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Ten years ago this week, in one of India’s most prosperous states, Gujarat, communal violence erupted: about 1,200 Muslims were killed when Hindu mobs ran laps around the streets, lynching men and children and raping women. The mobs used gas cylinders, petrol bombs, tridents and swords. And the police stood back, resigning from their work.

The head of the state’s executive, Chief Minister Narendra Modi, a fulltime propagandist of the Hindutva ideology himself, has been accused of abetting the carnages. For his role in the 2002 riots, the US state department declined Narendra Modi visas to the US. But over the past decade, Modi has managed to bury the past and resurrect his own extinct prospects for political advancement, replacing epithets like “clinical case of a fascist,” “mass murderer,” and “Hindutva fanatic” with a title of his own choosing: Vikaas Purush, or Development Man. For the first families of Indian business, Modi is “the next leader of India,” “a visionary,” the unstoppable horse,” and “the CEO who can lead the country,” to quote just a sampling of the effusive endorsements from men named Tata, Ambani and Mittal.

Today, the same authoritarian leader is preparing to become the next leader of India. Modi has won every election in his communally polarised state of Gujarat, and speculations are being made with greater confidence that Narendra Modi could well become the next prime minister of India.

The Caravan presents a profile that looks into the rise and the workings of the man: The Emperor Uncrowned.

Vinod K Jose, the magazine’s Deputy Editor spent considerable time among the Hindutva groups, both Modi fans and detractors, went through court records and attended court procedures, and talked to the survivors of the 2002 carnage.

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