HostGator web hosting is a very good web hosting company

Written by vik

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I have the experience of quite a few web hosting companies for my WordPress web hosting needs. I have tried more than one web hosting company in varying degrees and I can say with complete trust that HostGator web hosting is a very good option for web hosting.

I am with HostGator since almost two years now and I have rarely been disappointed. I have talked to the CEO of the company (yes, he replies to mails) and used the HostGator support frequently. The help team is always ready to help you and will even do minor hosting things for you that is not their official job.

My site has been down once in a while but the downtime has not lasted more than a few minutes in all cases. In last one year, service has improved.HostGator has also opened office in India by the way.

So if you are looking for web hosting solutions, WordPress hosting solutions or reseller accounts or other advanced web hosting options, look up to HostGator and you will not be disappointed.

And yes, this post is just a token of appreciation to my preferred web host and does not contain any affiliate link.

So choose HostGator for peace of mind. You will get satisfaction for every dollar you pay.

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