Don’t miss the Hindu-TOI ad war

Written by vik

Topics: Media

Anyone who loves newspapers and knowing about them would not have missed the recent Hindu-TOI advertisements directed at each other. It all started when a Times of India, Chennai mocked Hindu in its video ad TVC for being soporific. The Hindu retorted with a funny TVC (said to be inspired by DNA AfterHrs ad) which mocks TOI readers (asks them serious questions: like what is UPA and they do not know it but they know Bollywood news!). There are also other versions of this TVC. Don’t forget to watch them all as they are really interesting along with the print ads. See full video links and story on Mutiny.

The Hindu newspaper ads against Times of India TOI Also see this Sunday Guardian article.

Good to see the Hindu newspaper doing something less predictable. I have spent almost a decade with the Hindu and the paper does need many improvements without losing its kernel that the TOI is mocking. Hindu is better than TOI  on most counts, thought I subscribe to all major papers and keep an eye on others.

The Times of India is always good with the advertising. But this time the Hindu has stolen the thunder. The ads underline the predictable criticisms against the TOI and would not have taken a lot of brains to come up with.

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