Film Review: Do Not Miss Paan Singh Tomar

Written by vik

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Some films are to be chewed and digested: Paan Singh Tomar is one of them.

I was at Priya Cinema Hall last night and was enthralled. Paan Singh Tomar is oscar material, well almost. Irrfan deserves a national award (he deserves awards on most occasions). We must watch it, more than once, preferably.

It has sports, rebellion, desi dialogues (with English subtitles in PVR Priya), great cinematography, villages, systemic corruption and a great message about how we ignore our sportsmen (KD Jadhav, among others, included in credits).

Paan Singh Tomar has some of the finest sports scenes created in Indian cinema. Dhulia, who knows the Chambal Ravines (Bandit Queen experience) has done a good job. There is no reason why you will not love the film. It does not have boring moments. Every scene has been crafted with detail (encounter, chase, sports, steeplechase, love between Man and Wife, filial love).

The film is almost flawless except for the sudden transformation in Paan’s life (and inability of the director to correctly essay his sports career). The change is abrupt and quick. But it wont’ pain much as the film is delightful in every moment).

Do yourself a favour, and watch it asap. And do spread the news.  I will watch it again, later.

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  1. Reema says:

    Liked the movie. did u watch Kahaani?