Avoid ‘Cost to Cost’ computer shop in Nehru Place

Written by vik

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A few readers on another post on this blog have commented narrating their bad experience with ‘cost to cost’ computer shop at Nehru place.

Here is a quick list of grievances against them: autocratic behavior, bad customer support, take-it-or-get-lost-we-don’t-care attitude of staff. I myself witnessed some of these on a recent visit to the shop. Many users reach this blog when they Google ‘cost to cost’ computer shop (Nehru Place). Hence this update.

It is not unusual finding computer/hardware shops in Nehru Place displaying arrogance when they have high volumes in sales. Cost to Cost is just one example.

Computer Empire shop (especially on the floor above the main shop) has very amenable service. Another very good shop is ‘Vipin Imports’ (meet the Bengali ‘dada’ there who would earnestly help you) in the same lane as Cost to Cost and Computer Empire.

Big shops like Cost to Cost and Computer Empire are dominating the business in Nehru Place. It is high time the place is more democratized. So try finding good smaller shops with bigger hearts and shop from them.

Do leave shop names in comments. Enjoy the wholesale rates at Nehru Place while it lasts as the market is in the hit list of United States of America (an official US  Trade Representative, USTR,  report brands it as one of the most’ “notorious IT markets)

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  1. shefali says:

    They don’t care if u buy or don’t buy, it is like wholesale sabzi mandi. As they r giving u cheaper rates so they don’t believe in convincing u to buy. Whether their products r genuine, one doesn’t know.

  2. Its a best place to buy computer , harware or software. But you should go to a genunine dealer.

  3. Div says:

    Just a warning for nehru place shoppers. I visited this shop by the name of Blue Waves Infotech Pvt. Ltd. for laptop repair. They changed the original parts of my laptop. When we confronted him, he misbehaved. Please don’t go to this dealer guys.

  4. ritesh singh says:

    cost to cost give u best price

  5. Rahul says:

    hi, i went to Costtocost yesterday, they were selling usa imported branded laptops -Dell and HP. configuration and everything was super. Price was cheaper then indian market by 4-5k. Reason these were imported from USA. it was imported, guarantee / warranty was not given by company (ie Dell or HP)but it was carry in warranty given by Cost to cost. Can you please guide should i buy these laptop. Though these are branded, but and generally work without any problem. Should i go for this. should i purchase this. Can any body guide me?

  6. Nvidia says:

    @ Rahul

    dont buy those.. i hv seen them… it can be really hectic to get any help from costtocost or anyone even the manufacturer in case of imported laptops.. in most of the cases they r grey market products…

  7. hp says:

    rate to rate is a better shop… on the same lane as new c to c ..
    square infotech is also a good deal. they are very good and have effective services…

  8. RAHUL says:


    • SAHIR ALAM says:

      Yes “DIRECT ADVANTAGE is better shop than other normal shop you visit it give you better price with service.

  9. CAP says:

    Best way to buy any part of any Laptop/Desktop is CAP (www.computersandpart.com) CAP stands for Computers and part

  10. ashwani says:

    helo, i want purchase computer parts from nehru place, pls tell me which shop give best service

  11. Sanjay says:

    Hello, cost to cost is the best place to buy computer and its peripherals at most competitive price. They have transparent way of business i.e. open price list, no bargain, prompt delivery service, volume sale etc.
    That is the reason Cost to Cost dominate the market in my personal views.

  12. a says:

    Extremely bad experience with cost to cost. They did not seem to know what they were doing but proceeded to take apart and ruin the laptop. Cost of time and terrible service. Avoid cost to cist at all costs!

  13. arpitha says:

    whare can i purchase i3 laptop in lowest price

  14. skf says:

    i purchased a heineken power bank from cost to cost. 3 months back. during the use the microUSB hub went inside, now i cannot use it. i showed them they are saying its a physical damage so we cannot replace it. if they are selling such a third grade item then they should tell customers do not use it, “it might cause physical damage to the item”


      I dont know About the Performance of the Pdt;Will You Share Your Views and Well I CTC Can’t Replace it I can Help U Out. Contact 9990550629,I dont wnt Any Charges Its Just a Help.

