The Avengers: Good film but not Great

Written by vik

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I would give it 7 or 7.5 out of 10. It is a very good film, but nothing
great. Believe me or not.

I watched it yesterday night at the South Delhi PVR Priya Cinema Hall
(3D; hated their scratchy defective glasses which needed changing for
many people).

The first half was just okay (actually even boring) and the
intermission point was so ill-timed and then the second half was good.
The fight scenes in the city (Manhattan) are like the latest
Transformers. A one time watch for sure; but don’t expect much.

I liked the film but not as much as I had expected it to like! There
are many enthralling scenes but the number of boring frames
(particularly in the first half) is also abundant. The villain is not
so menacing or dignified (like the all-powerful villain of X-Men 3). He
needed more teeth.

And I am not alone in thinking so; five of my friends with me have
similar opinion. You don’t miss much if you miss the Avengers (2012). And do stay for the credits to roll after the film and you will be given a sneak preview of the sequel to follow.

Review written at the IMDb page of The Avengers

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