They didn’t let Arvind Kejriwal speak

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In an unfortunate incident (that went mostly unreported in the media; see Aaj tak story), a section of JNU students virtually hounded out Arvind Kejriwal . He was barely allowed to speak at the Koyna hostel mess venue (23 March 2012, about 10 pm).

Anyone who knows the campus, knows that it is the time-tested  style of frustrating a speaker when you do not want him or her to successfully address a meeting. Someone who was there at the meeting regretted the falling standards of debate and ways of opposition in the campus. According to this eye witness it was like a drama and he had to escorted out safely.

Public opposition is not uncommon to popular personalities in campus meetings. Someone like Arundhati Roy boldly faces opposing factions (I’ve witnessed it) while the more moderate ones are hit by it. Arvind kejriwal was heckled over his the then opposition to OBC reservations!

See the Hindi pamphlet on the matter (dated 25 March 2012). Click on this link see its full size.

Arvind Kejriwal in JNU campus


Update: Pamphlet dated 26 March 2012, by the group that opposed:

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  1. Ramkishan says:

    All those students who are raising voice against Anna hazare team are planted menas are brain washed. They are real gdnager for their community. Give me one example in entire India from SC/ST/OBC caste who enjoyed all kinds of luxry due to resrvations ,without working looted the slary , had brought up their kids in very good environment ..have come forward and refused to occupy the reserved seats or benefits for the next generation…all these bastrds want free money in the name of reservation …..bring a law once you taek benefit of reservation either getting through admission for graduation or service more reservation will be given to the next generation …congress might have paid some money to bark these DOGS wonder !!