Running is fun

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Yeah, that is so true.

Most of us have not run long distances; some of us have not run even for a kilometre without stopping for breath or water. I was like that in the past. But of late I am enjoying running. I have run some half marathons and a few cross country runs.

Running does not consume a lot of your time unless you are a professional. Running is an exercise for the whole body. You cannot describe the feeling you get after you run some 21kms in one go (you stop for water though unless you are carrying your water belt).

I will most likely run my maiden Marathon in December 2011 in Gurgaon and probably also the Mumbai full marathon on 15 January 2012. Few days ago I ran the Gurgaon Half Marathon (7 august 2011) though I had just recovered from viral fever and throat infection (which had lasted for some 13 days). It took me 2 hrs 33 minutes (also blame the tough trail course, Aravali track, village near Gurgaon outskirts).

Take my advice: Start running and living well. You will not know how much you can run unless you start running. It is we who stop ourselves, believe me or not.

Buy good running gear (Asics shoes, Kalenji running gear from Decathlon etc.) and hit the road or the nearest park and enjoy the benefits of running. Look slim, young and health (do mix it with some strength training, cycling and swimming pool just like me). Don’t run if you are not in good health; consult your physician before hitting the road.

If you need advice or want me to help you, do leave a comment or mail me from the contact page. Register for some group runs (like Delhi Half Marathon etc.).

(This post written on 9 August 2011 but published with a date of 30 July 2011)

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  1. mohit says:

    Thanks for the post. I have a query though. One of my friends told me that if you walk and run a lot , you are bound to have knee problems when you grow older.

    • vik says:

      One of the myths about running. Ignore it. If you don’t walk and run you will get knee problems more than runners.
      Use goood shoes, train well, do not overstrain, let it grow, use road, trail (mixed), try barefoot too. Evolve as a runner.
      All the best.

  2. mohit says:

    Shukriya .