Catching a ‘baby rat’: Pics

Written by vik

Topics: Life

A ‘baby rat’ (choohiya) had damanged a few of my winter clothes and was a regular in my room. I had no intention to kill it but I had no option. I planed Mortein Ratkill and Crazy Ratmaar in my room and after more than two months it looked like it ate some of that stuff. An hour ago it was found in the computer table drawer and I with the help of two friends took it out with precaution and agreed to leave it in the field opposite the main road (a friend wanted to kill it though!).

Unfortunately, the baby rat was found dead when we removed the lid of the drawer; looks like poisoning did the work. I had no intention to kill it; I wanted it out alive but sometimes you just cant’ help it. Pics:

catching a rat catching a rat

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