Quick rhymes on Osama’s death

Written by vik

Topics: Humour, People, Poems/Rhymes

These rhyming lines were written after Osama bin Laden’s death. These are just funny rhymes written mindlessly taking cue from newspaper reports. This will be useful for anyone looking for political humour, political rhymes, or poems/rhymes/slogans on Obama/Osama. The following lines also criticise Pakistan for obvious reasons.

Osama is dead, Obama has said
‘Davy Jones’ Locker’ is now his tomb and bed!

World’s most wanted man for global woes
Was found in Abbottabad—under Islamabad’s nose!

In a mid-night operation, the US Navy SEALs—
Raided and killed Osama displaying firefighting skills!

The operation was over in less than an hour
As America exhibited its tremendous military power!

Pakistan is clueless—claiming innocence
Who’ll believe them?!—’Terroristan; is tense!

9/11 or 26/11—Pakistan is home to terrorists
They all live here—the ‘who’s who’ of the ‘most wanted lists’!

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