Be careful while buying second hand bikes and other goods online

Written by vik

Topics: How-to

There are sites like bikes4sale dot in and others where you can buy second hand goods. I discovered what I am going to tell you while researching for buying a second hand motorcycle.

When you find the name and phone no. of somebody selling you his or her motorcycle (bike), do run a Google search of the person using his/her name and phone no. You will sometimes find that the same phone no. is selling many bikes, laptops, desktops and whatnot! That simply means that the persona is a thief or a dealer and you will be well advised not to buy from such a person.

So be very careful while buying second hand stuff like bikes, mobiles or laptops online. You never know who may be cheating you. In fact you can enquire all this on phone while negotiating and you will find that the thief types or dishonest sellers are not forthcoming with answering all queries. So search well the phone no. and name of the person, bike no. search etc. on Google etc. and even see cached pages if live links are not working.

So buy online with care; don’t invite trouble. I also feel such data online can be even used by police to catch bike or auto thieves.

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