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I have not seen the film, it is releasing today. I will probably not watch it in the theatre.

Initial reviews suggest that this film is not going to be a very good commercial success as the film does not have what it takes to make a good thriller/spy film. The film is a remake of a remake of ‘From Russia With Love’.

Presently there are only two reviews of it on the web. The popular blog Mutiny says that Agent Vinod (Saif) is not safe this time. Mutiny is a very reliable site. It claims an exclusive review (dated 22 March 2012).

International Reporter also says that Saif fails to impress.

Waiting for more reviews of the film which should be out by afternoon or evening as the film is releasing today (Friday) in India.

By the way, I have seen Johnny Gaddar twice and regret what may happen to Agent Vinod. I wish the film all the luck. I have watched Paan SIngh Tomar thrice already and I won’t mind a fourth viewing.

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  1. Reema says:

    hey u r back in blogosphere? how have u been?

    • Vikas Gupta says:

      I am okay Reema. I am not back in the blogosphere and I won’t be (in that way). I (and a friend) do publish here occasionally random things (also for survival of the blog, as this self hosted blog costs about 11 USD per month).

      Yes, book downloading is a bad thing but it has been of help,just the same. Yes the keywords are for that purpose but keyword spamming is bad for the site.

      Yes, I did see Kahaani and I didn’t like it much. Milan Damji in Bidya’s flashback amounts to fraud. Film was quite okay, though.