On missing the Mumbai Marathon: underpronation and knee pain

Written by vik

Topics: Health

I could not go for Mumbai Marathon today because I had some knee pain since my 32 km 11 December 2011 run. I realized only two days ago that it was because my worn out  shoes was aiding the mild underpronation that I have. I wish I had diagnosed my case earlier; I have been running long distance of up to 18 kms in a day after December 11 but was not sure of doing a full marathon. I had cancelled my Mumbai tickets some days ago.

But I was running so effortlessly and smoothly that I had forgotten about it. This is a lesson for me: Keep checking the shoes, gait and all that matters. See photos and be careful if you are a runner. Running is no easy sports: injuries are common if you are not careful. I am buying new Asics shoes very soon (online shopping probably from Myntra).


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