing on your site then you will get even more submissions and you can pick and choose only the good articles for publication.

Not only should you invite guest posts on your blog but you should also write a some guest posts on reputed blogs once in a while. Guest posts are a win-win for everybody. Be a nice host if you are inviting guest posts and be a nice writer if you are contributing guest posts. 🙂

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