Funny Political Cartoon On Corruption in India

Written by vik

Topics: Socio-Political

This one is a very funny political cartoon/satire on corruption in India and our politicians. It shows Sonia Gandhi (no disrespect to her) holding the ‘Bhrast achar’ (corrupt pickle as a parody on the Hindi word Bhrastachar) along with other politicians. It has the taglines ‘free from honesty’ (Imandari se mukt) and ‘lalach se mukt’ (greed free).

Please note that this blog is not the originator of this cartoon and it has been merely republished here from a popular Orkut community (probably by Congress bashers).  It is a very interesting one, nonetheless.

Cartoon on Corruption

Following is the image of the Orkut discussion from where it is sourced:

Orkut scrap


This will be useful for anybody looking for some fun or an interesting image or cartoon or statement on corruption in India.

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  1. sadhak says:

    Nice Creativity…
    I have also put it on my blog but faced covered. Bhrast aachar, there should be Public hoardingon this.

  2. Macho says:

    If pro is opposite of con, then what is the opposite of progress?

  3. rajesh says:

    stop corruption in our india…………

  4. rajesh says:

    Top corruption in our india and our states…………

  5. rakesh shankar says:

    The money lost in coal and 2g scam is being collected by selling country to walmart and next time they will sell our agricultural lands to American countries. Soon American agricultural majors will enter India………………….

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