The funny political ads of Congressman H Vasanthakumar

Written by vik

Topics: Socio-Political

H Vasanthakumar, a Congress political personality from South India is someone readers of Hindu newspaper cannot forget. Very often he takes out front page newspaper advertisement ridiculously praising the Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Very recently (Sunday, January 1, 2012, Delhi edition) he took out a full page ad “we remain madamji at your feet” , a la Hanumana in the Ramayana. See the ad below.

With friends like these, who needs foes! Wish he had some advisor to tell him not to genuflect publicly like this. Once his ad stated that he did not get the chance to work with Mahatma Gandhi but is fortunately lucky to serve under Madam Sonia Gandhi!

H vasanthakumar political ad on Sonia gandhi

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