  15. delhi says:

    Hi All

    I have purchased all parts of the computers 5i Intel original from the Computer Empire Nehru place.
    HDD warranty with 5 year when few days back got issue in the HDD then come to know this is in 2-3 year warranty instead of 5 years. In my bill its clarity mentioned warty for HDD is 60 Months.
    Western Digital saying I can’t do anything check with shop where you have purchased,
    Computer Empire denying to change the disk. He also most say get-out from his shop.
    Attaching my Disk detail & Bill for other innocent customer reference.

    One customer

  16. Dhruv Sharma says:

    What I have experienced from my multiple visits to Nehru Place is that its best to approach the dealers listed on individual product websites. So if I wanted to buy say for example a graphic card by Zotac, I’d go to zotacs website and find the dealers there. What I have experienced is that the dealers often provide similar prices, and in some instances better prices, than these wholesale bhandars.

    At the end of the day I would only go to shops like cost2cost or computer empire if I wanted to buy a CPU/Mobo combo. Else I would approach the authorised dealers.

    However one particular store is well known for providing good customer service and solving any problem of yours, thats SMC. Ducked away behind the main section of Vishal bhawan, the entry is from stairs leading out of the main nehru place towards the parking lots at the back. Very courteous staff as well.

  17. udit bhattacharya says:

    i was planning to buy an asus laptop ( dos ) . which shop in nehru place will be trustworthy to buy an asus laptop ?

  18. Dhruv Sharma says:

    Again you can try Smc.alternatively you can go to asusindiapromo.com/storelocator and there you can search for authorized Asus laptop dealers in Nehru place. Just select notebooks in product type, delhi in state, new delhi in city and Nehru place in area. Its always better to buy stuff from authorised dealers. You can normally get details of these dealers on the official brand website (eg asusindiapromo is the official store locator site for Asus in india)

  19. Yogesh says:

    Please dont buy ASUS laptop if you want a buy it for longer run(say 5 years) because it would perish in 2 years the quality is not good. I have used multiple Asus products and have experienced the same issues. The give great features but the quality is not upto the standard.

  20. Manu Sahai says:

    If you are not getting manufacturer’s warranty then please don’t buy the product. I’ve suffered a lot having US imported laptop. Seller’s warranty is good for nothing as they”ll open your Laptop to repair and put some cheap stuff which will last only for the duration the warranty lasts.

  21. sk says:

    Which is d best and cheapest dell laptop repairing centre in nehru place??

  22. Ravi Bhatt says:

    Never ever visit COST TO COST computer.

    products are fake and staff is rude.

    once you take it then they won’t give you a shit…

    they send me a MORA 13000 MaH and when I reached home and checked it is is of 10000MaH and that too it doesn’t work properly….MORA is such a fake brand and so is CTC Computer….

    Really Really bad

  23. vishal says:

    I want to buy an assembled gaming pc. The configuration will cost around 70k. Which is the best place to get my rig. I have checked the prices on cost to cost price list. But after reading the people’s review I’m a bit concerned. I am willing to spend this money on a quality product. Please suggest me the better store to visit.

  24. shiv kumar trivedi says:

    cost to cost shop ka malik aur staff shabhi ek number ka chor aur lootera hai hardware listed on price board is an other price and sales man selling on other price mauka milate hi costumer ki pocket kat lete hai sarkar ko corruption hatane ke liye kuch karna chahiye nehru place market janta ko loot rahi hai

  25. Mahesh Sisodia says:

    Don’t buy anything from COST TO COST Nehru place the staff at the counter r uneducated and they misbehave with the customers. I went there to buy a router there and I ask to a boy (aasif) about the product and he replied to me chupchap khada rah. And when I ask him why he is behaving like this then he threatened me and shouted on me and said to me chal nikal yaha se. I was shocked of his behavior.
    When I tried to complaint him to seniors then everybody was with him. Nobody took my complaint.

  26. Aakash Gupta says:

    Hi guys,
    I want to assembled gaming pc. I can spend around 45 – 50k. Which is the best store to get my rig. But after reading the people’s review I’m a bit concerned. I am willing to spend this money on a quality product. Please suggest me the better store to buy my rig. Thz