Rail Booking Site IRCTC continues to disappoint

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Official Railways Reservation website irctc.co.in continues disappoint though the situation is slightly better now. I recently wrote an email to the customer care after some server issue (which is common on that site) and got a quick reply. I am sharing it with all.

I sent email to care(at)irctc.co.in on 15 April—Please also mention the departure time in the email that you send after booking of ticket.And please improve your website– it’s always down at 8 am for Tatakal booking!

IRCTC representative replied—

Dear Customer,

Please note that there is heavy rush for opening day booking and Tatkal booking on thousands of face to face counters, & Internet Users so queues are built in Railway’s Computer System and some users are facing trouble between 8-00 AM to 8-15AM due to heavy rush. Soliciting your patronage.

Thanks & Regards,
Karan Anand.

I wrote again to this reply—

Thanks Karan for the prompt response.
When you go the best IT firms on your site and all resources, any amount of traffic (however huge) should not be a problem. Even otherwise the site has many server-based issues– like slowness, disconnection etc. It is one of the most hated sites in India though useful.
Thanks again.

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  1. Amit says:

    what they mean is “dear customer, actually, the site gets thousands of hits and we neither have the technical skills to handle such traffic nor the desire to obtain them. Unfortunately without such skills, our site will be like this. Our IT team does not have the expertise to design a fully functioning website.
    Unfortunately for you, there is nothing you can do, since we have the blessings of the great Indian Govt., and our salaries will be paid despite whatever.”

  2. sandeep says:

    it will take some time i think ..