IIT Kanpur to skip CET, to conduct own test

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Public opinion is seriously divided on the common engineering entrance tests. Some comments by others online. What a debate!

States like Tamilnadu also are not well disposed to CET. Presumably, WB CM’s approval / disapproval of MHRD’s grand design/proposal finally decides its fate. But, weighing the merits/demerits of CET, it won’t be a wrong conclusion to say that the idea of CET is a welcome one and will be implemented from 2014, as it would be in the overall interest of students from across the country. That even the defiant IIT-Kanpur has promised its reconsideration/review of CET proposal next year, is an encouraging indication in this respect.

90% of IIT students are from KOTA institutes, FIITJEE. AKASH, NARYANA, VIDYAMANDIR etc . You are intelligent guy Just open their web page and count Out of first 15,000 rank more than 12,000 ranks are from these institutes . It is is not myth it is prooven Donot think from heart use brain also Facts are facts. All students securing 90-99% are intelligent but cannot secure IIT position . Only reason is that these students donot get that level of polishing which tough IIT paper need They are intelligent but no resources. Please donot favor these coaching instiutes who are favoring seprate exam . For your kind information last year IIT Physic paper has more than 40% questions from one guide . and you can check sales figures of this year.

Kapil cannot take care of SSC or HSC exams, where the students are held to ransom year after year by the exams/examiners, etc. They don’t have clue whe the exams will be held notr the dates of the results. At University level the papers are leaked and rexamination conducted. In Mumbai University alone 7 papers were leaked in less than 3 weeks.

I totally agree rather more relieved now.. these f*cking illeterate politicians have no right to play with the future of a child. Just imagine the impact of single exams.. a brilliant student might have a bad day and his/entire year is wasted.. possibility of increase in suicides, depression, mental torture…. The only good thing that should be done is to remove the private tuitions, coaching centres whose fees are more then the annual income of 60% of indian population…

It is every one’s dream to get into IIT, etc. It is quite an irony to force a scheme upon the IITs to agree to a joint entrance examination. Union Minister Shri Kapil Sibal is having a rough weather now of late. He was perhaps one of the Ministers who went to meet Baba Ramdev, which backfired. Then he came in defence of Union Minister P. Chidambaram in the involvement of him/his son, etc. in the 2G scam, which also backfired. Then Shri Sibal went hay wire supporting the ruling party’s position questioning CAG’s report about estimated loss of 2G spectrum auction, which also reflected his miscalculation. Now in his own backyard, the Human Resource Development Ministry of holding a common entrance examination, which IITK has rejected and proposing to go alone. The Ministry should have made a proposal and seen the reaction of the institutional response before thrusting itself. I am sure the Hon’ble Minister will measure the depth before he steps into the muddy water.

What we were proud about [ our education system ] is what the HRD ministry is targetting …. Is there any reason on earth why Govt doesn’t understand how bad impact would it cause on the education system?… This would have been the last thing we would have expected in terms of changes in our education system. I support IIT doing something like this and would also request NITs to follow similar things… This government has decided to destroy Indian educational system. Don’t understand who gives these junk ideas to Sibbal. IITK has taken a brave and good decision.

The faculty members are old bandicouts.Have they equipped themselves with changes in science and technology.They are worrying about best incoming students.Are they accountable for the poor performance of out going students.The teachers are there to make any student clever.They should not take credit for cleverly selecting students.These teachers are one hour ahead of the student.

Thanks a ton to IIT K team for deciding to protect name and fame of IIT’s and taking monster Sibal head-on going by the way our politicians are killing books in name of cartoon, killing education system and institutions it is hugely important to stand up against them. Believe other IIT’s will follow suit and let our temples of education not be destroyed by buffoons like sibal.

This much autonomy is also not good. Why can’t there be a single entrance test for IITs, NITs and IIITs? How come quality of students would go down with single test and proposed changes – equal weight is given to both XII marks and common entrance test? This proposed system would help to reduce the influence of coaching centers, where a lot of students are wasting time and money. If evaluation processes of board exams are fair, there should not be any problem with the proposed system. I think this must be given a chance. Some people talk about quality of students, when these IITs admit 50% students based on caste quota, what happens to the quality of the students? When OBC quota was introduced in IITs, where was senate? All farce, real issue is something different, which we are not aware of. Some people would talk about different goals and objectives of IITs and NITs. One should remember that prior to the opening of IIT at Kanpur, Kanpur used to be one of the most industrialized towns of India. And credit goes to the Britishers, who set up a lot of industries there. But now there is hardly any industry left. IIT has completely failed to promote/support industries and help new industries to get developed based on new technologies. Despite this fact, people talk about MIT and IIT is same breath. Same is the situation with first IIT of the country, which was opened in Kharagpur. Kharagpur is a still small backward town despite the presence of IIT there for many decades.

IITs should conduct three tests every year and conduct them like the GRE pattern plus weightage on academic career marks (upto 20% only). There shud be no NIT, NIIT, IIIT etc.- if they are good change them to IITs. Even all very high standard private technical Institutes like BIT Pilani, Tata Institutes, DU, JNU and some A grade central Universities should be converted to IITs and should come under the same test. Dont dilute the brand IIT but try to enhance its value- preserve the last thing which will pay dividend to millions of our children. Rest of the engg colleges can have another test but they can also opt for the IIT test score. In addition think about more online degrees and industry sponsored courses ot help the students to upgrade their skills and come up in their professional fields.

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