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A lot of internet users come on this site searching for Hindi poems, hindi poems for kids, children, school hindi poems, hindi poems on nature, hindi slogans, hindi sms, Hindi posts, funny hindi poem, short hindi poem etc. Just click on the Hindi category link to find some Hindi poems.

If you want some lines in Hindi on any topic, just leave your request in the comments and it will be fulfilled if I find the time. It won’t be a serious poem but just some quick lines in Hindi (often funny or rhyming ones), Hindi jingles, slogans etc.. Also I am good with web search and could find you poems/posts from the web that most people struggle with as the search engine optimisation of Hindi web world is not up to par.

So if I can help in any way do write in comments or hit the contact button above. Don’t go back if you did not find what you wanted, ask me for it. And not just Hindi, English as well.

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  1. hindi poems on birds

  2. Achal says:

    Need a hindi peom for my 5 yr old daughter for school compitition.
    Thanks in advance

  3. Kritika Malhotra says:

    Need a hindi poem related to water and sky for class 9 for holiday homework.

  4. vik says:

    Shivam, your Hindi poem on birds is here

    Others, I am trying to find time to act on your requests.
    Thanks for the patience.

  5. vani daga says:

    pls send me a funny hindi poem of 8-12 lines for my son aged 6+ for a ahindi elocution competition in his school

  6. megha says:

    pls send me a hindi poem of 10-12 lines for a hindi competation.

  7. Lenisha says:

    My daughter needs a hindi poem on monsoon or rains. She is in 1st standard and has difficulty pronouncing big words. I hope you can help. Thanks in advance.

    Lenisha, Your poem on rains/monsoon is here:

  8. rajesh says:

    short hindi poems for kids on independence day
    short elocution for kids on independence day.

  9. Rahul says:

    I am looking for a Hindi poem which was in my Hindi textbook in probably 6th class
    I just remember few lines from it…..
    i think the title was,
    Meve phalalte shram ki daal me

    and the lines were(i remember only 2)
    himmat haro nahi kahi bhi raho kisi bhi haal me
    yah mat bhulo kabhi ki meve phalte shram ki daal me

  10. Ritu gupta says:

    small independence poem for my 3 year old daughter.

  11. darshi says:

    3/4 minutes hindi poem either on Yatra, sapne or kitabhe

  12. Khalil says:

    Please send me poem in hindi on health is waelth

  13. Roopa says:

    Need a hindi poem for my 7 year old daughter.. something really funny, on health, school etc. sth in the lines of sardi khaansi.. which was reaaly good. thanks.

  14. sushmita says:

    Please send me a Hindi poem on festivals for kids

  15. anupama anil says:

    super poem sushmita. right?

  16. Lal says:


    Can you please post a paragraph about rain in Hindi for my Daughter who is in Gr 3.Thanks in Advance

  17. Sakshi says:

    Hindi poems on India.

  18. Mahesh says:

    Dear Vik

    Do you know this poem on Chetak, Rana Pratap’s horse :
    Bhaago Bhaago BHaag Chalo
    Bhaale Ki Nok Dikhayee Di

    Chetak Kya Vada Vaanan Hai
    Woh Dar Ki Aag Faila Di Hai
    Vijay Usi Ke Saath Rahegi
    Aisi Baat Faila Di Hai…

    If you know the full poem, can you publish?
    – Mahesh

  19. Roopa says:

    I am looking for a humour poem for a third grade hindi elocution poem. Any suggestions.

    —/Your poem on kids health is here

  20. prisha says:

    I have read your poems. u write very nice. I need a poem on enviomental changes in hindi.

  21. Roopa says:

    Urgently require a hindi poem on Gandhiji for my eight year old daughter. Not too heavy. About 42 lines. Pl can u suggest sth. Will be v helpful.

    • vik says:

      I don’t know any such poem. I can write one but I am not free for 2-3 days. I need 30-40 mins to do it (actually typing it out takes more time). When is your deadline?

  22. pooja says:


    need a poem on gandhiji for my 6 year old son for his school elocution. found a few but they have very big and difficult words. hope u can help.
    thanks, P

  23. moushmi says:

    need an hindi poem for 8yr old for school competition which she can say with voice modulations and has a good meaning
    hope u can help

  24. arsalan amin says:

    Neendo ka sukun tumne churaya
    mere khwabon ko v apna banaya
    meri zindagi ko tumne sajaya
    isliye mujhe tum par pyar aaya.

    Jb v main akela tha
    tumne sath nibhaya
    mere sare dard ko apne palkon pe sajaya
    tum ho sirf tum hi ho mera humsaya
    isliye mujhe tum par pyar aaya.

    meri sari buri aadaton ko tumne hi chhuraya
    mere beinteha gunahon ko tumne hi kam karaya
    ek khubsurat zindagi ka pyara sa sapna dikhaya
    isliye mujhe tum par pyar aaya

    Maine v apna sb kuch tum par lutaya
    tumhare khwabon me khud ko jeena sikhaya
    isliye maine ye khubsurat sa gazal banaya
    qk mujhe tum par aur sirf tum par pyar aaya…

  25. SONALI says:

    hindi poem on food chain…..thanks

  26. preksha says:

    i need a humerous hindi poem for class 5 children

  27. Sangs says:

    Pls write a very funny hindi poem for my son aged 8 yrs for elocution purpose.

  28. Priyanshi says:

    I want a motivational hindi poem very urgently and it should also be short .

  29. sheen says:

    Hi…my 5 year old has a competition in school and needs to recite the most innovative poem on prakriti,along with usage of props.Could you pls help me out with this.

  30. Purvi Rambhia says:

    I want a hindi poem for elocution for my daughter in grade 2it should be of 3 to 4 stanzasthe poem can be on any topic but should convey a gud message

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